MacArthur Y-DNA search.

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I am looking to connect with any MacArthurs with possible roots in the Scottish Western Isles who have undertaken a Y-DNA test.

I live in the Isle of Lewis, Scotland. The MacArthur's in my family lived in the village of Carloway on the West Side of the above island. Before Carloway, they lived in the village of Bogha Glas, Isle of Harris. I heard of an old family tradition that claimed the family were descended from two brothers who came from Argyll.

It would fascinating to hear of any MacArthur's who have DNA tested and have possible Hebridean roots. It would be interesting to receive any theories about the DNA origins of these MacArthur's.

I was informed by a local genealogist that a group of MacArthur's from Lewis had emigrated to English Town, Nova Scotia. They apparently used the surname Campbell interchangeably with MacArthur.

I appreciate any information that might be available.

Yours Sincerely

Donnie Macdonald
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An Arthur MacArthur and his wife Sarah Buchanan immigrated to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, from Aline in Lochs Parish on the Isle of Lewis, in about 1828 settling south of Englishtown. I believe that I am related to Sarah Buchanan. By the time the couple arrived on Cape Breton Island, Arthur had changed his surname to Campbell, A lot of MacArthur's did this because, for a period of time, the surname MacArthur was not considered by some authorities as being a proper surname. The MacArthur clan was associated with the Campbell. Sarah Buchanan appears to have a brother named William "Red" Buchanan who also lived in Aline. One of the locals believe that William came from Great Bernera Island. It is possible Arthur MacArthur also came from there.
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Donny, randomly came over this and saw this.  My family emigrated to Montana back in the day. I believe we have the same 3xGrandfather. I'm from Carloway and also hailfrom Borrowston. Hope this helps
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I have an article (somewhere) witten by a campbell, that states Campbells forced many other clan members to go by the name of Campbell. The Campbells would have especially been interested in forcing McArthurs to do so. I'll see if I can find the article.

Remember, campbell is Gaelic for crooked mouth. There is  a reason for this.
by Walter MacArthur G2G Crew (350 points)
Mark your words. :) It's not like this thread is not going to attract our

IF you are being given lands and title, it is not unreasonable, depending opn the time in question to ask that the Clan name be adopted. The Campbells were far from alone in this practice.

Most of the confusion over MacArthur comes from the fact that a branch of the Loch Awe family went by the name MacArthur in reference to an ancestor, the MacArthur-Campbells fof Strachur. (sons of Arthur, who was indeed a Campbell). There is no genetic association to date with either Clan Arthur or the McArthur clan proper.

The "crooked mouth" was a phyical feature of the man, as was "lumpy brow". Possibly the result of a stroke. Other "haters" like to toss around ridiculouys other theories for the name with absolutely no basis other than their own bigotry.

Strachur lands were lost by the original family top another branch of Campbell, but the original line continued on up to at least the early 1800's when traces to two brothers were lost...well, at least I couldn't locate them.

This is all coming from memory, and since I montitor basically the entire Campbell DNA Project at'll need to allow me some wiggle room...we have nearly 2100 Y-DNA kits in the Y-DNA Project...We have only one kit tracing to Patrick MacArthur of Inistrynich. He s not related closely...well, at least not for a few thousand years... We do have a couple R1b McDonalds in the Campbell Project.

If they chose to use Campbell then its more likely, although not absolute, that they were Presbyterian.

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