Macedonia 'Donie' Roberts Brantley is my current brick wall

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Donie Roberts Brantley is my second great-grandmother and I haven't been able to find out anything about her family, aside from what I already have on her profile. Anybody out there have Roberts family in east-central  Georgia?
WikiTree profile: Donie Brantley
in Genealogy Help by Debi Matlack G2G6 Mach 8 (83.6k points)
I am also trying to find same info on her. Did you notice that the daughter Clara was born the same year that she married John A. BRantley?That made me wonder if she could have been married to a Roberts prior to him?  And maybe Roberts was a married name and not her maiden name? But I haven't found anything else.
That's certainly a possibility, that I, of course, hadn't thought of, so thank you for mentioning it. She's my second great-grandmother, so it's frustrating when I have so much information on other ancestors and very little on her and she's fairly close. And none of the folks that might remember something are around anymore. If you have any info I haven't included on the profile, feel free to edit or share so I can update her. Thanks for the insight, now to see if I can do anything with it.
Is it possible you are working from incorrect info?  Her profile provides no evidence for the name Macedonia Roberts.  How do you know either name, first or maiden, is correct?  No offense meant, just asking what's not on the profile.  The closest I can find is a Masadonia Roberts born in Missouri in 1860.  There were numerous girls named Macedonia in Georgia, but none named Roberts.
The information on her gravestone says "Donie" and in one of the census rolls she is listed as "Massey D." My cousin seemed to think her name could have been "Donna" but it seems the family called her "Donie" -any advice or info is appreciated. thanks!
My advice: Forget they are your ancestors, and treat them like total strangers.  Try not to let handed-down family stories bias your research, and start fresh from the things you can prove.  John A Brantley had a wife named Donie and/or Massey.  1900 Census says they were married about 1879.  She died in 1904.  They had children, etc.  Don't look for Robertses or Macedonias until or unless you find records connecting those names. Look for John's marriage around 1879.  Look for children's births, marriages, and deaths, which might show a mother's maiden name.  Who were their neighbors?  What apparently unrelated people lived with them?  Look for obituaries.  If you have DNA results, follow up DNA matches.  Do what you would do if you knew nothing about them.  You might find things that don't match what you've been told, and those might be the things most worthy of further investigation.  For what it's worth.  Happy hunting!
Herbert, I'm working from the only information I have on her, which is what is on her profile. It's generally accepted that her name was contracted from Macedonia, but there's no documentation, just that it was a common female name at the time. I've looked under various contractions and diminutives and variations on that name but I'm limited to free sites or the goodwill and charity of others. I have DNA for myself, but am clueless what to do with it. I've researched her just like I do anyone else, just with little results. I've figured things out before, I'll do it again, eventually.
OK, Debi, I'm sure you will find it.  Your anonymous cousin(?) asked for advice, so I gave it.  I would add that working from what's on the profile may lead you astray, since the profile has undocumented info.  Good luck!
No worries! I tried what you suggested and still haven't managed to scare up a darn thing. Something will turn up at some point.
Debi - hope you are well - I did find out that one of the sons of Great-Grandmother  "Donie"  named one of his daughters "Macedonia" - so I just keep searching for any clues - I also went to the Genealogy library in Macon a couple of months ago and searched through GA marriage records (on the old-timey microfilm!) and did not find a marriage record for John and Donie either! Have you found anything new?

Thanks, Cheryl
I haven't found a thing, wish I could. My research is limited to whatever online stuff I can work it when I get a chance.

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There are times when you have to resort to old-fashioned methods to put a crack in the wall. Have you considered trying to obtain a death certificate for her?
by Deb Durham G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
Since I have no income, I was hoping my usual online laziness might lead to a breakthrough, or somene with access to a site that I do not have access to might find something. I'm not in the area to make a personal trip to a courthouse or archive to search for a physical copy, hence my hopes that there might be something online somewhere. The search continues... ;-)
Debi - I went to Washington County to the Genealogical Library a few weeks ago and was not able to find anything about Great-Grandmother Donie. I did visit her grave. I will keep you updated. Please let me know if you find anything also.

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