DNA Confirmation and the new EU Deal

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I got an e-mail this morning about the new policy regarding DNA confirmation and how the test takers need to be members of the site. The e-mail said that I had one or more living people to invite to the site. I got most of the test takers registered except for one person. I have a question about that. Did the e-mail I got from Wikitree only talk about that one person? Because here's what I did.

1. I sent out requests for everyone to join. It was at least six or seven people.

2. They all joined except for one person.

3. I instructed them to take notifications off as suggested by an earlier post. They're not gonna be doing any genealogy here.

I just left it at that. The DNA tests are still there. I don't have to readd the tests, I don't think. If I do, let me know. But, I don't think I do. Am I pretty much all set? I don't think the last person's test is needed at this time. It's actually a redundant match with someone else. So, what do I do?

Thanks in advance!
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I too received the email.  The only YDNA test for my line will be removed.  I am female, so obviously it was not from me.  The donor was as old man with no computer, but the Wikitreers can't understand that.  So be it.  This site has been of no use to me anyway, was using it as a place to park my records.
I really do not understand why you are using this "bazooka to kill a gnat" approach. The one profile with DNA, other than my own, that I manage has no interest in joining. She was born and lives in the US, so this regulation does not apply to her.

I know this has been decided, but it makes very little sense to apply this so broadly.

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This is my take on all of this:

1.  The fines are very steep

2.  WikiTree has no easy way to know if any of these individuals are covered by the new EU rules or not

3.  Probably as time goes on some ways of covering these issues will come to light.  But the fines start on May 25th just a few days away

4.  WikiTree does now want to do this they are feeling forced to do it until they can figure out a work around for those not covered by EU designation.  But the way the current law is written it states it covers people outside of the EU.  So until some of this is challenged in the World Court, WikiTree is stuck trying to comply or they have to dump anyone and everyone connected to any of the EU countries.  

Don't panic.  Keep your info on your own computer for now until some other thinking comes into play.
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My brother gave me verbal permission to upload his DNA.  I'm female so will lose much triangulation possibility.  Isn't that enough?
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The rule requires written permission.  Verbal won't cut it.
According to the current GDPR implementation plan, permission of any type is meaningless.  Any DNA test attached to a living person's profile will be deleted unless that person is the profile manager.

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