A Swede/Dane living in France

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In new to wikitree and started doing genealogy about a month ago!

Im looking for information on the following person:


As far as i have learned on Myheritage and Ancestry.com and the registers

They provide this is my direct Ancestor in 8 generations!

Im from the south of Sweden Scania to be precise.

The problem is that Scania was Danish until 1676. So my relatives before this are hard to find. A lot of records were burnt by the Swedes.

So im hoping dna would be the ticket or to find other genealogists that could help out!

This period there was a battle called "The Battle of Lund" one of the blodiest in Europes history. And im interested in what side my ancestors were on. If in deed there were sides at all....!

How does one go about being a full member on wikitree?

Best Regards to all and happy hunting! :0)

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You are right, it is hard to read... let's wait for someone else to try decipher those notes. I added a link to Swedish National Archives for the page though.

As to your question on becoming a full member of WikiTree - you need to volunteer, read more here. Volunteering means that you want to collaborate on our shared family tree and plan to abide by our Honor Code.

I see on your profile that you have been greeted by Cindy so if you have any trouble with becoming a WikiTree member you could also contact her and ask for advise.

Edit: I removed your tag "battle of Lund" (I don't think anyone is following that) and replaced it with Sweden and Denmark, that might help you get more responses to your question.

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I don't think that was really the question, but the the baptism record says: "Dn 20 dito som war 2dra Böndagen, döptes Aßmund Åkes lilla son här i byn, och kallades Christen. Per Anders hustru Bengta Jeps dotter bar honom, vitnen voro" et cetera et cetera. So it's one of those early records that don't mention the mother.

BTW, it's good with the records from Riksarkivet, because they are accessible for free an easy to lik to the right page in the book - but I must confess that when it comes to reading the old handwriting, I look up the same page at Arkiv Digital, because I really need the better image quality, in colour.

That is very interesting. I like texts like those from the baptism. They are both poetic and informative! I have yet to find texts like that. Did you find that at "Riksarkivet"?
What is available for Stångby you can see here:


And what is available for Skåne parishes you can see here


Skåne, like Västergötland, has hundreds ov small parishes :-/
Thank you so very much! I really appreciate it! :0)
Yes, it's a bit strange they don't have a good way to get back to the archive from the images.
How do you mean?
If you are at the page that Maggie provided on Christen's profile https://sok.riksarkivet.se/bildvisning/C0069329_00093
then there is nothing to click to get back to the whole archive of Stångby.

At least I have never found one.

I don't mind for myself - but it's not very informative for newcomers.
There is a flap top left called "Innehall" there you will find a way back!

At least there is on my android tab!

The Innehåll flap is very useful to let you go straight to the different years, and, in this case, navigate between records for birth-death-marriage - in other cases to navigate between records for different parishes in the same volume.

It doesn't take you to all the other books for the parish.

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So, the Swede/Dane living in France is you, not Christen Asmundson? Then, since you are new to genealogy, the Swedish Wikipedia article about Folkbokföring explains some of the history. There is a bit about Denmark in the FamilySearch Wiki. The thing is, well kept and well preserved records don't go much further back than those that were the source for Christen Asmundsen's father, born 1685 - war or no war, Denmark or Sweden. I have kin in Västergötland, where church records don't go further back than that. I also have kin in Västmanland-Dalarna, where (thanks to bishop Rudbeckius) church records go a couple of generations further back.

By the time you get back to the 1600s, 10 or 11 generations, say, you will have a couple of thousand direct ancestors, so there is plenty to research, anyway, while there is a paper trail.

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Thanx but im probably looking for the Danish records,

not the Swedish ones...! But i dont know were to find those!

Like the danish war records or something like that. That concernes the battle of Lund.
Then you should try to find a discussion board for Danish history.

There are Danish church records online, going about as far back as the Swedish, but they are probably not what you are looking for.

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