Father and son DOBs are conflicting, need help sorting them out

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Jean Baptiste Prud'Homme/Prudhomme came here as a soldier.  Date of birth for him according to PRDH was around 1655, his recorded age at death in 1734 was estimated at 94 years.  

BUT, another source gives a DOB for his father in 1655.  So things just don't hold together.  Plus he married in 1706 and had lots of children, the whole thing is full of oddities.

Can someone take a look to see if any record can be found for him or his father, baptisms  marriages, funerals in France?  I've tagged the father who never came here, date of death is from Ancestry/Rootsweb according to my cousin on the profile.
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Do you have the image of Jean-Baptiste's marriage contract and record ? I think we should start from there.

Marriage record transcribed in the profile, the pertinent data being:

Jean Prudhomme fils de Julien Prudhomme et de Perrine Guerin ses père et mère de la paroisse de Meniac diocèse de St-Malo 

Links include FamilySearch copy.

Marriage contract summary from inventory of notaries:

 ''Contrat de mariage de Jean Prudhomme, de St-Sulpice, fils de Julien Prudhomme et de Perine Guérin, de Migniau, évêché de St-Malo et Marianne Morin, fille d’André M. et de défunte Marguerite Moreau de la Pointe aux Trembles (10 janvier 1706).''

Have to go to archives to see more.  Sigh, one of these days I will get down there.

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If this can be resolved, it will be by browsing the parish records.

At least I removed the father of Julien; obvioulsy a conflation to connect this family to a Huguenot family with descendants in Manakintown, in the usual manner of trees copied from --- (all people with the same surname made to be related).
by Isabelle Martin G2G6 Pilot (586k points)
thanks, he was not the only Prudhomme to come here in any case.
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Not sure if this is much help but there is no baptism record for December 31, 1655 for anyone in Miniac-sur-Becherel, nor any Prudhomme in December 1655 in Miniac...  Also, the January 2, 1729 burial record is for a Julienne Prudhomme aged 5 years. So we can disprove that at least.  I couldn't find the 1655 marriage date either. The records seem to jump from 1650 to 1660 unless they are misplaced. I'll keep trying though.
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thank you, one less unproven piece taken out.  :D
Is the January 2, 1729 burial in Miniac? I can't find it. I've been spending one hour browsing records in Miniac and I can't find that there were any Prodhommes - or variant spellings - living there.
I found it in Acigné
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Filae has indexed a bunch of births for the couple Julien Prodhomme and Julienne Guerin, not Perrine Guerin.  All born in Ile et Villaine between 1630-1658.  Interestingly, they did have a daughter named Perrine Prodhomme. Of course no Jean Baptiste.  All these children are born in Domagné, but I did not find any baptismal records for Jean Baptiste in 1655 Domagné records.
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the 1655 date is definitely questionable, various estimates put Jean born as late as 1680.  The 1655 comes from PRDH, for the age given him at death, he is listed as 94 years old quite clearly on that funeral record in 1734, taking his birth back to 1640.  It just doesn't make any sense that he would have been that old, he married in 1706, had 12 children, the last born in 1727.  While technically feasible, he was also farming his land, which was a very tough job, and was militia captain also.
now the Perrine Prudhomme is actually interesting, Jean's mother is most definitely noted as Perrine Guerin on both contract and marriage record.  Might be that the baptism of their daughter erred in the mother's name.  Or else Jean thought his mother's name was the same as his sister's?  Who knows, lol.
That's true I could look at it. But it was weird because all of the children have Julienne as the mother. Maybe the same priest misheard Perrine each time haha
But Domagné is actually quite a long way from Miniac-sous-Bécherel, on the other side of Rennes.

Is it certain he came from Miniac-sous-Bécherel. There is also Miniac-Morvan in Ille-et-Vilaine.

The notary wrote it as Migniau, évêché de St-Malo and the priest as paroisse de Meniac diocèse de St-Malo.  PRDH gives st-pierre et st-lunaire, miniac-sous-becherel, ev. st-malo, bretagne (ar. rennes, ille-et-vilaine).  Don't know how they determined that, the date 1655 is theirs and doesn't make much sense.  Would have made him 51 when he married.

Among the children of Julien Prodhomme and Julienne Guérin, born in Chauméré (not Domagné - only since 1974 is Chauméré a "commune associée" of Domagné), there is a Jean Prodhomme and his twin Pierre Prodhomme born on 13 Nov 1647 :

http://archives-en-ligne.ille-et-vilaine.fr/thot_internet/FrmLotDocFrame.asp?idlot=125038&idfic=0364355&resX=1366&resY=768&init=1&visionneuseHTML5=0 (slide 16/50).

Jean-Baptiste is named Jean in both is marriage record and contract, so it is likely that Jean was his official name. Julienne and Perrine could be the same person. But Chauméré is 50 km away from Miniac-sous-Bécherel.
lord, makes him even older when he marries in 1706, I have a hard time believing it.

I also thought of Miniac-Morvan. But Mignac-Morvan was in the dicoese of Dol, while Mignac-sous-Bécherel was in the diocese of Saint-Malo. So "Meniac diocèse de St-Malo" is more likely to be Miniac-sous-Bécherel.

The marriage record says that he was from there, not necessarily that he was born there. May that's just the place where he used to live before he emigrated.

possible, although the diocese may have been in error, or changed, ran into another similar question where the diocese was listed as Xaintes on marriage, but the place in question was at the edge of 2 provinces and PRDH said it was diocese of Poitiers.
There are no more records for Prodhommes in Miniac-Morvan than in Miniac-sous-Bécherel anyway. I believe the diocese limits in Brittany were quite stable however, probably more than in some other regions.
The place could also be Ménéac in Morbihan. It was part of the diocese of Saint-Malo until 1801 (see https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dioc%C3%A8se_de_Vannes#cite_note-7).
Aha! There are actually Prodhomme records in Ménéac.
I looked in the Saint-Malo records in Ille et Villaine for 1655 for Marriages or Baptisms and didn't find anything.
Sounds good, there is no addition to the name Ménéac on either original record, ie no -sous-Bécherel or -Morvan.  

Narrowing down the dates remains the problem.  He married in 1706, last child born in 1727, he is farming during a large part of this time, which was not an easy undertaking.  His funeral record gives him 94 years of age, but I have seen those being conflated by at least a decade or more before.  Some people even got listed as 100 years old who we had the birth record for, disproving the age.  Priests went by appearance of the person often.  Not found any nominative census which could cover him.  :(

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