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I think I'm confused.  My spouse is listed as part of my profile with his own profile page.  I understand the privacy issues but do not understand why this affects the DNA testing of my spouse.  The info said to add another email to his profile-not sure how to do that.  Help please
in The Tree House by Carolyn Molder G2G3 (3.8k points)

I have an add-on question related to yours that I'm hoping someone will answer as well.  

I had my husband create his own Wikitree account a week ago (because of DNA testing), and learned he could not use the same email account that we share, or he wouldn't be treated as a separate account.  I had him create a free email account, and sign up as a member of Wikitree using that email account.

In your case, I THINK that once your husband sets up his own email account, and then creates Wikitree account based on that email account, you can transfer his profile over for him to "manage".   You are (technically) not allowed to manage any other living person's account (without jumping through a hoop), due to the European regulations that are about to go into effect.  

He has to join Wikitree himself, so he can freely add you to his "Trusted List" if he wants to. Then WIkitree will have explicit permission that is granted by him to to have his DNA results attached to his profile (which will probably have a privacy level set, but not as extreme as "Unlisted"). Then, if you are on his "Trusted List" you can carry on doing all the Wikitree work as before (if that's what you both want.)  

But that leads to MY question.  I thought my husband and I had accomplished all of that a week ago, but got an email today warning me that I manage the account of a living family member whose profile will become unlisted next week.  That can only apply the the account I thought we fixed last week.

Now I'm worried that something went wrong.  I'm not sure why I got that warning if all is well with his new account.  The DNA test looks like it is now associated with his new account.  It sure LOOKs like his own DNA test is associated with with his new Wikitree account, and has been for a week.

How can I tell if there's still a problem?  

R., did your husband make a new profile and then you merged the old one and his new one? Or did you add his email to the profile you created?
Thanks for your help-I created him his own profile w/email-now I have to connect the DNA testing to his profile.

I think it was the first thing you said.  He created a new account (with a new Wikitree ID).  He added me to his trusted list.  I then transferred management of his old profile over to his new account, then merged his new account into the old (existing) profile for him, so that there would be only one profile for him.  Griggs-1797 is the result of the merge. The DNA test followed the merge.

Can you tell if there's still a problem?


Griggs-1797 says his email is unauthenticated -- when he signed up for an account did he get an email from WikiTree with a link to confirm his email?


That's a yes and no answer.  He first signed up using our shared email account, which didn't seem to work, probably because it was already associated with my own Wikitree account.  Could the warning letter I received have been triggered by that first unsuccessful attempt?

His new email account, which he created after that first attempt, has been getting emails from Wikitree, and a Greeter has contacted him, etc.  I THINK that second attempt actually was successful.  I just got nervous because of the warning email I received today.

I forgot to say that he did confirm the new email account with Wikitree.

I'll look into it and see why you got the email.

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Hi Carolyn,

Here are the instructions on how to enter an email for your husband, and invite him to manage his account:
by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (487k points)

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