How do I adjust my Tree after finding incorrect Ancestors?

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From Simon Couch I, born 1633 in Devon, England, to My Great-Grandmother, Minnie Couchs' Marriage to Charles Henry Lambertson, I Know my Heritage is Correct. However, after Correcting the Parent's of Maria Mary Wheeler from Thomas Wheeler to Ephriam Wheeler, my Tree in is a mixed up mess. I submitted my DNA test to MyHeritage .com and am waiting for the results. I am Hoping that will help clear up some of the confusion. However, in my Attempts to Correct Errors in my Tree I am becoming more and more confused as to who I really am and who my True Ancestors are.
in Genealogy Help by Crystal Tyrrell G2G6 (8.1k points)
Don't count on "Trees".  I could develop one that would put the Windsors on the street while me and mine are whooping it up in Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.  :D
I do my best to check and recheck any information before I add it. However, I am only Human and am apt to make mistakes now and then. I want my Tree here to be as accurate as possible. One thing that really Frustrates me is when Someone I Know to be a Direct Ancestor, such as my Grandmother, Lillian Douglass, ends up having someone edit my information as Unsourced. It's like telling me my Mother is not my Mother just because I say she is.
By adding the unsourced thingy, the person was just helping to notify others that the profile needs a proper source such as an official record or census maybe.  I added a few citations for her husband.  If you would get a free account at Family Search, then you can search their database and likely find many records for your family.  Good luck!
Thank You So  Much, Vincent. I Appreciate your Assistance. I have several sources in my Tree. However, I am rather Computer Illiterate and have not quite figured out how to add sources. I do have an account with Family Search and with as well. I have Traced both sides of my Family back to the mid 15 and Early 1600's so my Research is quite extensive. I've just submitted my DNA to My Heritage and am anxiously awaiting the Results. That, in itself should be a Tremendous Source of information.
Well just do what you can and it'll get easier as you go.  Cheers!
Thank You.

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Start with your great grandparents that you know are correct and going to their parents review each source to see where the error is. Do not copy from anyone's tree on as that is how errors get perpetuated.
by Diane Hogan G2G2 (2.7k points)
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Thank You for your Response, Diane. When I first  started my  Research I read everything I could about the History of Fairfield, Fairfield County Connection and the Couch Family. That is how I found my Connections to the Crane and Wheeler Families. However, it would appear that some of that information was listed incorrectly as well. Now that I am Actively doing my Research again, I check every source I can find. Many of my Ancestors were here in Connecticut before Connecticut was actually " Founded " as a Colony so I keep having people tell me the Death Dates for some of them are to early. It is not that the dates are to early. It is simply that the Areas weren't Officially Recognized at the times of their Deaths. This Applies to Francis Andrews and some of his Children as well.

So true, Diane! Here is a lot of unsourced material on Ancestry (even though they do have great documents). I avoid any tree that has as its only source “Ancestry trees.” A tree may appear to be appealing, but it’s not worth it to make the corrects later on.


So much genealogy, so little time.

Yes, there are those books that are not quite correct in their dates and places.  I try to find more than one book with my ancestors to see if both books have the same dates and places for my ancestors.  Here is a web site that I found, but have not had time to explore, yet.  You may need a subscription, however some of these sites are available through your local library online or on their library computers. The address is
Thank You So Much. I will definitely look into obtaining that book.
Crystal, I am sorry, I meant the entire web site.  I would look at a library with a good genealogy holding to see if they have the book for you to look at.  You may also be able to get it on library loan.
There's no need to Apologize, Diane. I Appreciate your Suggestions and Assistance Very Much. In all  Honesty , I need all the help I can get. Thank You So Much!

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