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Hendrick Claasz (Vechten) Veghte and his father Claes Arentszen are New Netherland settlers born in the Netherlands who have duplicate profiles that need merging. The earliest New Netherland records noted in their profiles give them LNABs of Vechten and Arensz, respectively. I'm wondering whether there are any Dutch records (such as baptisms) that would shed light on what these men were called before emigrating.

WikiTree profile: Klaas van Vechten
in Genealogy Help by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)

Registration of baptisms in Norg, the supposed place of birth, started in 1720

Thanks for that information, Jan. I guess it's very unlikely that there will be Netherlands church records for these men!

I think so too, Helen. I did however find one isolated event, some 20 miles south of Norg:

Marriage on August 22, 1647 in Dwinglo, 

groom Claes Arents bride Lummetien Henricks

No other events for this couple found...

Both Van Vechten-103 and Arentszen-1  are project protected so that no merge can take place.  The two PPP profiles represent the same person.  "Best" destination surname would be Arends (August 22, 1647 in Dwinglo marriage) as this is the earliest found name form and pre-dates his April 16, 1660 emigration to the new land as Claes Arensz along with his wife Lammetie and 3 children aboard the De Bonti Koe.,

Is there a record of the marriage you refer to, Tom? It's not cited in either profile. The Van Vechten-103 profile states "Klaas Arendsz Van Vechten married Lummetje HENDRICKS, b. Abt 1628, of Norg, Drenthe, Netherlands?, ca. 1652". The "ca. 1652" suggests that there is no record of the marriage and the rest of the statement implies that he was recorded as "Van Vechten" at that marriage.

The profiles were project-protected in hopes that someone would find records to substantiate a choice of LNAB -- and would add information to the profile regarding those records. Could you please provide a transcript (and of course, a source citation) of the record of the marriage in 1647?

Hi Ellen, 

I added the info from the marriage and uploaded the scan to the profile of Lummetien now, the marriage intention was in Meppel, but it also says they actually married on 22 August 1647 in Dwingeloo (Dwinglo), she is named Lummetien Henricks and was from Meppel and he is named Claes Arents from Dwing(e)lo(o). Later, during and after the emigration, the patronymics were mentioned or written as:  Hendricks and Arentsz, Arentszen etc.

I also looked for more New Netherland Church Records, and added some links to the sources that were mentioned, there is a Claes Arentszen mentioned at several Baptisms of children of a Laurens Arentszen and his wife Francijntie Thomas, so not sure if it was this Claes, but maybe he had a brother ? 

Tom is working on the profile he manages and adding a lot of info and sources as well, so perhaps it's an idea if he corrects the LNAB of that one to Arents and we use that one for PPP ? 

Hi Ellen,

I am very comfortable with the patronym Claes /Arents/ for the birth.  Claes' use of Vecht, Vechten, Van Vechten seems to have occurred later in life at Brooklyn.

The marriage was cited in Van Vechten-103,  and I see that Bea has developed his wife's profile in parallel with marage details using the same sources.

The problem was that both Van Vechten-103 and Arentszen-1  are project protected so that no merge can take place.  Can you free up both profiles so that they can be merged and allow the patronym Arents to be used?

Thanks, Tom

Marriage source: Church Record: Kerkregisters 1600-1811-- Meppel, 22-8-1647, Collectie Xerokopieen DTOB, boek 90 (ondertrouw- en trouwboek, 1625-1681), pagina 112

=== Marriage ===
Claes Arents, living in Dwinglo, Drenthe, Netherland, married Lummetien Henricks, b. Abt 1628, at  Drenthe, Netherlands, living in Meppel<ref>[ FamilyCentral--Nicklaes Arentse VAN VECHTEN]</ref> on Aug 22, 1647 at Dwinglo, Drenthe, Netherland<ref> Meppel, 22-8-1647, Collectie Xerokopieen DTOB, boek 90 (ondertrouw- en trouwboek, 1625-1681), pagina 112</ref>.  

:: Dwinglo (now Dwingloo) is municipality and a city in the northeast of the Netherlands, in the south-west of the province of Drenthe, it is located 30 Km south of Norg, and 25 Km north of Meppel.

::Meppel, 22-8-1647, Collectie Xerokopieen DTOB, boek 90 (ondertrouw- en trouwboek, 1625-1681), pagina 112
:: Meppel Trouwen 22-08-1647     Claes Arents     Bruidegom Henricks
::Huwelijkdatum: 22-8-1647;
::Bruidegom: Claes Arents, Jongeman; woonplaats: Dwinglo
::Bruid: Lummetien Henricks, Jongedochter; woonplaats: Meppel NB: getrouwd te Dwinglo.

::Meppel, 22-8-1647, Collection Xerokopieen DTOB, book 90 (marriage and marriage book, 1625-1681), page 112
::Meppel Wedding 22-08-1647 Claes Arents Groom Henricks
::Date of marriage: 22-8-1647;
::Groom: Claes Arents, Young man; residence: Dwinglo
::Bride: Lummetien Henricks, Young daughter; residence: Meppel NB: married in Dwinglo.

Looks like we were typing at the same moment Tom :P
We do so often...Glad to hear from you.  It's been quite a while since I dug through Dutch records. Can you find the baptism records for the children born in Drenthe I am exceeding my depth.?  Two of the emigree children seem to have gotten lost/died.  Those were hard times for children.  Unable to find any facts that support the Norg connection, albeit, Norg, Dwinglo and Meppel neighbors with Dwinglo about 25 Km between both Norg and Meppel.   Hope you are having a fun school vacation...camping this year?

Same here Tom always glad to see you, still searching for them in the Dutch archives, the Drenthe archives ''Alle Drenten'' did add some new records so perhaps we are lucky, also looking for people with the last name Vecht, van de Vecht(e) etc. School vacation starts in a few weeks, so everyone still in school and working mode here, and yes we probably will go camping we really hope the weather still will be wonderful in a few weeks. :D
Thanks for adding the research.

PPP situation is fixed and correct LNAB is in place. Please complete the merge!

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