Two matches that don't exist in Gedcompare?

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My GEDCOMpare I've been working on shows there are two suggested matches left to consider but they seem to not exist. Completed rows are showing and all people with suggestions appear to be matched. I've tried refreshing the page and refreshing suggested matches  but the two are still there.
in WikiTree Tech by Zoe Erkenbeck G2G1 (1.3k points)
retagged by Zoe Erkenbeck
Still having this problem after multiple refreshes and have been unable to complete my gedcompare
Zoe, are we talking about GEDCOM upload #108282?
Yep, it's 108282
OK, thanks Zoe.

Then I find this odd as it seems you added new Profiles from this file yesterday.  Usually, if there are Unmatched Suggestions, the Add button will not appear.

So did these, for lack of a better term - phantom matches, appear again and stop you from Adding since yesterday?

Please take a look at the Add & Edit section above the List of Names and does it say Hide or Show Completed Rows?  If it says Show Completed Rows, please click on that to show those rows.  Then in the last column of the List, click on WikiTree Profiles and this will sort by whether a name has a Suggested Match or not. If no Suggested Matches appear in that column, click again to reverse the sort order.

If these Suggested Matches don't show up, we'll just have to figure something else out.  One or another, we'll get to the bottom of this.

Oh, one other question.  How many names are there in your file? And what is the number completed to total?   OK, that was two questions. ;)
The add button has not appeared. I've only been able to reject suggested matches from refreshing (which I did yesterday) but it still leaves the two which prevent adding. There are 689 names and 445 complete with completed rows showing
Ok Zoe,

But the important part of my reply was checking to see if the Completed Rows are hidden or shown and what happens when you sort the WikiTree Profiles.  I was hoping the Suggested Matches that are not cleared would show up.  You may have to look carefully through the any that appear to see which ones still may say Suggested and not Matched.  A bit tedious, I know. But the Suggested will be highlighted in green and the Matched will be highlighted in yellow.  The Suggesteds should stick out

I see now you're editing Profiles you created From an earlier gedcom or are already on WikiTree which GEDCOMpare permits before all Suggested Matches are cleared.  My mistake for not digging a little further to see your work yesterday was an Edit and not an Add.  My apologies.

Also, this may sound crazy, reload the same gedcom file to WIkiTree again.  Don't worry, this will not affect your present work.  I just want to check to see if the total names are the same in the GEDCOMpare Report List as for this present file you are working from.  Just want to see if there was a system hiccup when you first loaded the file.
Looked through again and still not seeing any show up as suggested. Reuploaded the same gedcom again (Gedcom 119148). It also shows 689 people. I could cut my losses and start over but it's a weird issue and worried it will show up again for someone.
Sadly Zoe it almost sounds that way as I am perplexed.. But, instead of starting over again, very tedious all that rejecting and comparing, I shudder to think of it, possibly try this and see what you think.

You have 244 names in your present GEDCOM upload #108282 to be added.  Take say 20 of those names at a time and add just the name and birth dates and death dates exactly as they appear in GEDCOM upload #108282 manually to WIkiTree.  Then refresh.  These should now come up as Suggested Matches on GEDCOM upload #108282 and you should be able to Match and then Edit them to import the data.  See if you feel this would be easier than starting all over again with  Gedcom upload #119148.  And like you said, who knows if Gedcom upload #119148 won't have the same problem.

And adding the names manually and refreshing may allow you to figure out who those two errant matches are.

Let me know what you think.

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I couldn't see the two supposed matches either so I refreshed the GEDCOM again and now there are 34 new matches. If after you finish the new matches the Add buttons still don't appear, let me know.
by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (651k points)
I've finished the new matches and tried another refresh and the two are still there

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