How do I link to a web page repeatedly with a description

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I have a web page which I wish to repeated cite inline in a biography.  I understand the functionality of <ref name="Name">XXX.html<ref> first and then simply <ref name="Name"/> for each addition reference.  However, the URL Is cryptic when it shows up down in the references section.  What I would like to see down in the references section is:

XXX.html - This is the Interment Permit of John Doe.

Can't seem to figure it out.  It is likely obvious but escaping me.
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I assume by cryptic that you mean the web link is either considerably long or misleading. The basic format would be to add a ShortName to the link using wiki formatting, such as:

<ref name="XXX">[xxx.html ShortName] - This is the Interment Permit of John Doe.</ref>

alternatively, to have the whole thing as a link, it would be:

<ref name="XXX">[xxx.html - This is the Interment Permit of John Doe].</ref>

If that is not what you are looking for, let me know more about the link, and possibly a profile you are working on with it and I can take a look.
Thanks.  That satisfies my request.  I knew someone would answer very quickly.  I think I just didn't experiment enough before asking.

Try copy pasting this site into your browser, I found it to explain many answers.

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Advanced Sourcing

Repeated use of the same source in the same profile

Here's how to use the same source citation multiple times. The first time you use it, include a "name" inside the ref tag, like this:

<ref name="birth certificate">Birth Certificate of George Russell Beebe, Registration 398-5554-428 (1920), Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services - Bureau of Vital Records, Personal copy in the files of [[Beebe-655|Barbara Beebe]]</ref>

In all following references you can just use this:

<ref name="birth certificate" />

Done this way, all subsequent footnotes for this same source will point to the same footnote at the bottom of the page. Note that " in the "birth certificate" example above is a quotation mark, not two apostrophes.

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