Should Solomon Leonard(son) be PGM? [closed]

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Should Solomon Leonard(son) have the PGM box?  I don't see a profile for him in Anderson in a search of the NEHGS database.  But those profiles only include emigrants before 1635, correct?  Torrey says Solomon marriage was by 1640, and some sources say there are town records showing Solomon earlier than that.  For instance, in "The Ancestry of Samuel, Freda, and John Warner", p.406, it is stated that in the Plymouth Colony records in 1638 can be found "Solomon Lenner is promised lands on Duxburrow side in some convenient place, in pte of those due him for his service".

Also, regardless of whether he is covered by PGM, is there any evidence that Solomon was the father of "Richard" Leonard listed as son (and "Richard" is wrong -- should be "Rice")?
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A review of what's there confirms he should be PGM. I've edited the profile accordingly.


Thanks Barry for bringing this to our attention

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From the bio it looks like he should fit the PGM parameters. Do you have a source for his supposed birth in Monmouthshire?
by Jeanie Roberts G2G6 Pilot (127k points)
No primary source.  Secondary sources include:

"The Ancestry of Samuel, Freda, and John Warner" (1949), p.406 which says b. about 1610 Monmouthshire, England,

"Memoirs of the Leonard, Thompson, and Haskell Families" (1928) which also says born about 1610 in Monmouthshire

The former goes further and states "Solomon Leonard (Lenner, Lernardson) is said to have emigrated first to Leyden, in Holland, probably with his father whose name it is believed was Samuel.  However, the name does not appear in recent lists of Pilgrims in Holland and the name Samuel may have come down from his wife's family. It is not known just when he came to New England but it was probably in 1629."

But I guess if this last claim were true, he would have his own profile in the Great Migration series.
Must a profile have primary sources for birth and presence in America by 1640 to get the PGM box?

Winthrop Fleet records also apply, no?, even if no primary birth records.  Evidence of emigration to North America from Europe:

The {{Puritan Great Migration}} project box is placed on profiles of European colonists who migrated to New England during the period 1621-1640, meaning there is evidence they resided in New England prior to 1640 and evidence they originated elsewhere.  (Immigrants who came to New England in 1620 are covered by the Mayflower Project.)

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Hi Solomon is listed in the Great Migration Directory. (so definitely PGM) Anderson lists the following sources:  PCR 1:83, 8:189; The American Genealogist 27:1-6, 37:212-15; MF 15:8-9; MD 57:68-75.

The key to the abbreviations is here.

by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Oh, I see.  The directory covers through 1640, while "Great Migration Begins" only goes through 1635?  Am I correct in guessing that the directory has less information on each person?  Is the directory viewable with an NEHGS subscription?

Thanks for looking this up.
You are correct the Directory covers 1620 through 1640. It contains way less information. I give origins, date of migration, Places of residence. So Solomon Unknown:1637; Duxbury, Bridgewater and then give some sources where information can be found.

It is not available with the NEHGS subscription. There are a few of us who own copies, if you need a lookup. Ask a question here, tag it pgm

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