Has anyone else pushed their Andrews line back to King Andrew I of Hungary?

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I recently found evidence that my Andrews line descends from King Andrew I of Hungary. Is there anyone else here who has the same ancestry? My William Andrews (1595-1659) came to America and settled in Connecticut. Samuel Andrews moved to West Stockbridge, Massachusetts after my 2nd great grandfather Ambrose Andrews was born. Ambrose died in Vermilion County, Illinois, where my father and I were both born. Going the other way, the Andrews line stays in England, especially Northamptonshire, until Robert d'Audrieu, who came to England with William the Conqueror from Normandy, France. His father is King Andrew I Arpad of Hungary, who was exiled to France before becoming king.
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Considering King András I's eldest son was born in 1053, it would been a pretty neat trick for a son of his to participate in the Norman Conquest of 1066.

You are not descended from a Robert d'Audrieu, prince of Hungary, because there was no such person. You can find an authentic listing of William the Conqueror's companions at: https://www.normanconquest1066.org/transcript-of-the-companions-of-the-conqueror-sources-ancestors--descendants.html
According to the "official" and "accepted" version, there were only 15 companions of William the Conqueror, yet there were over 7000 men fighting for him. And, yes, a 13 year old could have come over as a squire to one of the companions. The listing is as good as the historians and genealogists who wrote it, which is to say that they were aristocrats who could barely see past the end of their noses and anyone who wasn't in their circle didn't count.
Gail, there was no Robert d'Audrieu, prince of Hungary, and he did not fight for William the Conqueror. None of this is hidden history or controversial. You can read Simon of Keza's chronicle, Hermann of Reichenau's chronicle, the Chronica de Gestis Hungarorum, they are all available in English translations. King András I of Hungary never lived in France and had no son named Robert.

What DID happen is a lot of Scottish and British families back in the 18th century were big fans of adding mythological heroes, Norse deities, and foreign royalty to their family trees, so they'd invent fanciful connections that would be taken seriously by their descendants.

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According to his profile, William Andrews, the PGM immigrant is of unknown parentage. What proof do you have of his English origins?
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If this has something to do with the alleged Hungarian origin of the Drummond family there really is no evidence for this connection except a claim appearing for the first time 300 years after the alleged immigration, then perpetuated by Europäische Stammtafeln.
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According to most historic literature András I spent his exile at the court of the Kievan Rus' and not in France. Europäische Stammtafeln lists a first marriage to an unknown Hungarian woman with a son Georg or Jury based on Chronicon Dubnicense, Historiæ Hungaricæ fontes domestici who is the supposed immigrant to Scotland where he supposedly founded the Drummond family. This literature does not mention a son named Robert at all. Our WikiTree Sir Robert Andrewes of Normandy (Andrews-873) lists a father Gwillaume Andrewes formerly D'Audriew without source.

Helmut is correct. András and his brothers sought refuge first in Bohemia and then in the Kievan Rus. France in the 1030s and 1040s was really not a very powerful kingdom, and wouldn't have offered many opportunities for an ambitious young prince in exile.
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The descent from the Conquest seems to be authentic English family mythology already in existence by 1727



It's very short - 1066 to 1641 in 8 steps.  But they had to print what they were given.


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We have a One Name Study


and a filled-out version of a line of descent


but not the bit about the King of Hungary.

Anybody like to choose an LNAB for these poor kids and merge up all the pairs of identical twins?




Actually the pedigrees do skip a few generations before the 1st Baronet.  Which leads to the odd conclusion that they didn't know who his father was.

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