How do I maintain privacy for my "contributions" for the non members that I want to add to my tree?

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On the Wiki Genealogy feed (the one that comes in my email because I am “watching” certain surnames) I am able to click on New Genealogists and New WikiTree Activity member’s names, and the names of those they have added, without looking them up in “searches by sir names. When the profile pops up after clicking on them (in my email) I am then able to click on their “contributions”. These contributions show edits, photos, persons names they have added and so forth. How does a person, like me (when I add pictures and such) keep those persons that would not normally show up, and their pictures, private on the contributions page, when they are “private” due to still living, non members, under age, etc if a person were to “search” or look at the person’s profile that entered them and is a member? I’m not very good at explaining myself so I hope you understand what I am asking. Thank you. Cause even with the new rules coming soon, unless you don’t send these feeds out, people that have family members as their “contributions”, that will be “unsearchable” will show up on these “contribution” pages besides the pages of the member.
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I have now read this three times and am still not sure what you are concerned about. If you want to add a living person then you should contact them and suggest that they apply for membership.

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Sharlimar, I just tested by adding information to an Unlisted Profile.  I then logged out and clicked on my contributions.  It shows that I edited the birth place for [Unlisted], so no name can be seen by others.  I think that maintains the privacy you are looking for.
by Vic Watt G2G6 Pilot (335k points)
I will test out too and see if the pictures I've added of someone like my mother show up (besides the picture set as the one showing up on her profile). I will also check to see if the living ones don't show up as you have mentioned. Thank you. (I'm not sure what you mean by "an unlisted profile"). I will go and "play around with things a bit" and see what seems to show up and not when not "logged in". Again, thank you!
Thank you again Vic Watt. I "played with my profile" after I signed out. You are right, the "contributions" show [unlisted], even though all the pictures are there, of the living non-members. It also said that only a "thumbnail" of the picture would be able to be seen because this person is unlisted. Since it doesn't connect pictures with names I am satisfied. Not all my relatives would like to join, but even some of the ones that don't do "on-line and computers" still don't mind having those we give permission to access, be able to access who is who in the family. I do think it will be a shame that soon others will not even be able to get to profiles for non members at all. It has always helped me to find family by being able to search. Also it has helped others to find us. Then we decide how far we want to "open the door" to details on the living.

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