Does anyone have a Coat of Arms for the Jacob Hoss/Diehl Bohne

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When I was a child, 1960's my Grandfather John Edgar Harrison, of Polk County Tn. had a Coat of Arms for the Jacob Hoss family and the Reuben Harrison family of Cocke Co. Tn, and Polk County, Tn.  

My grandfather did not have the means to have something like this made. They had to be handed down. I have asked cousins whose parents would have been the most likely people to have kept them after my Grandfathers passing. I hope they will find them. surely I am not the only one who know's they exist. There were 14 children of Noah Harrison and Augusta Hoss. John Edgar was # 13/14,
in The Tree House by Rita Deniston G2G Crew (450 points)

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A coat of arms belongs to an individual, not to a family.
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (630k points)
Not that I know much about a COA's, and it had the family name and not the individuals name, I feel it belongs to the FAMILY,
Disclaimer: I am not an Authority on Heraldy, just read up on it alot.

Lynda Crackett is partially correct, as when CoA is mentioned, we mostly think, by default, of the region of Greater Britannia. CoA's in that sphere are issued to an individual, not a family, and registered with the issuing authority, e.g., Lord Lyon King of Arms (Scotland), or the College of Arms (UK), at least as far as the British Isles and Ireland are concerned. It has been common practice outside of an issuing bodies jurisdiction (i.e., 'Murica), for profiteers to sell "Family" coat of arms, based on a common visual interpretation of a commonly known Blazon for a given Surname. We have all fallen into this "my family coat of arms" at some point, and only after actually reading, and learning what a CoA is, as it pertains to differing parts of Europe and it's socio-political classes, do we understand that a Family Crest, Family CoA or other pretty Baubles hawked at your local Ren-Faire or on Zazzle, are just that, baubles. Cool? yes. Pretty? yes. Accurate? debatable. Can you posses imagery of it? Of Course (some restrictions apply in regions under an issuing Authorities control).

Now Rita Deniston, given your request for a Germanic name (Hoss), they handle CoA differently. A quick Google turns up a couple interpretations, as well as some sources on how German and Nordic Countries handle, issue and govern Arms. Harrison would fall under the UK system, and not "family" owned.


Me personally, I recommend people read up on CoA's first (start here:, then locate the Blazon (Written description) and then find or even create your own interpretation.

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