Profiles that don't mesh historical refs, i.e., Whittredge-7, Buckley-566, & Whittredge-6. Is there new evidence?

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I don't see the current reference supporting the historical evidence

I have posted comments with references on most of these profiles, I can add more that follow the history and historical evidence

Sylvester Whitredge  need to fix Bio.  It is better than it was, but still needs work.  He is a Ghost.  If someone has access to source The Genealogy of James Warren Rowland and His Wife, Katherine Elizabeth Taylor, and Related Families  there may be pertinent information including additional children or possibly additional references to read.

Mary (Buckley) Proctor, a.k.a. Whittredge   she should be a Buckley but LNAB is still Whittredge.  I'm have begun the unresponsive manager process but per the time-table my next step is a week away

Sarah (Smith) Buckley   except for coord of bio with managers appears to be fixed . Just attached her father and possible mother Thomas Smith and Joanna

William Buckley basically done, if okay with the manager

WikiTree profile: Mary Proctor
in Genealogy Help by Living Bump G2G1 (2.0k points)
edited by Living Bump
Need a leader of PGM or Witch Trials Project to remove project protection from Sarah Buckley-566.  Her LNAB needs to be corrected to Smith, and her father Thomas Smith needs to be added.
I changed Sarah's LNAB to Smith, but wasn't sure which (witch?) set of profiles represent her parents.

There is a Thomas Smith with wife Joan, but I don't know if it's the right one. There's a bunch of Thomas Smiths without sources and details, one of witch [sorry can't help myself] might be Sarah's father.
I was chasing the others yesterday, but will be focusing on Thomas Smith and Joan , Joanna or Johanna  today.  I'll be focusing open Ipswich and Essex County since the involved families alll appeared to originate in that area.

I believe I found the right one and have already attached Sarah.  Thomas Smith



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The relationships are made very clear by the NEHGR article.  Lets get this fixed.
by Joe Cochoit G2G6 Pilot (265k points)
I know I've asked to be added to the trusted list on, at least one of them, but that really doesn't help since I would not be able to change Sarah's Last Name At Birth (LNAB) to Smith and Mary's LNAB to Buckley.  With respect to removing the marriage, I believe trusted will let me to that, but then . . .

I'd be glad to fix it but the restrictions are in the way.
If you haven't been able to contact the profile managers, you should go through the unresponsive manager process.  There is certainly a lot wrong with these profiles and they should be fixed.  I would fix what I can now and go through the unresponsive manager process because it is important to get the names right.
WILL DO,  but that may take awhile, let's hope the managers respond
Start by rewriting the biography with the correct information, evidence and sources.  We should be able to provide enough evidence so that there is no doubt.

Whittredge-6 is not project protected so we can change her parents.  Buckley-566 is project protected so we need the witches project to remove this so we can fix her.

Please add Whittredge-6 to the original question so that the PM will get notices of this G2G.
Sylvester Witheridge has been removed as the father of Mary Buckley and made her first husband.
I'm writing all three Bios offline as recommended changes and then I will be pasting them in.  There isn't much on Silvester Whittredge, he became a ghost as soon as Mary was accused.
I've added some info and sources to Mary Buckley. (Whittredge-6)

I find no candidates for her father William Buckley, or her grandfather Thomas Smith in wikitree.  They will probably need to be created.  I will let you carry on with your off-line editing.
Be sure to include in the narrative links to the respective profiles to which they should be linked.

[[Buckley-3416|William Buckley]], [[Smith-158709|Sarah (Smith) Buckley]], [[Whittredge-6|Mary(Buckley) Proctor, a.k.a. Whittredge]], and [[Whittredge-7|Silvestor Whittredge]]  

Sylvester Whitredge  need to fix Bio.  He is a Ghost

Mary (Buckley) Proctor, a.k.a. Whittredge   she should be Buckley

Sarah (Smith) Buckley   except for coord of bio with managers appears to be fixed

William Buckley

I haven't tried the links yet.  We'll see if it works above.  William Buckley appeared in Ipswich, Ma around 1748.  Sarah Smith immigrated around 1742 with her parents Thomas and Joan or Joanna.

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