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Good morning gang!

I and brand new to DNA genealogy and have a question about DNA results. Just got my ancestry results and was severely disappointed. Saw my ethnicity which agrees with what I know and some matches which also agree.

But is that all? I expected results to help confirm my great grandparents at least, but I do not see any data that I could match with or deny relationships? Can y'all let me know what I am missing here?

Thanks all! See you in the tree.
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That's a fairly broad question so sorry for the shotgun advice.

You have to view your DNA matches and then look at your closest genetic cousins. You said you recognized a few? If so, if you look at their match page and click the "i " in the dark circle, it shows you how connected you are. Do you share enough DNA for that relationship? If so, you confirmed that grandparent or great-grandparent.

To confirm more, look at the matches you don't recognize immediately. Do any of them have names in their family trees that look familiar? If so, you can figure out how you're related and help confirm those shared ancestors.

For those you don't recognize, and who don't have family trees or they have trees that you don't recognize, it may take a bit more work to match them up with you.

You may have to work out your own family tree to include more distant cousins or you may have to give them some free research and build up their tree a bit until it connects with yours. Do any of them share your matches who you recognize? If so, you can figure out which part of the family tree they belong to.

Also, start with parts of their tree which geographically align with yours. If you both have ancestors in the same area, they might be related a generation or two back.

It also helps to include your own family tree on Ancestry and make sure you link your test to the test taker on the tree. This will help others find you.

The good news is that once you start identifying who cousins are among your genetic matches, future matches get easier since you can use the shared matches feature to figure out more quickly where they connect to you.
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Great advice Davis! I didn't realize what the I icon was for so that should help quite a bit. After looking at a few matches I do see some profiles that I know.

It galls me to have to put my family tree into a paid site, but since I put it here on wikitree first, I guess I will "suck it up" and post on Ancestry too!

Thanks for the help. See ya later.
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Hi Holly.

There's also a website called You can download your full dna data from Ancestry (it's in the DNA Settings page). You will get a large .zip file and you will have a Kit number, starting with A which you will need to keep a record of. You can create an account at Gedmatch, then upload the .zip file you downloaded from Ancestry.

You will need to read the tutorials on Gedmatch to learn how to use it, but you will be able to match to people other than those on Ancestry - provided they've uploaded their data to Gedmatch. I'm still trying to get to grips with it myself. This DNA stuff is all a bit hard to fathom.

Be aware though, that Gedmatch and other similar sites have been used by the powers that be to track criminals by DNA matching, so if you are concerned about that, then don't use it.
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You can also upload your raw data to both My Heritage and to FT DNA - they both accept transfers.  You can see matches on both places and start a family tree as well. My Heritage is free - so far.

FT DNA is definitely free. BUT if you want to use the chromosome broswer on FT DNA you will have to pay an extra $20 to access that. You dont have to pay to use the chromosome browser on My heritage - just to access the records - which I dont do. I have more than enough records to find at Family search and the NZ BDM database for my own family.

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