merge with no response.

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The profile picture that shows up on Brenda's page is the headstone of my great grandfather.  I have his photo.  I want to use his photo on my page.  How do I get rid of hers?


Brenda's profile: Orr-1734

My profile: Orr-4774
WikiTree profile: Elmer Orr
in WikiTree Help by Candice Roy G2G Crew (640 points)
Candice, welcome to G2G forum.

Brenda's last activity was on 11 Oct 2017. The best you can do is to initiate an UPM process. Please see the link in Rodney's answer.

It would be poor WikiTree etiquette to "get rid of" her image. Both images should remain on the merged profile.

I have a free-space which I use to save images that I detach from profiles (I've done this once). I added your image of Elmer and his headstone image so they will remain on WikiTree in case something goes awry with the merge.

Here is my free-space:

Brenda can have hers and I'd like my tree to show my grandfather's picture.  Right now it shows Brenda's picture of the headstone.  What I am finding about about wiki is I don't have control over my own content.  And what I'm finding is a vast amount of disinformation on my family.

We don't have individual trees here at WikiTree, Candice. We are all working on a single tree, with one profile for each person in it.

Once the merge is approved and completed, there will be a single profile for Elmer; you and Brenda will be co-managers, and will need to collaborate on the profile if she becomes an active manager again.

You will be able to set your photo image as the primary image. You should, however, also retain the headstone image.

WikiTree is a collaborative site; we share our work. If you require control over your content, you should not add it to WikiTree.

If you find disinformation on profiles and have attempted to correct it but are receiving no cooperation from the other manager(s), you may need to request intervention. Visit the Problems with Members help page for more information in this regard.

Thank you for that information, Ruben

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you can not get rid of someone else's photo's

What you need to do is propose a merge or merge the 2 profiles
by Shaun Doust G2G6 Pilot (345k points)
you have to wait 30 days after a Prepose merge before u can log an unresponsive Profile manager request,
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You cannot get rid of an existing profile. It is unfortunate that you have created a duplicate profile. Having done so you will now need to merge your profile into the previous one and collaborate with the profile manager about which information and photos you wish to include in the profile.
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (633k points)
What I would like to do if I had two photos like those  on one of my profiles is keep both and use the portrait as primary photo.
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by Rodney Long G2G6 Pilot (662k points)
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If the other manager remains inactive, the proposed merge will be default approved after 30 days (June 13 or 14), at which time you can complete the merge. After the profiles are merged (maybe even during the merge), you will be able to set your picture as the primary photo. If the headstone photo is set as primary during the merge, you can deselect it when you edit the profile. You may be able to set your photo as primary during the same edit.

(edited opening sentence; bold text)

additional edit: Personally, I don't see any reason that the other manager would prefer the headstone image over the individual's photo as the primary image.


by Lindy Jones G2G6 Pilot (228k points)
edited by Lindy Jones
I tried to contact Brenda Orr well over a month ago.  I have since requested the merge AGAIN.  Now I have to wait another month?  Will wait and see.

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