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in The Tree House by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (711k points)
closed by Laura Bozzay

Welcome to a Weekend Chat Celebrating Mothers!  

For me, the day I became a Mother was a day of pure panic as I realized I was responsible for this little life.  He is now 40 and survived his panic ridden Mom.   Of course my husband was one of 5 and the second oldest so had helped with his younger siblings and took it all in stride.  

It was the most magical, scariest, exciting, awesome day of my life!  And since I survived the first, I had a second son about 3 and 3/4 years later!

One of the few places left where political correctness is NOT allowed. LOL Thank Goodness.
Oh Steven,  when my oldest son was 9 he sat me down and said "Moms don't do... and went through a lift of things I did...  I said what do Moms do?  He said bake cookies...  I said I bake cookies....  but if you want to trade me in on a new model you have to get your Dad's agreement.   So I told my husband our oldest might come to him wanting to trade me in.  Ron said, oh, no, i know what to expect with you!   So a little later my son come back to me and said, no Mom, I'll keep you because you need me!   Political correctness is not something that exists in our family... just good honest communication even if at times it is a little funny and disconcerting at the same time!
I meant now that they are banning the words "mother" and "father". They literally have "happy you day" cards now. LOL
Yes thank you Laura for sponsoring Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Sigh..  A rose is a rose...

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  1. Mothers are often hard to research the farther we go back in historical records.  So take a minute and look at your tree.  Are you missing mothers?  Pick one and post it in G2G asking for help to find info about her.  
  2. To see which profiles on your watch will be affected by the UE privacy rule changes, run this app created by Jamie Nelson (it is great!)  https://apps.wikitree.com/apps/nelson3486/living/
  3. Updated tips on the impending UE privacy laws driving changes on WikiTree:

(these notes are from the thread https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/607724/for-those-who-get-lost-in-all-those-paragraphs-etc-)

  1. You don't have to do anything to your profiles, they will be changed automatically.  (my note:  unless you don’t want them changed in which case if they are not your personal profile or you do not have written permission from the living person to have his/her profile displayed in anything less than unlisted, then you will need to research a death date.  If no death date exists and they are indeed still living, and you do not have written permission to display them, then they must go to unlisted).
  2. Profiles born over 150 years ago, or profiles of people that died 100 years ago, are supposed to be open.
  3. profiles of people born 150yrs ago or died 100yrs ago should be fully open and won’t be set to unlisted under the changes
  4. Those born between 150 and 100yrs ago will stay in whatever state they are now and will not be unlisted
  5. Those born less than 100yrs ago (and not Wikitree members) will all be treated as still living and will be set to unlisted, unless they have a death date recorded on the profile, these willl be left in whatever state they are now.
  6. This last category are those that everyone is being asked to work to see if we can; find and add death dates, get them to sign up to wikitree etc - before about the 20th of May
  7. Profiles of people born less than 100 years ago will be treated as living unless they have at least one of the following: (1) a death date, (2) a death place, or (3) a data qualifier on either death date or death place that indicates they are dead.

4.  Want to find people identified by WikiTree as living who are no on your watchlist?  You can run a query in WikiTree+.  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:WikiTree_Plus#Text_search isLiving: Limits results to profiles, that are considered living by WikiTree  Directions on how to use WikiTree+ are in the link.

5. What does unlisted mean?  It means only a PM or a member of a trusted list will be able to see name and details of the person.   I have listed my husband as unlisted.  His id is Bozzay-2  take a look and you will see what someone being unlisted looks like.  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Unlisted_Profiles_in_Lists


by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (711k points)
Laura will the still be on the watchlist but listed as unlisted, is that correct? Also can we still be able to edit our relatives that is unlisted and add sources and thing in the biography that we learn? Will that change the Suggestions that we had to fix profiles of our relatives and how will that change the suggestions that we was using? Also will that change on how we merge people also? Laura so sorry for all those questions that popped in my head that I thought that should be brought up.

Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Linda if you are the PM or on the trusted list for that profile my understanding is that you will not see any difference.  

The difference is in others being able to find those profiles.  Now you can see them but once the change is made you won't unless you are the PM or on the trusted list.
Thanks Laura for explaining that and also clearing that up for me. Your are a marvelous and wonderful wikitreer and help.
Linda, I surely do not have all the answers but I try to pass on what I hear that I think will be of interest to others.  We all have things to learn from each other.  You are most welcome if this time I was able to help!
Please tell me what the UE means, as in UE privacy rules.
UE = Union de Europe  or in English I guess EU  European Union.

Sometimes I switch languages in my head depending on what I am working on and its language.  

The thread that started all of this came from Chris Whitten owner of WikiTree  https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/601685/significant-privacy-related-changes-to-wikitree-for-gdpr?show=601685#q601685

Rionne, I believe they mean EU (European Union), not UE.

European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR for short).

Thanks Steve, I just read up on this.
Hi Laura, Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for stating things so concisely here. It can be hard to get to whats actually going on through the panic, which felt unnecessary to me (the panic that is). Do you think it would be most useful for me to adopt the orphaned profiles relevant to my surname studies? I am developing one name studies for Mason and Gore and could post a notice on those pages concerning the adoptions and to contact me if someone has interest in those profiles. Another question I have gets more into ethical selection. A glance through Mason orphans shows a family group that seems disconnected from the tree with no dates whatsoever, just a note about dates withheld for privacy. The note looks like something copied and pasted during a gedcom upload. Should I just let these guys "go dark" or should I adopt them?
Hi Sharon,  I don't claim to have all the answers but having dealt with a number of computer conversions and changes over the years I tend to do things I think will preserve data in case of a glitch.  So I am adopting orphans with my surnames that fit this criteria:  1900 birth date or more recent without a death date.  I think the actual conversion is 100 years so likely 1918 but I am just doing a bit more because often these folks are in family groups that span an overlap of 10 to 20 years.  

I would adopt all if you can. Research them and if any should have death dates add them and then the become visible again if they were in the group to go dark.  You can always choose to re-orphan them later.  

Notes on their profiles are not going to be visible if they do go dark so that would be a waste of time
I am still confused by all the EU changes. If someone would point out 10-15 profiles which could be adopted and researched so they would not go to unlisted, I would adopt and take them on....but I'm too confused to pick them out....am I the only one confused??

I just went to the orphans list, searched by my surname of interest and sorted the list by most recent birthdate. I then chose my adoptions based on being born in the 1900s and having absolutely no information for death. Now I can improve them (and keep them visible) by finding death data information (hopefully). As Laura said, they can always be re-orphaned later.

Hi Pamela,

Ok, I go to the Orphaned site located under Find at the top right handcorner of this WikiTree page.    

this is the URL  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Special:Adoptions

I put in a surname I care about so for this one I am using Henderson

I select sort by most recent birthdate

Now I scan the list looking for one that does not have a death date.

The display is set up with name then birth info a hyphen - then death info

So I look for one born from 1900 (just the starting point I picked) to now that has no data after the hyphen  such as this one:

 Judith (Henderson) Allen 27 Sep 1941 Alabama, United States of America - [view family line of Judith]

If you open the name you will see that there is nothing in the death date or death location.  

So this is the kind of profile I am adopting so I can see it.  

Just to explain...   they are not going to delete a profile like this but it will go unlisted which means the name and data in it will become unviewable unless you are the PM or on the trusted list.   By adopting it I become the PM.

I then copy the list of the ones I have adopted so I can tell them apart from the other profiles on my watchlist. 

And after I get done with this I plan to run my suggestions for the watchlist and work to clean up any issues these have. So we are helping to clean up the tree too in a targeted way
And I am back down to 0 on my Suggestions list for my Watchlist.  Yeah!
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A Puzzle to Celebrate Mothers

This Sunday, May 13th is Mother’s Day in the USA.  So our puzzle today is all about Mothers!

One question for each day in May leading up to Mother’s Day!

  1.  Who was the Mother of Charlemagne?
  2.  Who was the famous Mother of the actress who played Princess Leia? 
  3. Who was the US version of Mother’s Day set up to honor? 
  4. From Lassie to Lost in Space she was TV’s Mom. 
  5. Beaver's TV Mom.
  6. This mother became known as the Face of the Great Depression
  7. Notorious mother of 4 gangster sons. 
  8. These 2 mothers, one black and one white are icons of motherhood who were thrust into single parenting when their husbands were assassinated. 
  9. India’s sainted mother who was a nun. 
  10. Woman who according to Guinness World Records had the most children. 
  11. This domesticated fast animal changes its name after it gives birth. 
  12. You are admonished not to “fool” this Mother. 
  13. Who is the Mother of invention? 

Versions in both docx and pdf located at:


by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (711k points)
Great puzzle again especial on Mothers since this is Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend chat.

Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
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I don't think I've ever been this early for a Weekend Chat unless it was for my own. Neat. Then again I've been surfing around here this morning and refreshed G2G before lunch. Let's get right down to the tips of the week. And by that I mean story time.

First up we have this tip. If something seems off in a tree when you compare it to other trees on the 'net don't be afraid to have an intersite crossover: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/608746/birdsall-and-kempe

See that thread for details. Genealogists from both sites worked on these and I am going to do a little trimming when I have time. Unless someone else beats me to it. In that case great. Go for it. Go nuts.

Sidenote, I wish I was more creative with the title of the thread. The Birdsalls and the Bees? A Birdsall in the Bush? Birdsalls well that ends well? So many puns. So little time.

Next tip. If you have a DNA match and the other person seems a little off. Talk them down and speak rationally. If they don't have a tree Ask them to build up a tree and then compare notes. Just be diplomatic, polite and courteous even if something seems completely insane.  Conversely if you are very excited about a potential match, dial it back a wee bit, look at their research and ask questions. Don't go overboard either way. You'd make friends a LOT easier.

That's about it from me. Be sure to check out Eddie's thread about the 100 people in the same house in some census. https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/608883/crazy-from-the-heat-for-sure-lol

So many jokes can be made here. I got a million of 'em. Mother's Day is around the corner so I'll be doing something Sunday. Not sure what. Taking her out for some fine dining. Perhaps....

In other news, I added more of my great-grands pics on Wikitree and the other genealogy sites. Just missing one more. Dunno if my mother has a pic. One guy has an epic pipe. EPIC. PIPE.

The pics came courtesy of my grandfather who gave them to my mom. I have a group pic of all the Felker clan and it has my mom as a baby in it. One kid has the very definition of "skunk eye".  The pics are great. Just need one more great-grand covered.
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (572k points)
I would never post my DNA as I am not a mere puny human.  Not that I have anything against humans. They are, according to the Asgard, the Fifth Race. I might be an Ancient . Maybe an Asgard in an engineered body. Too tall to be a Nox and not enough toes to be a Furling .
Whatever you say, Thor. =)

Nah. You're Loki. =)
Yep. Loki. Or,  one of those Super-Asgard that invaded Atlantis to steal the Atero device and kidnapped Daniel Jackson and Rodney McKay.
Just make sure this doesn't happen to you.

Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
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Sorry to be late checking in . I been torturing Donnie Blackstone. 

Now, out in the real world, I hear peeps say, "This is just another Peyton Place " when scandalous shenanigans are going on . What the dibble was Peyton Place, which had such a bad rep ?

Well, I went looking and found it.

The original movie 


And the tv series 


by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (627k points)
Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
+11 votes

And, keeping to the scandalous behavior theme



by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (627k points)

There's a movie for Harper Valley ! Yippee


Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
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Today is......



National Foam Rolling Day is observed annually on May 11. Foam rolling has been called the poor man’s massage.  You only go to the dentist once a year, but you brush your teeth every day.  We can’t get a massage every day, so foam rolling is the next best thing! Brush your muscles daily with a foam roller.

The first foam roller was patented in the US in the 1920s, so foam rolling is nothing new, but foam rolling has just gained momentum in recent years.

TriggerPoint would like to take this day to educate people on the benefits of foam rolling. Like any other over-the-counter fitness tool, foam rolling doesn’t guarantee medical results, but by introducing mobility into tissue that’s stuck together, tense or overused, you can expect reduced tension, better mobility and less overall stress. TriggerPoint empowers people to reach an optimal level of movement by providing the world’s best therapeutic self-care products and education.


Treat yourself to some foam rolling and relaxing time. Share with your friends on social media using #NationalFoamRollingDay.


National Foam Rolling Day was submitted by TriggerPoint, a division of Implus Corporation and proclaimed by the Registrar of National Day Calendar in June 2015.


by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
I had so hoped this would have something to do with beer.  :(

"Roll out the Barrel," Roll out the barrel we'll have a barrel of fun. Roll out the barrel we've got the blues on the run, (remember that song?? Beer Barrel Polka!) But wait, we have to go shopping and then see grandma, no wait that's mom, for Mother's day lol. 


I have never heard of these foam rollers!  I have done something similar with beach towels...   and those  cylinder shaped pillows.   I do know about pressure points.
Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
I have a foam roller, it's FANTASTIC. Feels amazing after a long day! And not too expensive, either.
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Thought I better drop in and say HI to everyone. I am here every day working on the tree. I feel like I am being neglectful if I'm not in WT at least once a day. I have been trying to get my files organized. I bought a file box with colored folders the only problem is the pedigree chart won't print out so I can read it.
  I am going to be busy this month and probably next month to. My sister and I have to get our gardens ready.
by Dallace Moore G2G6 Pilot (127k points)
edited by Dallace Moore
Glad to see you Dallace. I too am on WT I would say about 3 or 4 times a day if I don't have an appointment somewhere.  

This is an excellent time to work on the garden. If temperatures continue like they are in the mid south USA, we are going to have a very HOT summer!!! (Maybe you can share some pictures of your garden later).
Dallace, Welcome to the Weekend Chat!   Glad you could join us!

WikiTree is a good kind of addictive because there are so many really helpful and fun people here!

You never know what you are going to learn or who you are going to meet.
Well we are back from flower shopping going again tomorrow. We bought flowers for the flower pots today then my brother-in-law got tired so we came home. We had a long hot tiring day. Next week we will also be working on building a few places for the veggie garden.

Yes Dorothy, WT is very addictive I love it here. I will be sharing pictures of the flower garden soon. :-)
Hi Laura, Thanks for hosting and the warm welcome. I have been trying to teach my self how to improve my profiles. I have seen some really awesome one's. I tell my self I wanna do that. So I try but sometimes it just don't turn out the way I want. I just keep trying.
Dallace the Profile Improvement Project targets building better profiles.

https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Profile_Improvement   You might consider joining it and asking for some help in learning to do better profiles.   Debi Hoag and Anne B are really great folks to work with!
Ditto to everything that Laura said Dallace.

Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
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Hi Everybody!

Thanks for hosting, Laura!

Checking in after extended absence.  Wait, wait, please spare that fatted calf.  No need for that!  Work has finally slacked off a bit, and it looks like genealogy season now.  In fact, I actually committed some genealogy this week:  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Rodrigue-294

and a few of her close relatives.  Even better, these were my own family members.



by Living Tardy G2G6 Pilot (733k points)
Hi Herbert,  ok, set that table... oh wait no fatted calf  lol!!!  Got to go on a diet myself anyway. Welcome BACK!

The Rodrique family ancestors will be happy for your additions. Been working on the McKinney family myself this week (and last).
Herbert, you're too young to remember Peyton Place on tv with Ryan O'Neal.
I remember it Eddie, but didn't think much of it at the time.  Pretty sure 8yo boys fell outside their target demo.
I posted it for Chat along with HARPER VALLEY PTA cuzz it's Mother's Day weekend and ladies likes good looking studs and stern strong womens on tv , right ? LOL
Ooooh, dangerous ground, dude.  Don't want to see you MeToo'd.  Wait, wasn't Barbara Eden in HVPTA?
Yes ! Barbara ! Purty !  She chews up the PTA ! hahahahah
Herb, Herb, We've missed you!   So glad you are back!!!  Great job with your family...  I have a bunch to still enter...  I need to clone myself... but I think the rest of you might not like that!!!  Glad you could join us!
I agree Laura. Herb you were really missed especially those paper art you showed us. Laura after we get my dad back home and maybe next year after I move I might like to try my hand on hosting a WikiTree weekend chat one time.

Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Linda, take your time.  Your family needs you more right now.  We can look at a date when things are quieter in your life.  I have been where you are so I know how draining both physically and emotionally this is.
Thanks Laura and especially understanding about all of this.
+11 votes
Hope all you ladies have a great Mothers Day, hope someone takes you out for breakfast, hope someone buys you a box of chocolates, and hope someone says "Thank-you Mom", and for all of us who have Mothers that have past on, do not forget to visit the cemetery with some flowers.
by Rodney Long G2G6 Pilot (662k points)
Thanks Rodney!  We are all getting together and everyone is bringing a dish in our family.  It is just fun to get everyone together!
I am here my dad is still in the hospital with diaharra problems. The expensive medicine the last pill will be given tomorrow. Then they will see what to do on Monday. They are talking about discharging him to the Sweetwater, Tennessee rehab for at least 30 days and up to 100 days if necessary. So tonight my sister is staying with him tonight then about 4:00 p.m. tomorrow my brother will come down and stay with him Saturday and Sunday night. So my dad will be in the hospital of Mother's Day. So we will not be celebrating mother's day the regular way. I probably will go up and stay during the day with him while my brother come to our home and takes a shower and change on work on some of his work from work. All of us that has allgeries problems since last Thursday still has problems but is getting better especially me. In the last 3 months my dad has lost 33 lbs. Me and my mother has last weight also because of that problem with my dad. We might still go the route of fecal transplant and then if that doesn't work we will ask the doctor if any of the larger hospital could help my dad like Emory down in Atlanta, Gerorgia, Duke or Mayo even. He still has the problem even if he does go to rehab.

Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
+12 votes
Done my family chat for this week.

Now that all the excitement of my DNA test from last weekend is over, now I am doing the dull and boring work trying to find out how my closest match is related to me. She comes as a 2nd to 3rd cousin match. We have 144 cM of shared DNA and we have NO NAMES in common - except for one possible name (Depending on the spelling) that is all the way back in the early 1600s!!

The only place that we have in common is the county of Cornwall in England, but not the parish!!

It is frustrating thinking of having to try and do all the descendents of all the siblings going back for several generations - that is quite overwhelming actually!!

As for that one name that might be a match, I cant seem to find anything on her at all.

The good news is that I have found ONE cousin from my DNA matches. She is in NZ, and is a 3rd cousin twice removed. In fact she is just a year or two older than my mother and they are both in their 80s. Her grandchildren would be my 5th cousins.

She and I had maybe 50cM of DNA matching - but I found her through the surnames. She had the exact pairing of names for one of the couples who were siblings of one of my 3 times (or is it 4 times) great grandparents. So that was easy.
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
That's awesome. Congrats! =D
Thanks Chris.
Robynne, it sounds like someone has an incorrect paper trail meaning there may have been a birth in there whose actual parent is not who someone thinks it is.  Are you both in Gedmatch?  ff so run the People Who Match 1 or 2 kits.   Enter both kit numbers and who you both match.  It might be enlightening.
I agree with Chris and Laura, Robynne.
Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Laura, you could be right.

I do have one illegitimate person born in Cornwall for whom we have no fathers details. She was my 3x great grandmother. We have no details on the mother either, other than the name!!

I did the 1 or 2 matches on GEDmatch like you said,  and none of the names (Email addresses) that showed up look familiar from my own matches.

The 140 cM we share seems to indicate roughly a 2nd cousin once removed - descended from my 2x great grandparents.

I will work on making sure I have all the children and descendents for all of those ancestors (2x gt grandparents)  in Cornwall and as many of their descendents as I can find. I have to start somewhere.
Feel free to pick my brain with details if you want another set of eyes...

If you don't have my direct email send me a private message and I will send it to you if your email on in the private email you send to me.
Will do Laura - but that will have to wait an hour. Am about to start Ranger duty!! :
Thanks for keeping our tree safe!
(From forest fires)

Sorry, Had to! MWAHAHA! *runs off*
+6 votes
I am here my dad is still in the hospital with diaharra problems. The expensive medicine the last pill will be given tomorrow. Then they will see what to do on Monday. They are talking about discharging him to the Sweetwater, Tennessee rehab for at least 30 days and up to 100 days if necessary. So tonight my sister is staying with him tonight then about 4:00 p.m. tomorrow my brother will come down and stay with him Saturday and Sunday night. So my dad will be in the hospital of Mother's Day. So we will not be celebrating mother's day the regular way. I probably will go up and stay during the day with him while my brother come to our home and takes a shower and change on work on some of his work from work. All of us that has allgeries problems since last Thursday still has problems but is getting better especially me. In the last 3 months my dad has lost 33 lbs. Me and my mother has last weight also because of that problem with my dad. We might still go the route of fecal transplant and then if that doesn't work we will ask the doctor if any of the larger hospital could help my dad like Emory down in Atlanta, Gerorgia, Duke or Mayo even. He still has the problem even if he does go to rehab. Also he been since his vascular demetia is getting worse that my mother made him start dialysis. He been indicating for at least a year that he is tired of taking dialysis and wants to quit but he wants to live so he keeps saying he will go. We all keep telling him that it is his decision on if he wants to quit dialysis and when he does that it will take a few days up to a week for him to die when he does that. But he is tired of all this problems and he thought when he took dialysis that the men who was doing it was younger than he is and they were after doing that going to work and working and he can't because he is 86 and not in good health. Also he thought he might be able to get a transplant when his demetia started but his doctor told him flat out he was not a candidate for transplant. Mom said she doesn't know what she going to do with my dad.

Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
by Living Barnett G2G6 Pilot (469k points)
edited by Living Barnett
Rough times, Linda!  Positive vibes sent for you and your family.
+9 votes

The past 2 weeks has been pretty incredible for me as far as advancing my quest to discover more about my family's history.  

1. First, I've been triangulating results with others on 23andMe to figure out where a certain set of German ancestors came from. Up until now, I've had a rough set of details about my great grandparents, but only vague hints about who their parents were or where they were from. Two of the clusters of results kept pointing to certain German families in Bessarabia, Russia (i.e. modern Moldova + a bit of Ukraine / Romania). 

So I went back to the Odessa Library's search and was able to find my great grandmother's family. This was stuff that I'd kind of long given up hope of ever solving. But suddenly DNA is opening doors I thought were long sealed shut. And suddenly, with those names, I'm finding numerous other trees, including lots leading further back on FamilySearch and elsewhere. 

2. The second huge advance was getting to meet a half-cousin on that side of my family for the first time ever - we chatted about family history stuff and also about ourselves for a good 3 hours. I also told her about the 23andMe results, so we might have her do a test to help figure out the origins of my great grandfather / the cousin's grandfather. 

Of course, it's also interesting hearing a different perspective on the "recent" past, from the other side of the family - which has been disconnected from mine for almost 30 years - as well as a new perspective on my 

3. Then on another branch of my tree, again thanks to my DNA results and a query to a match, I was able to find a connection who provided me the names of their grandparents. From that I built up a tree, leading to a woman that I'm about 90% certain is a missing sister of a 2x-great-grandfather of mine from PEI. I hope to find additional paper documentation to further the connection, but the DNA segments make sens and it fills in what has been a long-time question mark for me. 

4. And as yet another bonus, I've also gotten in touch with another 2C1R who's keen to collaborate. 

So here's how I'm feeling this week:


Kind of wish that I'd done a DNA test for genealogy earlier! Now to await the results from an Ancestry kit.

by anonymous G2G6 Pilot (130k points)
Congratulations!   Those are wonderful breakthroughs!

DNA really does open a lot of locked doors.
I agree with Laura Congratulations on those wonderful breakthroughs.

Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
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Today is......



Annually the second Saturday in May recognizes National Miniature Golf Day. This day is separate from Miniature Golf Day, which is celebrated worldwide on September 21.

Similar to the sport of golf, but as the name suggests it is a miniature version of the game. While still played with a series of 9 or 18 holes, miniature golf courses are shorter, usually themed and have a variety of obstacles which add to the difficulty of the game.

There isn’t any need to call “FOUR” since only putters are used in this version. The distances are too short (usually about 10 yards) to use any of the other clubs in golf.  The courses are made mostly of concrete or artificial turf so there are no divots to replace, either! The game is also known mini-golf, midget golf, putt putt and peewee golf.

Some of the more challenging miniature golf courses have waterfalls, caverns and castles with drawbridges as part of their obstacle course.




Now if golf is not your thing, today is also............



National Archery Day is observed annually on the second Saturday in May. One of the oldest sports still in existence, archery has been around since before 2800 BC bows have been used for hunting and battle. Archery was introduced to the modern Olympic games in 1900 but only appeared again in 1904, 1908 and 1920.  Then once again after a long absence, it returned in 1972.

In recent years, archery has been growing in popularity.  The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) began in Kentucky in 2002.  The program has since spread to 47 states and 10 countries, with over 2.1 million kids participating each year.  The second Saturday in May is generally the time the NASP tournament is held. This is the largest archery tournament in the world.  Each year kids from all over the U.S. look forward to traveling to Louisville, Kentucky, for this culminating event to end their school archery year.  The event draws over 11,500 students participating in NASP.


Celebrate National Archery in the Schools Program by sharing your archery activities using #NationalArcherySchoolsProgram on Social Media.


National Archery Day was submitted by the National Archery in the Schools Program in March 2015.  The registrar of National Day Calendar proclaimed National Archery Day in March 2015 to be observed annually on the 2nd Saturday of May.


by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
Both are so much fun!   As a Grandma, I can do the mini golf with the little ones but I used to love archery so when they are older that sounds like a good time too.
We have a highly mistaken representative in the New York State level
administration who wants to ban archery from all school physical education
courses because she says it encourages kids to be familiar with "killing"
items.  I'm  sure she is from the middle of New York City and knows nothing of life"s realities.   She also wants to remove all trap shooting clubs for the same reason.  Many students in schools do not participate in physical athletic teams and this takes a good replacement place.  Guns are always locked up if they are not under the immediate supervision of coaches and it costs very little for a student to participate.
I'm sure she has more support for this part of the ban than archery.  My personal opinion is she may be voted down on her proposal if it ever gets
to the floor.  I hope so.
I like playing miniature golf when I was younger and doing archery for a class I need to take in my freshman year in college. I just wen 1 year in college I do not have a degree my I might be considered as a sophomore in college now I really do not know.

 Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
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Good morning everyone, and Happy Mother's Day to all of the WT Mothers out there!

Now, on to "business". I did have a random thought lately about the EU changes coming down - and if this has been discussed or answered already, please let me know - but this is in regards to Unlisted Profiles and merging:

Those born less than 100yrs ago (and not Wikitree members) will all be treated as still living and will be set to unlisted, unless they have a death date recorded on the profile.

What will now happen to keeping up with duplicate profiles needing to be merged? As an example, if I have a Jane Doe in my tree that was born 1954, and is still living, she will now be set to Unlisted.

If a new member (hopefully a new cousin!) comes along and adds the same Jane Doe, will they prompted to merge or match to my Jane Doe? From what I have seen with all Unlisted profiles, there is no data to compare, so you can't merge, reject or pend a match with an Unlisted.

by Steven Harris G2G6 Pilot (572k points)
Steven I share your concerns and this has been being talked about both out in G2G and on the Data Doctors Google email group.  I do not think we have a good answer yet.  

For my part, I am adopting any orphan profiles with birth dates of 1900 or more recent with no death date so I can at least see what is in my surname groups.  I have been posting the surnames I am adopting in G2G.  I have gone out to my great great grandparents level so are.  

Then even after May 20th I can work on finding death dates and release them back to view.  May 20th is when I think they are going to start converting things.  Since this goes into effect on the 25th with fines.  That give a few days to run some tests and make things work.  

You might consider doing the same.

 I am toying with creating some kind of surname registry for people to know who to contact to see if a profile exists.   Not sure how else to do that.  Might have do it behind a privacy screen so people would need to request access by surname.   Have not finalized my thinking on this but intend to offer it as a suggestion in G2G later.   If anyone on the Chat has ideas, feel free to add them!

Laura, can you share your method for finding the orphans? Are you just using the categories as a starting point?

I am toying with creating some kind of surname registry for people to know who to contact to see if a profile exists.   Not sure how else to do that.  Might have do it behind a privacy screen so people would need to request access by surname.

Great idea!  Just throwing out an idea here (with things we can work with  on our own without having to change WT abilities/code):

I am the leader of the Volcik ONS, and I have thought about creating a Volcik Registry (Private free-space page) that would provide the names of all of the unlisted Volcik profiles that are being maintained by me (maybe a table in the style of Given Name, LNAB, Current Last Name and Profile Manager).

Any person who is a PM to an unlisted Volcik profile (or profiles) would be granted access to the Registry as a member of the Trusted List, where they could add their profiles to the registry.

In the event that a user is searching for a Volcik, they could message the PM of the registry (me) for any inquiries, where I could consult the registry and forward them over to the PM who has matching profiles, so they talk over the information.

Expanding the idea, we could have a Surname Registry category that would list the linked registries. So a user could navigate to that category, find a surname registry of interest and work their way tot he Private page to contact the PM.

Some nice NEW features that could be of great use to WT would be:

  1. Links to the Surname Registry from the /genealogy/SURNAME pages (underneath the ONS Study link).
  2. A new wikicode that hides (or shows) all information between the tags to anyone who is not a PM or Trusted List member of a page (would not work on profiles). This would allow us to provide information to users on how the registry works, who to contact, etc. without needing to divulge the private information kept on the page.
As an example of #2 on a Private page:


This text will show to all logged in users, even if they are not on the Trusted List or a PM of the page.


The rest of the information outside of these tags on the page is hidden from view (just like it would be on a normal private page).

Forgive me if I am going overboard here, I haven't consumed enough caffeine this morning to really get the brain working yet.

Steven there are never any bad ideas when brainstorming.  Sometimes the half baked ones become great with collaborative effort.  

First:  Under the Find menu at the top of the page is Orphans.  Select that.

Put in a surname you care about.  Now press Sort by most recent birth date.   That is what I have doing.  

I think ONS are possibly a great place to do something like a surname registry.  Will need to check with their leadership.  Or, maybe this is something that the New Projects Committee would want to think about.  I am a member of that.  

I kind of see the registry working in one of two ways:

1.  A system wide analysis is done listing all PMs tied to a surname as part of the Surname search.  

2.  Separate Pages by surname are set up by people who care with their surnames and others researching those surnames are invited to join.  These would be behind a privacy lock so only those who have asked to be on the trusted list can see any details.  Lists of people who are under the care of the PMs are listed by name only.    If someone sees a name that they want to compare data on they contact the PM and normal collaboration takes place.
Laura, it seems we may be on the same page then and have similar thoughts on how to accomplish this.

If it is not too much trouble, please keep me posted if you go to G2G with this in any formal format. I am very interested in the outcome and would be very willing to help work towards this goal in any way that is needed.
It will be next week at the earliest as I am right now frantically adopting orphan profiles with surnames I care about and then working on their suggestions which I expect my count will go from 0 where it has been for a long time to some number I hate to even think about!  Trying to batten the hatches before the change takes place.
I like all of the suggestions about the surnames on this . Will there be heading of surnames like it now or will that change up in the right hand corner. The surnames registries sounds like a good idea.

 Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Linda as I understand it, the only change is you will not see the names of people or their details if they are living and are not managing their own profile.  Children who fall into this scenario that are under 13 may be (not sure that they will be but may be) deleted.
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Hi,  Not so long ago I let you know that we were sweltering here in Oz. The last couple of days we have seen snow  in some of our country towns and then in Hobart terrible floods which carried cars away.

We had a woman on the TV telling us we have to ask babies for permission to change  their nappy. To top this of 4 more pollies (politicians) had to leave parliament because they were not 100% Aussie. This really annoyed me not just because of the financial side to this but because of the phlebesite, where they allowed gay marriage.
by Rionne Brooks G2G6 Mach 6 (62.0k points)
Well I guess I have permission to change my granddaughter since she is not talking but babbling... she brings me her wipes container and a clean diaper when she wants to be changed.   So she knows when she goes and is telling me in her own cute way.   Now, if we can just get that timing to be before the even we will get a jump start on using the bathroom!
Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Rionne, one of the political shows ran that segment where the lady even admits that the babes can't tell us what they want... but she wants us to ready their body language.... so ok, baby is crying.  Change, cuddle, and feed is what I think crying means...
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It is raining so I guess it is just as well that I didn't get it together to go on the bird walk! Laziness pays. Now I can do Wikitree.

I did some exercises yesterday for those shoulders hunched over at the computer.
by Sue Hall G2G6 Pilot (150k points)
Exhuming the body and doing a DNA test would be a better source, unless it is the wrong body.
Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Ha ha ha , thanks for the laugh.  The terrible thing is I actually thought about exhumation too!
Archaeologists dig up bones all the time. It's just usually not our close ancestors. You can see why different cultures are upset.
The attitudes about digging up ancestors varies around the world.

In much of Europe graves are leased for a period of 50 years or more at which point the bones if any are left are dug up and put someplace else (smaller than a burial plot).  So probably European cultures due to lack of space have come to a different viewpoint than other cultures who have more space for longer term burials.  

Sometimes it is tied to religious belief as well such as some of the Asian veneration of the old bones of ancestors.  

It is interesting to look into the different burial practices of different cultures.  How a culture treats its dead and its weakest living members tells you a lot about them.
50 years! my grandparents would have been dug up! Think of all the  information on FindAGrave that would be lost. We tend to think of cemeteries as perpetual, some are sold as. It is common to see cemeteries only a couple hundred of years old in disrepair. Certainly some stones last longer than others before they topple or the lettering is erased. All is temporary. The Mexican Day of the Dead they talk of multiple deaths, the physical one and the one when the memory of the person disappears. Certainly genealogy is an attempt to remember the dead.
We should have a Wikitree celebration on Day of the Dead!
I hold entire conversations with mine... like...  

Ok great grandma, where the heck did you come from?  Who are your parents?  Any siblings?   Eva Weber ( Weber-5077 ) is one of my brick walls  sigh...
Interesting articles. I guess we are different in this country having so much space for cemeteries. I have recently starting wondering about green burials where we are put back in the earth but without all the chemicals and metals, just naturally like they used to do, but maybe in the fields or woods. That would still be land intensive but it would be even more parklike.
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Just checking in real quick. My daughter cut her visit short due to illness all around, even at her home. I am still very busy with other things including a girlfriend who is so sick she won't even drink coffee. Tomorrow is my big test for the Extra class license for Amateur Radio but I have been scoring in the 80 to above 90% recently so I am not too worried, you only need to score 74% to pass.I checked out the profiles for living people under 13 and am busy transferring what I have to my home computer so they don't get lost at the end of the month, any others i can still work on later.That is all for now so have a nice weekend.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
Good luck with your test and stay well...hope everyone else gets well fast!

I have been busy adopting orphans who fall into the target time period that have surnames I care about.
Thanks Laura, I might check in tomorrow afternoon to let you guys know about the test results but I have  feeling that Monday morning I am going to be calling my doctor. I will probably get whatever is going around after I stop pushing myself so hard.
Oh you HAVE TO save the little orphan children before the "STATE" takes them away. Of course if you adopt them then they are yours. :D Any named "Annie" btw?

That is why I have an offline Tree, The "State" can not touch them. No Annie but I did have a few on here not managed by their parents. I do not see me ever adding them again and the parents are not interested in genealogy so they will be lost to WikiTree probably forever but at least for the next 60 or 70 years based on when records can be made public in the United States.

Laura the profiles you can adopt have to be non living so they will not go anywhere with this change so there is no reason to rush with them. The only ones that will vanish are those who are living and even then only those under the age of 13 are slated for deletion, so why the rush? You can't adopt them anyway.

Dale there are people in open status who are on the orphan list who have no death date and are born within the past 100 years.  I am adopting those.   

I have also asked if I can adopt people who are in orphaned status with a privacy lock so I can hopefully manage them and eventually if they merit it, have them become open again.  I limit my request to specific surnames.
I would even make enough food that they could have more!
But those who are Open and born less than 100 years ago have to have some indication that they died for the privacy to be set to Open so they will remain Open. I am not saying that the death indicator could not be wrong, I saw one today with a death date estimated as "After the Divorce Date", but unless someone changes something they will not be unlisted or deleted.
This way I don't have to worry about a conversion glitch and because they are surnames I care about I was going to do this anyway just over time.  

I plan to work all of their suggestions too so it will help clean up the tree at the same time.
The only profiles I am concerned about are those for living and under the age of 13. With the latest announcement the only way they will not be deleted is if a parent manages them. I have one such profile on my watchlist that will be deleted. Her mother has been invited but is not interested in genealogy so will not join. My solution is to make sure All profiles for those under 13 are on my home computers genealogy program so that my work is not lost, but sadly if they are deleted and on my watchlist it will be decades if ever before they get added again and due to the fact that I no longer add profiles for living people and she is over 50 years younger than I that is one profile that will probably never be on WikiTree again.
Just an FYI Laura, Over the last hour I not only responded to this thread but I got my girlfriend her medicine, turned on the lights because it got very dark outside, checked my email and Facebook AND took another practice test scoring 10% higher than the minimum score needed to pass. I thrive on multitasking I guess.
That's great Dale!  Keeps you sharp!
Good for your Dale.

 Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
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Happy Mothers Day!

Simple Mother's Day E-Card

Have a wonderful Sunday to all those who celebrate Mothers day.

by David Selman G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Thanks David!  Hope your family has fun tomorrow!
Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
I like that card David where did you find it.
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I been working while you peeps is chitchatting


by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (627k points)
Eddie I multitask!   I just adopted a bunch of profiles for my surnames and am researching them. answering emails, watching the chat, cooking, and cleaning off lots of saved TV programs.
I'm  laying on the sofa, drinking Dr Pepper, eating lemon cake and watching Stargate SG1.  We're having another thunderstorm. Been raining so many days, the concrete sidewalk is squishy. Things float by in the ditch and I don't know if they're dead or alive.
Meanwhile, I posted my comic and am going to add more people to the main tree. Tomorrow I take my mom out for dinner. Should be good. =D
Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Was it reading Stephen King that inspired you to start her profile?
No.i first saw Yvette when I was 9 years old . Joe Bob Briggs, Drive In Theater on the Showtime Channel. The movie was Roger Corman's ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES.  I have 3 DVDs, in case one gets lost, stolen or broken

Must be a movie that you love to have 3 copies! Cult classic? I might give that a try sometime - Attack of the Giant Leeches on the Internet Archive, as it's in the public domain in the US according to Wikipedia

As for the profile - are you looking to add some more sources?

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Reference Mother's Day, Did you know that.....

Ironically, the founder of Mother’s Day was not a mother herself. Anna Jarvis created the holiday to honor her late mother, Ann.

Ann Jarvis was a dedicated community organizer and philanthropist. According to the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library, she "founded Mothers' Day Work Clubs in five cities in West Virginia to improve sanitary and health conditions." The clubs hired women to help families with sick mothers and created programs that tested the quality of milk (the FDA did not exist back then). During the Civil War, Ann’s clubs provided aid to injured soldiers.

According to Katharine Lane Antolini's book, "Memorializing motherhood: Anna Jarvis and the struggle for control of Mother's Day," Anne once said, "[I] hope and pray that someone, sometime, will found a memorial mother’s day [sic] commemorating her for the matchless service she renders to humanity in every field of life. She is entitled to it."

Two years after Ann’s death on May 12, 1907, Anna handed out 500 white carnations to all the mothers at Anna’s church, St. Andrew’s Church in Grafton, West Virginia. The white carnation became the official flower of Mother’s Day, according to an article in The Atlantic Constitution from May 7, 1912. After years of lobbying, President Woodrow Wilson declared Mother’s Day a national holiday that would be celebrated on the second Sunday of every May.



by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
Clue... there is an answer to one of the puzzle questions here..
Thank you Dorothy for this one especially since it is Mother's Day tomorrow.

  Welcome everyone to the Mother's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

To all the Mothers out there, and adopted moms, also grandmothers; oh and our pet moms too!!                    

All in all,,,,,


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