mTNA help finding individuals related to Mary Elizabeth Wynn b.Jan 7 1881

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Finding the parents of Mary Elizabeth Wynn b. Jan 7, 1881 by mtDNA tests. Here is a tough one.. this one goes to those who are good at finding Dead People maybe if possible an adoption.

I had the parents I thought to my Great Grandmother as George Wynn and Mary Marshall by a matter of elimination and dates etc and an injured dad but! I have done the mTDNA and it is pulling me a different route I think..One of the 0 GENS mtDNA match ancestors:

Minnie Mary Potter b 14 Feb 1876 Missouri! Yes finally someone from the same state. d. 14 Sept. 1951 She married Thomas Francis McDonough


Her mother: 


Margaret E. McDonald b. 1853 Monteau, Missouri. m. John A Potter b.1853 Missouri


Her mother I am not sure but found a possible: 

Mary E. Wynn b.1830   m. Thomas McDonald 

Above family is 0 Gens = most likely or 50% within 5 Generations. to my brother who did the mtDNA test for our Mother! 

Wynn we finally hit a name that is common with my Great Grand mother. Wynn and all are in Missouri. All other 0 matches are going back to Ireland in the early 1800's! Some in Illinois and some on the east coast, Pennsylvania,  but all go back to Ireland.

Now Males do not retain the mTDNA for each generations, just one and it is not on the right X. and does not get passed on for mTDNA through generations just one generation.  Only the women do so we are only following the women in the family. Forget X matches.  This is not an autosomal test and it is hard to fathom but this test is only the mother, her mother and her mother so My mother, My Aunt on my moms side, My Grandmother on my moms side, My aunts daughters all have the same DNA, My Grandmothers sisters and my grandmothers mother and her sisters! On up but you can see how this can spread out.. as a great great great grandmother who has maybe 4 sisters and each having 4 daughters etc.. etc..

Because the Wynn is a Female and my Great Grandmother line would be female, she cannot have that same name or can she? Well here is the thing. My grandmothers parents were either died or unable to care for her at a young age. I don't know how old, before 18 . She was given to an Orphanage. and the Orphanage found her an Uncle to live with. 

1. Would they change her last name in the 1880's if they put her in another household even if family. Wondering if the Uncle was named WYNN so they changed her name?  If so.....

2  In the names above, is there a death of one of these listed or their daughters who could have died between 1881 and 1889 and birthed my Great Grandmother and died and left my Great Grandmother with the orphanage and then with a brother of the Mary E Wynn?? listed above or one of their sons?  Mom Grandma etc.. I am thinking the Wynn brother is in Chicago possibly born in Maryland. (because she was born in St. Louis, but I found her in Chicago 1900 a servant to a Machine parts manufacturer she had told me she ran away from the Uncle who worked her heavily and his daughters did no work. . The George Wynn I thought was her father was b. in Maryland and was in St. Louis MO at the time of her birth was injured in the military. he had a brother in Chicago. but how can he be the father if her name is Wynn and the mtDNA FEMALE match from 1830 is also Wynn b. in Ireland.. a Mary E Wynn.. Mary E. Wynn could not have a child most likely in 1881 she would be 51 years old, be named McDonald and. we are talking like 1 Gen away maybe? Someone who would have named their daughter in 1881 also Mary Elizabeth Wynn? . Then passed. I found a 41 year old Mary Wynn who died in St. Louis Missouri.. when my Great Grandmother would be a young child. No known husband. Consumption. Not sure if related. Not the age of Mary Marshall.

Additional notes: She was Catholic (probably southern Ireland?) She posted that her parents were both born in Missouri most years but one year 1920 I think her husband did the census, thought they were from where she was met in Illinois for the parents birth in 1920 Census in Los Angeles?  No parents on her marriage certs and or other documents in California for Mary Elizabeth Wynn. Nothing was found here in California unless maybe an adoption or Orphanage had her here for an Uncle. But I think that happened in Illinois from St. Louis Missouri. 

Any other helps in this search? I can give you ? or you can give me to find the actual parents of Mary Elizabeth Wynn? Specifically MOM. I thought her family was another couple a George Wynn and Mary Marshall.. but if Wynn is a mtDNA female exact match 0 GENS from born 1830 also this probably is not the right parents and possibly her last name is from her adoption through an Orphanage in Missouri to the Uncle who is a Wynn also? Would like to know if the orphanages did that in the 1880's Possible mothers name now McDonnald daughter of Mary E Wynn and Thomas McDonnald ? Margaret E or another sister if possible? 

In 1910 Mary Elizabeth is in Los Angeles California and I could not find anything with her parents names just the census where she said her parents  they were BOTH born in Missouri. (If she was young, would she even remember that?) 

I asked her as a child where my Grandma's family was from as my dads family were both from Scotland, Mary Elizabeth said England... I am thinking she is talking about the Cole family her ex husband? or maybe now it might have been Britain?  The British are coming were English to me as a kid I was 7 but still remember her saying what I thought assumed at the time was English. 


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in Genealogy Help by Mary Tyler G2G5 (5.6k points)

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Did Mary Eliz Wynn marry George Pope. Please supply where lived and when.
by Wayne Morgan G2G6 Pilot (921k points)

Mary Elizabeth Wynn we know from her marriage down she is married to a Cole, she has no parents to find anywhere.. Mother is in the DNA match? Mary E Wynn b. 1830 married Thomas MacDonald, too old for a child born 1881.. so a younger sister?? or sisters daughter? Her daughter is Margaret E McDonald b. 1853 Monteau Missouri.. could be her daughter or her sisters daughter, this is the right age to have a daughter In 1881. Her daughter is Minnie Mary Potter b. 14 FEB 1876.. she is too young to have a daughter b. 1881.. so an older sister??  all these E's and Mary's are also good indication as we know in searches to a Mary Elizabeth Wynn b. Jan 7 1881.  Thank You!

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Mary Elizabeth Miller (may be her married name) born Jan 7 1881
by Wayne Morgan G2G6 Pilot (921k points)

Mary Elizabeth Wynn married Elnathan Cole in California! I have everything on her from her marriage down! Children everything. We are looking for her parents not her here sorry I didn't make that clear. mtDNA is names of females matching mtDNA 0 Gens is Mary E Wynn b. 1830 "too old" could be a younger sister be the mother?? . Margaret E McDonald b 1853. Monteau Missouri could be her sister or "her" daughter be the mother?? and Minnie M Potter b.14 FEB 1876 who appears too young to have a daughter that age b, Jan 7 1881?  An older sister maybe? We are in the right area with mtDNA match, the other matches were in Illinois and Pennsylvania going back to Ireland in the early 1800's. Finally got a match in Missouri which makes more sense to be a closer family of the mother of my Great Grandmother. You are definitely thinking in the right track with the exact date and but I have her married name, I am looking for her mother and father.. the names above are solid links to her mother through DNA! :D Thank You! Mary yes and my mom is Mary, my Grandmother is also a Mary Elizabeth.. this is something very telling in their family! :) 

I found this! Anyway to find out her husband? If she is related to Margaret E McDonald?

Mary E McDonald, death 7/10/1882 Kansas City, MO Is this her married name or maiden name on this site? And or children born in 1881? Not St. Louis if any fam in St. Louis she could have had the baby in St. Louis. grabbing straws again! lol
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No parents noted on her marriage documents License: or any other record found past 1900...


by Mary Tyler G2G5 (5.6k points)
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Hey M.

You have your mtDNA and can add your DNA test information  for her. Then add the Category for your Haplogroup and if you tested full sequence mtDNA you can add the Template for you earliest known FS mtDNA Ancestor. This will put her into those two data sets for your mtDNA haplogroups.

[[Category: YOUR mtDNA Haplogroup]]

|caption=Full Sequence mtDNA Haplogroup YOUR Earliest Known Ancestor.

Other people who share your HaploGroup will be able to see her there. It has helped me, in that I have three ladies all with 0 distance to me that appear in these data sets...just wish I could connect them!

by Mags Gaulden G2G6 Pilot (580k points)
I just clicked on the earliest known ancesters. The person who I match is being run by a family member, she sent an email to her husbands sister and they said they would ask mom! lol No reply back yet.. one of those, go through 3 people to ask an old lady who is probably insecure about helping someone find their Great Grandmothers mom! lol I have been looking up every lead I could find for many years! I found her husband and more on him and nobody knew his name in the family cause she wouldn't talk about him. Anyway, I am crossing fingers and working with the next two closest ancesters.. The 2nd closes is the family listed above in Missouri.. They were in St. Louis at some time as well.. But the names listed are my second closest match. Still waiting for the 1st closest to reply! I just emailed them again and hoping they respond! :)

I researched the name found some Burnheimers in St. Louis, but spelling is Elaine Burnhimer on my list. I searched Illinois because I found my Great Grandmother in 1900 census in Chicago Illinois a servant probably after she ran away from the uncle who treated her like a slave. I found a family who had a mom born In Illinois. They have a farm In 1940.. this is a generation too late or two... but the same spelling last name.. I will research this more. Maybe I will find their names if you want to help? Looking for my Great Grandmothers mom is very hard work! lol. Going to get their family somehow! haha even though they didn't respond! :)

Raymond C Burnhimer   Male 28 Married White Head Indiana 1912 Rural, Whitley, Indiana
  Helen B Burnhimer   Female 21 Married White Wife Illinois 1919 Rural, Whitley, Indiana
  Barbarba B Burnhimer   Female 3 Single White Daughter Indiana 1937 , ,
  Carolyn A Burnhimer   Female 0 Single White Daughter Indiana 1940 , ,

Also noted Raymond with the spelling of Burnheimer in another census with his parents! :) Burnheimers in St. Louis might be relatives?  Burnhimers are not DNA if Elaine is a Burnhimer and old most likely it is the married name? Need her parents? Elaine is in Cincinnati Ohio by records b. 1925

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