Can you identify this document from an 1823 Dutch marriage supplement?

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I turned to the marriage supplement for Jean Pierre Carpentier and Antje Rorijs in the hopes of finding Jean Pierre's birthdate. I found that, but ended up with a new question.

I recognize a lot of the documents that are included: parents' deaths, military service record, baptism extract. There's also a lengthy handwritten document (images 73-82) that I can't identify (or read, for that matter). Can anyone explain what this document is?

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Hi Alexandra,

The document is a so called "Akte van bekendheid" (Deed of Acquaintance), required when the required proof of identity (birth certificate or baptism registration) can not be supplied before marriage.

In this case such proof could not be supplied because the relevant registers of the Vlissingen municipality were burned as a result of a bombardmnet in 1809 (image 79).

Several witnesses declared they knew Jean Pierre and his parents very well and that he was born in Vlissingen on 11 January 1789 (image 78).

This location and date is also recorded in the military service record (image 85).

I could give a verbatim translation of the "akte van bekendheid", but you should be aware that it is embedded in a lot of procedural language, transferring documents from one authority to another and back, properly signed and registered, etc. Please let me know if you would like me to do the verbatim translation.

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The bombing was part of the Walcheren Campaign.

maybe he names of the persons who say they know him and know when and where he was born could be important for further research. A lot of the times their relationship to the person involved is mentioned
True Eef, thank yoy!
Dank, Joop!
okay, Som emore information from the "akte van bekendheid"

His parents died in 's Gravehhage.

Helives in de Langelijnstraat in Rotterdam where his future inlaws also live.. A whole bunch of people from the same street are mentioned all having the same surname as his future wife. I read the name as "Koorijs" I'm not totally sure about the first lettre of that name.

- Seevert Koorijs, profession "slaapstedehouder"  (= owner of a lodgement where people had a bed in a room that they had to share)

- Johannes Langenberg, profession smiths assistant

- Willem Koorijs, works in a warehouse

- Jannetje Blackmoor, slaapstedehoudster

- Gerrit Berg, slaapstedehouder in a different straat:Zevenhuissteeg

- Aart Koorijs, smithsboss, Schiedamsedijk

- Hermanus Sirks, Carpenter, GroteLijnstraat

The militia service record is written after the above witnesses have said Jean has done his military obligations.


Thats all the extra information I could pour out of this document
I misspelled the name of the place his parents died. It must be 's Gravenhage. Another name for this city is Den Haag.
Thank Jan, I had no idea about the boning, by it explains why I couldn’t find Jean Pierre’s baptism certificate.

I’m assuming that Koorijs is in fact Roorijs. Jean Pierre married Antje Rorijs/Roorijs. Her parents Severt and Janetje are both listed above.

Is there any mention of Jean Pierre or his parents religion? His parents were both born in France (father in Calais, mother in Lille) so I’m curious to see if he was Catholic or Protestant.


Before your post I had no idea about the bombing either, so thanks for increasing my knowledge of Dutch history!

Jean Pierre's parents were of the Walloon Reformed religion, so Protestant:

Walloon Church member index record

Register entries: 

"Netherlands, Zeeland Province, Church Records, 1527-1907," images, FamilySearch ( : 22 May 2014), Waals > Vlissingen > Lidmaten 1783-1823, 1787-1815 > image 12 of 355; Nederlands Rijksarchiefdienst, Den Haag (Netherlands National Archives, The Hague).

"Netherlands, Zeeland Province, Church Records, 1527-1907," images, FamilySearch ( : 22 May 2014), Waals > Vlissingen > Lidmaten 1783-1823, 1787-1815 > image 16 of 355; Nederlands Rijksarchiefdienst, Den Haag (Netherlands National Archives, The Hague).

No mentioning of  a religion.
Normally for religion I would look in the "bevolkingsregister" but that starts around 1840 and I'must not sure if those have survived WW2. Rotterdam was bombed
. Maybe there'should someone who knows more about sources about Rotterdam.

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