Does Father's Day usually result in Y-DNA tests going on sale?

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My brother is willing to take a Y-DNA test, and we are hoping to have the results back in time for a late August family reunion.  

I would hate to order it at full price today and then see a bunch of ads for a discount leading up to Father's Day.  

Does anyone remember if Y-DNA tests tend to go on sale around that time?  Any advice for me? (our family name is Smith - earliest known progenitor is [[Smith-143550 | John Smith]] from Steeple Morden, Cambridgeshire)
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also, can someone please tell me what i'm doing wrong that my [[ Wiki ID | person's name]] thing only seems to hyperlink itself sporadically?
FTDNA is, I would think, very likely to have another Father's Day sale again this year. I know they've been doing it since at least 2015. It's usually only on a couple of different new tests, not a whole spectrum like we saw for DNA Day, but sounds like what you may be after to get started. Last year, the sale ran for (I believe) 10 days centering around the holiday and the 37-marker Y-STR test was $139; the 37-marker plus the Family Finder autosomal test as a package was $199.

The timing could probably work since the reunion is in late August. Assuming the kit is purchased at the start of the sale (circa June 10ish) and sent back to the lab promptly, eight weeks after batching by the lab would put you at mid-August. Et voila!

Oh, and I don't believe the WikiText markup language works on G2G. The message board platform is an application called "Question2Answer" and I don't think it understands WikiText at all in the body of a message. The best bet when you want to link to a profile like [[Smith-143550|John Smith]] is probably to insert it as a hyperlink: John Smith, b. bef. 8 Feb 1767, Steeple Morden, Cambridgeshire:-)

Thank you Edison!
Just following up with a note that the FTDNA Father's Day Sale has started, and it runs through June 18...a couple of days longer than last year. The Family Finder (autosomal) test is $59, $20 off, and the the Y-37 is $129, $40 off.

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Go to the FTDNA website (they have the most comprehensive Y testing)  Their largest y test is currently on sale.  

You will actually get a list of everything they offer.

The higher the number on the Y test the more useful the info.  Most people recommend 67 or above and some recommend 111 or above.  

Depends on how serious you want to be about the research results.  

You might consider autosomal for more current results and it covers both parent sides.  Granted you can't easily determine which test is coming from which side, but with some work you can.
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Thanks Laura!  My brother has done his autosomal DNA at AncestryDNA, and uploaded the results to GEDmatch.  I manage my mother's mtDNA results at FTDNA .  A problem i am having with FTDNA is that it seems i will have to make a new account to order a Y-DNA test.  They will not sell it to my mother's account, because she is on record as being female.  Does that sound about right?  I should just try to open another account there?
I think your brother can upload his ancestry raw data to FTDNA and establish his own account then he could add the Y and he would have both the Y and the autosomal there.

What Laura said.  :-)  FTDNA accepts both V1 and V2 AncestryDNA autosomal test results uploads into a free account. The cost to activate the account for matching and comparisons in $19. Worth it: not only gives potentially additional atDNA matches, but if any exact 37-marker yDNA matches surface it might also provide a correlation to the individual via atDNA, allowing you to predict degree of cousinship.

Once the account is established for your brother, you can use that account (he'll keep the same FTDNA Kit Number throughout, BTW) when sale-time comes to purchase the new Y-37 test. Unlike GEDmatch, there can't be multiple test kits under the same kit number (account ID) at FTDNA. When you purchase the new yDNA test from the new account's profile page, they'll send out a cheek-swab set and everything proceeds from there normally.

P.S. The greatest factor of longevity of the sample sent to FTDNA (how long the sample will remain viable and how many future tests can be processed without submitting a new sample) is the diligence of the cheek swabbing. The instructions will describe the simple process, but they recommend 30 seconds per swab per cheek. Tell your brother to ignore that and give 'em 60 seconds of attention each, and to not just scrape but to twist to Q-tip-like thingy at the same time. With very good swabbing technique, there's no reason that sample can't remain viable for a quarter of a century and many future upgrades.

All very useful info!  Thank you!
So yesterday, which fittingly was our deceased father's birthday, my brother gave me permission to upload his Ancestry results to FTDNA in preparation for ordering a Y-DNA kit through his account.

The answers here have been very helpful!

Thanks so much!
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