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I created a Profile for my daughter, and she wanted to only view it, not manage, edit or do anything else to it, as she is not able to do this. I was the original manager of her Profile, I was only trying to add her as a family member, not as the Profile manager, how do I remove her as manager of  the Profile I created, she is not going to be an active user, she cannot do this. How can I remove her as Profile manger and rephrase my question of only how to add a family member, but not to manage this profile?

Dona Floyd Kimmons
WikiTree profile: Floyd-2256
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Dona, due to the new GDPR privacy requirements, you need to keep her as a profile manager unless you want her profile to be changed to Unlisted (or even deleted). She doesn't need to be an active member; she just needs to be listed as manager of her own profile. You can continue to be a manager of her profile, too.
Okay, thank you for your answer.

Dona Floyd Kimmons
On reading your answer, there is something I don't understand about these new rules. You said her profile could be unlisted or deleted under these new rules. What does this mean, does this mean that living people on my family tree will be deleted if they do not joint Wikitree? I have someone on my tree who is 94 years old, and they cannot joint Wikitree, and if they are deleted, my entire tree would be deleted.

Dona Floyd Kimmons
Living people age 94 will not be deleted. However, minor children could be deleted.
What if I have grandchildren who are not minors? Will they also be deleted?

Dona Floyd Kimmons
At this point in time, to my understanding, all profiles for living persons with the exception of WikiTree members will have their privacy changed to "UNLISTED" most likely sometime next week. At the same time or close to it, all profiles for living persons age 13 and younger with the exception of WikiTree members and their immediate families will have their profiles deleted to adhere to the new GDPR privacy restrictions.

This is being done to protect the privacy of those who may not have provided explicit permission (i.e., have joined WikiTree, thus providing explicit permission) to have their data available online, which is the crux of the GDPR regulation.
So to answer your question more directly, if you have grandchildren who are not minors (i.e. age above 13) but are not WikiTree members, their profiles will be changed to UNLISTED. This means only the Profile Manager and Trusted List will be able to see the details of that profile after the change (which I'll assume is you). If they are WikiTree members, then presumably nothing will happen at all to their profiles.
Thank you for your reply.

Dona Floyd Kimmons

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Family members manage their own profiles. But there are some steps she can take to make you comanager:
by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (659k points)
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Thank you for this answer, but I have another question about these new rules on living people.  If they are going to be removed or deleted from my tree. In my case, I have a tree with a 94 year old woman living on my tree, and she cannot join Wikitree, will she be deleted? If so, my entire tree would be deleted?

Dona Floyd Kimmons.
Living people are going to be hidden to the public (but still viewable to the profile managers and trusted list). They will only be deleted if they are a child under 13 (possibly 16) that are not managed by their parent.

Your 94 year old relative won't be deleted or removed.

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