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So I was killing time data doctoring, and came upon Conan The Meriadoc-- first name "Conan The," no kidding. The immediate association --"Conan the Barbarian"-- wasn't too far off. First wife was literally a saint -- St. Ursula. And then St. Patrick was his 2nd wife's brother. Conan was a king, two of his sons were kings and nine of his children were saints.The profile was an uncleaned merge of two uncleaned gedcoms with no dates, no sources except Ancestry family trees. So I looked up the Notables Project, then googled Conan Meriadoc, just to get dates of birth and death, and oops, before I knew it I'd written a Bio. No one has touched the profile in about 4 years, but the PMs might be upset to learn their "ancestor" is now considered a legend in the literal sense. My question: should I save my work and message them, offering to restore the whole lot of nothing that was there if they disagree with the internet? Or save a copy while I wait for their blessing?
WikiTree profile: Conan Meriadoc ap Gereint
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His wife looks fun as well.  I was wondering where she got her name from, but it turns out she was the original Ursula that all the others got the name from.

Seems like they weren't always a couple - her legend seems to be much older than her husband's.


Travel arrangements for 11,000 virginal handmaidens sounds like a logistical nightmare. As Chief Martin Brody famously remarked,  'You're gonna need a bigger boat"
Can't believe there were ever 11,000 virgins in Dumnonia anyway.

Wikipedia has this person shown as Conan Meriadoc. He has a fairly complete biography there although it is somewhat mythical. The wikipedia entry does not include "The" as part of his name and perhaps it should be removed.

That is so amazingly awesome. You are fantastic.

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I added the tag for EuroAristo to your question. I also found that there was another duplicate, Meriadoc-5  so those should be merged as well. That profile actually have a description of whom the profile is representing, it is always good to search for duplicates before, sometimes spare you the time of research and putting together a bio.

As to your original question, I don't think you should need to contact the managers of this profile before writing a biography of someone said to have existed that long ago when there really is not that much info on the profile anyway. 

I try to use common sense, if the manager active and have put a lot of work on a profile, then of course I communicate if I would like to do some additional work on the profile or I add the sources I have found in a comment on the profile for the manager to check out and add.

Sometime I add what info and source I have found in the bio and then send a message to the manager that I found additional info and they might want to rewrite it to fit their "style" of bio. If they still have interest in WT and their profile they usually check it out and if they have lost interest then the profile is at least sourced and have some info on it.

If I only want to add a source for a birthdate then I might add the source without communicating as I am not really changing anything, just adding a source to the profile. 

I could add that I mainly work profiles in the area I have knowledge of (Sweden) and mostly rely on images of original church books as sources.

by Maggie Andersson G2G6 Pilot (155k points)

This duplicate has lines that go all the way up and all the way down.  Oh dear.

But when we get down to here

it looks like the two "branches" are actually the same "people" duplicated.

And Edryd marries his own duplicate.  Perhaps she came as Mrs Edryd.  But then she'd have been his sister.


Keep going down, there's Henry VIII and Oliver Cromwell and gateway immigrants.  All descended from the Virgin Ursula.  Who knew.

And in the other direction - Boadicea.

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