The Rimbaults (Acadians)

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This post is related to the G2G discussion on The Rimbaults, which involved untangling confusion with the families of two different Rene Rimbaults. With some encouragement, I've done some work on the Acadian, Rene Rimbault-7 who married Anne-Marie Unknown-182545.

My main source was to consult Stephen A. White's DGFA. There were several conflicts on the profile when compared to White's work. I have attempted to write a coherent biography, cleaned up links, included a Research Notes section to explain the issues, and did some cleanup on the Acadian censuses and citations. 

When you review the Changes tab, there have been quite a few hands in this pie. I only hope that what I've done has contributed to clarifying this family. I would love to hear all comments regarding this profile, and come to a consensus on this PPP before moving on to other family members. Please let me know what you think.

WikiTree profile: René Rimbault
in Genealogy Help by Joyce Rivette G2G6 Pilot (144k points)

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My biggest concern now about Rene Rimbault-7's profile is the person assigned as his father, Jacques Rimbault-24. The Change log shows that Jacques started out from an Ancestry tree with birth/death dates/places indicating he died at age 119, with no sources. Then general sources were later added for Bona Arsenault and the Nova Scotia Archives, but not cited to the individual data items. After a couple of comments were posted on his profile questioning his advanced age, the death date/place was deleted. So now only a birth date/place is shown on the profile.

After looking into it more closely, I've found that the source in the N.S. Archives probably refers to an image of the Port Royal registers with Jacques's burial record, which supports the death date/place that was originally entered into the profile. Stephen White's DGFA, p. 1398, uses this same record for Jacques Rimbault's burial. However, DGFA does NOT show any record of his birth other than the birth place of Nantes (from the burial record), nor any relationship with the family of Rene Rimbault.

I haven't yet had the opportunity to review Arsenault's volumes to see if that's where the birth information for Jacques came from. But considering that White has already reviewed Arsenault's work, and there is apparently no other citation to the actual birth data, at this point I'm thinking that wherever it came from, it can't be for this Jacques Rimbault because of the impossible age at death.

So my conclusion is that for the profile of Jacques Rimbault, the Birth date/place is incorrect and should be removed, the Birth place of Nantes should be entered as uncertain, the Death date/place should be reinstated, Jacques should be disconnected as Rene's father, and these sources need to be cited and a Research Note added explaining the conclusions.

If there are no objections, that's what I intend to do. Does anyone have any comments about this?

by Joyce Rivette G2G6 Pilot (144k points)
Thank you Joyce. I am back from my long travels and slowly working through my emails. I appreciate your work very much.
So this mess is finally getting solved?! =D THANKS!
Hi Jackie, glad to see you back! I've waited to see if there were any comments about the proposed changes, but since there have been none, I'm ready to make the changes noted. That should get done within the next couple of days.

Since the profile of Rene Rimbault is PPP, I am unable to disconnect Jacques Rimbault as Rene's father. Could someone please take care of that for me? I've entered explanatory notes in the profiles.

Hi Joyce. I have removed the Project Protection temporarily so you can work on it. I can also add you to the trusted list of needed. Let me know and please notify me when you are finished so I can PPP again. Thank you!
oh dear, now I look at him and René is among my ancestors.  Have one of Bona Arsenault's books, (he wrote more than one) will see if I find anything on the family.
Jackie, thanks for the assist! I'm finished with the edit, so you can PPP Rene Rimbault's profile again.

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