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I just saw the following, in a big green box across the top of a page:

WikiTree is now doing more to protect the privacy of living people. Please read our new Privacy Policy. Also, you need to be aware that WikiTree uses cookies, including third-party cookies for Google Analytics traffic analysis and to show the targeted ads to non-members that keep WikiTree free. You can opt-out of these. See the details in the Privacy Policy.

I clicked the Privacy Policy link to see how to opt out of the 3rd party cookies, but there is absolutely nothing there about it.  I have not yet clicked the button to accept this and am waiting until I find out how to keep anything and everything about me out of Google's reach.

Please advise how I can opt out of having anything about me shared with anything connected to Google.  THANX

Edited to restore the color background that imitates the notice box, which someone changed after I posted this question!

Edited again when I realized that the tag "admin" had been removed and "leaders" added.  This is not a question that I expect leaders to be able to answer.

in WikiTree Help by Gaile Connolly G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
edited by Gaile Connolly

Under cookies it says "You can set your browser to decline or accept cookies, though if you choose not to accept cookies, some parts of WikiTree may function less efficiently."

I'm guessing since you don't like Google you aren't using Chrome. Maybe Firefox?

Jamie, I am well aware of the ways in which I can modify default settings of all browsers to customize my privacy/security settings, including those controlling cookies.  At the moment, the level of trust I have for WikiTree is adequate to permit WikiTree to store cookies in my browser(s).  I do not, however, permit 3rd party cookies, but that would not prevent WikiTree from storing cookies that would report to a 3rd party, which seems to get around my not permitting 3rd party cookies.

If you are curious about my preferred browser, you are welcome to ask and i will be happy to tell you.  Your assumption that I don't like Google is incorrect - I don't want anything about me stored anywhere in Google's vast server network, which is not the same thing.  Your guess about Firefox is obviated by the paragraph I quoted in my response to Steve's answer below - Google claims that their add-on is compatible with it.

I have seven browsers installed on a computer that has what I call a throwaway system, and I use them all, as well as a couple of tablets and phones, to test software that I develop prior to web deployment to ensure that it produces identical look-and-feel across all platforms.  I regularly restore that computer's system from an image in order to ensure that it remains clean of any malware - including unwanted cookies.  That's a 100% effective way to prevent risk of something too new to be detected slipping past security software.
Try ego surfing on google,com.  I got 4,230 in .37 seconds for "Gaile Connolly" - and I know at least *some* of them are you...

No one follows the admin tag. (I wasn't the one who removed it, though). 

If the solutions in the privacy policy aren't adequate, probably the only person that can answer your question is Chris. He'd probably be more likely to see your question if you post here.

Totally with you - thinking of quitting Wikitree - too much spying and snooping and vulnerability to hacking.  To say clicking on anything makes us "safer" is a joke, especially with Google and Google Chrome.

Wiki, please put a click on so we can opt out.
Unsurprisingly Google is one of the first companies to have a gdpr complaint lodged against them.
Privacy à la “take it or leave it”?
Like you I have not accepted and won’t until I better understand. Instead of one button to accept the privacy and cookies, wouldn’t it be better if it requires two separate clicks?

I am also confused on how to opt out of the 3rd party cookies and couldn’t find information who they are. It would be great if Wikitree could embed a link in the sections where someone might want to take action.
I want an app that sends me money every time I see an advert.  :)

Here ya go, Vincent ...

(in case you want the pic, it's at

Thanks Gail,

     I knew my ship was gonna come in if I just stuck around long enough!

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Hi Gaile,

The link is for a addon provided by google. You can find it here I had to hunt it down myself a bit but eventually stumbled upon it down in the Privacy Policy


Best regards

by Anthony McCabe G2G6 Pilot (389k points)
selected by Patricia Kent

Steve, that is a catch-22 - it requires that I install a google add-in to my browser in order to opt out of having information about me shared with google, which is totally unacceptable to me because it requires that I permit google a certain amount of access to my internet activity in order to get and use their app.

Oh, by the way, there is also a notice on the page linked from that paragraph that says:

The Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on is not supported for your browser.

In the text on that page, it says:

The Google Analytics opt-out add-on is designed to be compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Safari, Firefox and Opera. In order to function, the opt-out add-on must be able to load and execute properly on your browser. For Internet Explorer, 3rd-party cookies must be enabled.

So ... in order to opt out of WikiTree's use of cookies that enable google to spy on my internet activity, I am required to change the browser of my first choice plus allow google to install an add-on to all browsers that I might ever use ... and woe to me if I am away from home and use a different computer to access WikiTree ... one that does not have google's add-on installed in its browser.

Steve, I appreciate your efforts and don't want to shoot the messenger but ... sorry, this is not what I consider an acceptable answer.


Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Best regards.
The deeper we go the dicier this gets!

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