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I've been contributing to WikiTree for about six months now, and I am still feeling my way around, trying to learn the ropes.

The last few weeks I diligently researched the Gassmann family of Birlenbach, Alsace, and after I finally figured out all of the connections, I was ready to put them into the tree. When I got to Gaßmann-153, I was surprised to see that I needed to check for the existence of a pre-1700 project before I could upload. I dutifully sent a message, and after that even though I have not yet received a reply), the profile was accepted.

I then tried to enter information about his father, and I got the same message, but this time I am blocked from continuing. I find this both frustrating and puzzling, since back in the early days (Nov 2017) I managed to create both Gassmann-107 and Gassmann-109 without any problem. Did the policy change in the last six months? Why can I now add one profile, but not the other? Am I missing some subtle differences between these profiles? Am I now at the mercy of a (most likely non-existent) project manager before I can continue?

What should I do?
WikiTree profile: Michael Gaßmann
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You can get certified for pre-1700 if you like or even pre-1500. I did the pre-1700 one and not the pre-1500.
Actually, I _am_ pre-1700 certified. (Or at least I was.) Is the certification time-limited?

I don't know about a time limitation. You may want to contact someone at 

Contact the WikiTree team at

or you could contact one of the mentors. 




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Are you just seeing the message

"If you are not already coordinating with a pre-1700 project, click here before proceeding (required). Thank you!"

That doesn't block you from editing. It's just an informational message, but it has been confusing a lot of people. It looks like you have the pre-1700 badge, so you should be able to edit. Just ignore the message and see if you can save the edits.

The second thing with it is it gets a warning message

"Warning: Check the data.

  1. A child's birth date (Gaßmann-152 born 1660) should not be before a parent is six years old (Gaßmann-153 born 1655) ."

You can also ignore this and click on "Save Anyway". The software isn't smart enough to tell the difference between "before 1655" and 1655, so it frequently flags profiles like this even when there's no real error.



by Living Buckner G2G6 Mach 5 (57.0k points)
selected by Gus Gassmann
A lot of times with profiles like this, I just go ahead and put the birth year estimate 15 years before the first known child just to make it shut up.

No; I saw both of these messages, and I got the profile to work. The problem came when I then tried to add a father for Gaßmann-153. I saw the same message about the pre-1700 project, but rather than accept my input, the program insisted on putting me back on that same message. I must have tried ten, twelve times over the span of 12 hours. (I left the window open before I went to bed and tried again in the morning, with the same result.) Just for the hell of it, I then tried on my work computer over the lunch hour, and wouldn't you know it --- it worked! I managed to add Gaßmann-159 just fine.Still sounds like a bug to me, but try to reconstruct the state of the system...

Thanks for your response. I appreciate it.

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