Do Mary Hitchcock and William Davenport qualify for New Netherland Project?

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I would like to update the profiles of William Davenport and his wife Mary (?) Hitchock Davenport [[Hitchcock-2059|Mary Hitchock Davenport]], as well as their son, [[Davenport-3331|Thomas Davenport]], his wife [[Leggett-799]]. Also want to add Thomas Davenport's first wife Sarah Leggett (another daughter of [[Leggett-7|Gabriel Leggett]]).

I;d like to expand the sources on some of these profiles which currently reference a private Ancestry tree. I plan to start with and work out from there, if I can.

These are all people born in the late 17th century in Westchester. Is New Netherland descendants the place where they belong?

If so, I will join the group so I can continue working on profiles that I currently manage.

If not, hopefully you can suggest the correct pre1700 project they would belong to.


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Interesting question.  :-)   Because I trace ancestry to this family, specifically to Abigail Davenport, who married Henry Oostrom, I've puzzled over the origins of these Davenports (and why they are sometimes called Danforth/Danford and sometimes Davenport), but I have not researched Abigail's Davenport ancestry.

As near as I can tell, there's no evidence that any of the Davenports were settled in New Netherland by 1674 (so they aren't New Netherland Settlers and their children aren't New Netherland Descendants), but we can treat the family members who were in the New Netherland area before 1700 as members of the New Netherland Community. Accordingly, I just added the template and the project account to the profiles for William, his wife Mary, and son Thomas.

That Thomas Davenport and His Descendants book seems to be a good starting point for this family's genealogy (indeed, it looks like several of the existing profiles for family members were originally based on this book, even if the book isn't cited). However, because I encountered some serious errors in the original profiles for my ancestors who are documented in that book, I caution that we need to seek primary records for these people to confirm, supplement, or possibly refute information found in that book. At least some of these people's life events (such as my ancestor's marriage) were documented in church records -- see for advice on finding church records for this region. Pat Wardell's document about the Davenports, available via , may be also be a good resource.  And please stay in touch!

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I suspect they may have been called Danforth or Danford because of their speech patterns. Even in modern times, their accent was unusual. My dad said he remembered being asked his last name when he started 1st grade and saying "Demport" or something similar (I can't duplicate it).The teacher replied, "Oh, Davenport."

There is an article in one of the Wyoming Valley histories that reports how the Davenports in the area built their houses differently (more in the Dutch style,if I remember correctly) and farmed their lands on a cooperative basis even into the 1800's.

I am in the Thomas Davenport book (descended from his son Oliver >Thomas >Daniel >George > Andrew Eugene >George Fletcher) I have had pretty good luck confirming the genealogy listed there for the Luzerne county folks and the Lamoreux's, but am just starting back into New York records (Oliver Davenport family and the Tuthill/Tuttle family connection). I do have some of the correspondence between people working on the book and my grandmother (including a copy of a letter from Donald Lines Jacobus discussing work on the Thomas Davenport to William Davenport to John Davenport connection).
I love that explanation of the "Demport" name!!

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