Not sure this is working out for me.

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I used to work on my families genealogy for many years then ran into some brick walls I just couldn't break down. Gave up for a few years and now trying to pick it up again but not too knowledgeable with computers. Found my mother and father on here but can't add anything I know because the file belongs to someone else and it won't allow me to add anything. I can't seem to contact the owner so everything I know cannot be added. So maybe some brick walls just were not meant to be tore down. Was also hoping to find some relatives as my family seems to have mostly died out but maybe that isn't going to work either. Guess the birth, death certificates and old family pictures will just stay in the box and maybe someone will pick it up again some day.
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This is my first day here, so I am just guessing, but maybe you can start your file up and eventually get prompted to pool your information. And even get instructions on how to make it happen.
by Rosemary Rummler G2G Crew (320 points)
Rosemary, the goal here is to have only 1 profile for each person - we all share the one monster-size tree here.  Duplicate profiles are unfortunately created all too often by mistake and in these cases, they need to be merged to eliminate the duplication, but adding a duplicate of a profile already here should never be done deliberately.  Please see my answer for the prescribed way to proceed in this case.
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If your mother and father are on here but the project manager hasn't responded to your contact attempts, you should use the Unresponsive Profile Manager form. On one of their profiles, click the Family Tree & Genealogy Tools box, and then scroll to the bottom of that page to find the Unresponsive Profile Manager link. Fill in that form and note that you also want access to your other parent's profile, and the WikiTree admin team will try to contact the PM.

The PM doesn't show activity in the last six months, so I suspect it won't take too long to get the profiles open or management transferred; then you'll be able to edit the profiles yourself, add further ancestors, etc.
by Sharon Casteel G2G6 Pilot (128k points)
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Bradley, profiles on WikiTree do *NOT* "belong" to any member.  The member who first adds the profile becomes the "profile manager", but that is very different than having ownership.  On WikiTree, we all share all the profiles that are here.  The profile manager has some responsibilities, namely to respond to email contacts about the profile and to do the research to find information about the person, enter the data, and write a biography with source citations supporting each fact in it.  Also, we collaborate here - other members may also contribute to the data, biography, and sources if the profile privacy level is open (as it is required to be for persons born more than 150 years ago or died more than 100 years ago).

It sounds like your parents profiles are not open to editing by all members, but you can send a private message to the profile manager asking to be added to the trusted list and/or made a co-manager so that you will be able to contribute to their profiles.  If the manager does not respond in a week or so, then you can follow a procedure for Unresponsive Profile Managers.  WikiTree will determine if the manager is no longer active and, if so, will release all profiles managed by that person, after which you can "adopt" your parents' profiles, thereby becoming manager.

Please don't give up - your contributions are very much wanted here!
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Welcome to WikiTree, Bradley. There is a process for getting beyond this wall. On the profile for your parents, there are two places that you can click on, to make a formal request to be added to the Trusted List for the profiles.

If for some reason, the PM is no longer getting messages from WikiTree, you can file an Unresponsive Profile Manager report, which will get results, usually in a couple weeks.  In the mean time, you can create profiles for the ancestors that are not already here, and connect them later.

eta: I'm a slow at typing. Gaile and Sharron had already answered, by the time I clicked Save
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Pat, you may type slower but you still added to the information Sharon and I offered, and your answer is (in my opinion) written more clearly than mine.  You can play tortoise to my hare any ole time, girlfriend!
Thank you, Gaile.  And even after taking forever to type a short answer, I find spelling errors to edit. :-/
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Bradley, Send a trusted list request to the profile manager explaining that they are your parents and you can improve the profiles with better information. Most managers will allow you access and some will even make you the profile manager. If you look at the right side of the profile and scroll sown to about the middle you will see a link for making a trusted list request.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)

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