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Hi, I'm Susan, I've been playing around the branches of my family tree most of my life.  My grandmother was the history keeper and I learned a lot at her knee.  I've taken up the torch and I am fascinated at learning more about my family.  DNA is a new amazing element that adds to this grand puzzle.  

Most of my family has followed south and westerly migration patterns.

I'm happy to help who I can, and share any information that I have.

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Welcome Susan!  I love the way you write with a Texas accent.  Pleased to make your acquaintance!
Thank you so much! I am in Dallas.  I'm an art teacher that has retirement on the horizon and learning more about genealogy in my future.  There is a national archive in Ft. Worth, and I have a grandbaby in Salt Lake.  The technology has come a long way since the dial-up bulletin boards and gedcom exchanges.  I like cleaning up and sourcing the information that I have.  DNA triangulation is blowing my mind.
Howdy back, Susan.

You have two surnames on your list that I'm interested in as well! My paternal great grandfather's birth name was Stout and there are Stillwells on my paternal grandmother's line. Any chance you have those surnames in the Ohio area?

All the Stillwells are related.  They started out in New York and New Jersey and go back to a small village southwest of London.  My Stout goes back to Penelope Stout  in Monmouth County, NJ.  I'm sure we can figure out where the Stillwells were in Ohio.  My bunch was granted the Territory of Arkansas in 1803.  I think they came straight from the NE.  

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Hi Susan, :)  Welcome to WikiTree!! Hope you are finding your way around ok using the help pages and all. Should you have questions feel free to ask here on g2g. 

Also here is a great YouTube video with an introduction and "how to" use the WikiTree website. Its about 34 minutes with slides to point out key points.

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Congratulations and welcome aboard. I have been a member for over 5 years but did almost nothing as this was before all the new help sections were added. Also there was this G2G feature that was for genealogists. So, since I didn't realize I was now considered a genealogist it took me until July 2017 to realize it was a forum.

So, now that I have realized this fact, bear in mind 2 more. You WILL make mistakes. It happens and you learn from them. Also, Ask Ask Ask if you need help. You may not always be satisfied with the answer but it is always better than not knowing at all.

Most of all, have fun. Tags you follow in your profile affect what you see in G2G. I'd recommend announcements for sure.
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Welcome, Susan! I have a possible 3-day genealogical foray coming up in June and I was trying to decide where to spend it.  I did not realize there was a national archive in Ft. Worth. Being a fellow Texan, that sounds like a great destination for my vacation. Any hints about visiting there?
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I didn't know about that archive as well and am wondering if it's worth the drive from Austin.
If I go, I'll let you know!   I used to go to the Dallas library all the time.  My youngest daughter lives in Salt Lake now and I visit the genealogy center there.  it's a trip.

Ft. Worth is always fun.  Downtown has some nice attractions, the museums are world class.
Thanks for the link, Susan.  I'll check it out.  Yes, I've visited Ft. Worth several times.  I do love the museums there.
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Howdy  ,I'm Lorenzo Kibler Duckworth  ,I been Researching off and On since early 70's  ,Have several DNA Profiles, But consider my self as needing help in Connecting,..
by Lorenzo Kibler G2G1 (1.2k points)

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