Can you help solve my Brickwall please ?Axel Lourens Land from Norway

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Hi I'm still looking for the parents and deeper ancestors of Axel Louwerens Land, a sailor and later VOC captain who, according most records, was from Egersont, which probably was Egersund, Rogaland, Norway 

Looking for his Birth or Baptism and his parents I found this at a forum:

May it be this guy,baptized March 13, 1735, could he really have been born late in 1734 and may Lund have gone to Land?

I've seen that the male name Aslak could change into Axel, so here is another suggestion: Aslak, baptism 7th March 1734 in Eigersund. His father is Aslak Nefland (Nevland). The farm name might have been changed too..into Land. Left column on left page:

Source information: Rogaland County, Eigersund, Ministerial Book No. A 2 (1720-1757), Chronological list 1734, without page. Permanent page link: = new & idx_side = -38 
Permanent image link: jpg

But..because of his very likely patronymic Lourens it suggests his father would be a Lourens or some perhaps more Norwegian version of that name ?

Many many thanks in advance ! 

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I too would look for someone with a patronymic of Laurentsson, Lavransson or similar. Possibly even Larsson, as I see the 1701 census for the area spells Lars as Laurs (and it is a Norwegian "corruption" of Laurents). That doesn't help much though. Sources of the period are not very complete and getting that far back in Norway is only possible for a small percentage of lines.
And unless you happen to find court documents (which aren't indexed and searchable) talking about his occupation as a sea captain, it will be hard to prove it's the right Axel.
I wish you luck!
by Bjørnar Tuftin G2G6 Mach 1 (13.7k points)

Thanks for the help Bjørnar, so if I understand it correct father probably was or might be a man named Laurents, Lavran or Lars ? 

And yes I know this is not only my Brickwal, but a brickwall for many many descendants, I keep getting all kinds of messages if perhaps I know more already, so I figured perhaps by now perhaps more records and info would be available from Norway. 

I was so happy when I found the forum that had the info and links, but want to be sure and a father named Axel or Aslak (unfortunately :P) didn't seem right ... so we just will keep digging 

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Greetings, perhaps this is whom your looking for.


Svein Skaaden Lavransson was born, the son of Bothild and Lavran. He had one daughter with Rønnaug* Amundsdatter Glømmen in 1430.

Family Relationships

Svendsdatter/Sveinsdatter Skaaden

Svein Skaaden Lavransson

Rønnaug* Amundsdatter Glømmen

Lavran Birgerson

Bothild Alfsdatter Skaaden


Lavran Birgerson

Bothild Alfsdatter Skaaden
Spouse & Children

Rønnaug* Amundsdatter Glømmen

Svendsdatter/Sveinsdatter Skaaden
by Judyann Townsend G2G6 Mach 1 (10.8k points)

Your mention of Skaaden really perked up my ears!  I think this is the first mention I have ever seen of it, outside of some of my own Norwegian relatives, Skaaden's.  But yours are about 4 centuries too early, so not really connectable to mine.  And I suspect your Svein is too early for Bea too.  Skaaden seems like a farm or place name, but I have never been able to find anything more about it.  [sorry for off-topic comment]

Thanks for the help Judyann, and yes as Rob says, they probably are a few generations too early. But well, if Norwegian Patronymics work the same as the Dutch ones, the names and Patronymics are repeated for many generations, so Sven might have had a son name Lavran (Laurens) and that Lavran probably would have had a son named Sven again and maybe a son named Lavran as well eeh and we might at some point perhaps bump into a Lavran with a son named Axel ..and this Lavran might have ha a farm named Land/Lant/Landa/Lund. 

Axel Louwerens (Lourens/ Louwrens) Land or Lant, according the marriage and other records was from Egersund and  born abt 1734/5 because at the marriage in 1763 it says he was 28 years of age. He came to the Netherlands  as Captain of the ship Beverwijck and married in Amsterdam. 

And if the patronymics work the same, his mother probably was named Maria and his father Lourens (Lavran)  and they perhaps had a farm or house named Land/Lant ..their son was a quite famous captain and we can find a lot of records and info for him, so I was hoping perhaps in Norway the family or maybe his father was a bit more well known also ... and his grandfather well, perhaps he was named Axel ?  So a father named Lavran or Lourens Axel and a mother named Maria perhaps is worth looking for ?

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