Evidence of inhabitants in South-America 40,000 years ago

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An Argentinian team of archaeologists lead by renowned professor Carlos Aschero, has announced possible findings of human remains datins 40,000 years in Catamarca, Argentina - the date comes from radiocarbon dating of what is believed to be human hair. It was found in a cave alongside extinct megafauna bones, stone tools used for cutting and scraping and copper earrings.

They have just sent the samples to the US to get their DNA extracted, and will announce their findings officially tomorrow. 

“The theory that prevails is that the inhabitants of America came from Asia through the Bering Strait and that they belong to four great lineages. We want to corroborate or refute that origin, perhaps we will find they belong to a different ancestry,” (Aschero) ventured out saying.

Article in English: https://ancient-code.com/researchers-find-evidence-of-oldest-human-occupation-in-south-america/ 

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Then there were those vaunted and esteemed scientist, who also were only interested in veracity,that scoffed at Alfred Wegener and Frank Taylor for the theory of Continental Drift, since redeemed as plate tectonics.
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Well, all of us are largely ignorant, opinionated rather than data-driven, so lofty in our theories.  Scientists are humans after all.  And they do at least try to extract themselves from their interpretations...unlike most of the rest of us.  IMO.
You elevate scientists to a strata that no one inhabits, forgetting that scientists are as human and beset with foibles, fears and needs as us in the great unwashed masses. And suffer from the same worship of authority as any, not to mention the propensity for intellectual laziness.

If you tell, teach, brainwash someone into believing that such and such is the way things are, then they don't have to think anymore about it, and can spend their time on applying what they believe to be true.

Works for all fields of human endeavor, be it religion, politics or science.

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