Hi mate do u know my line ?

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Just wondering if you know the line I'm from as I new and I haven't got a clue wat I'm doing
in The Tree House by Kevin Mcskimming G2G Crew (340 points)
retagged by Lynda Crackett
Hi Kevin, Not sure who you are addressing as Mate, but if you want anyone to help you then you will have to give us more information about where you are from or who you are interested in. I would suggest that you complete your Wikitree membership. You will then be able to start adding your branches to the tree starting with your parents. I am adding the Greeters tag to your post, so someone should be along shortly to help you get started.
You stuck up so and so you need to learn that different people talk different ways you need schooling at the Academy of Life in everybodys world and how am I supposed to know who u are ? And to tell u the truth I wouldn't want know you maybe you prefer me to call something else and I'm prob not replying correct or may be spelling mistKes but hang draw and quarter me your horrible no thanks and if there all like you and reply like that I'm going back to the real world no thank you
G'day mate

First, learn some manners, and if you can ask politely, (without the abuse), you may get some help.
Hi, Lynda --

"Mate" is used in a number of places to address people as a friend. So, I'm sure no ill intent was meant here.


No ill intent was meant at all Julie. I was just trying to figure out if he was trying to contact a specific individual, but had posted on G2G by mistake instead of private messaging. I was also trying to help him by putting him in contact with greeters, but that was clearly not understood.
Miscommunications happen all the time. It's all good. :-)

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Lynda is correct, the first step is to get you volunteered and tags added to your profile so that you can begin entering your family. If you need help with that process, I will be more than happy to help with that, just leave me a comment. Once you have volunteered a Greeter, like myself, will confirm you and then you can begin entering family. Start with what you know. Parents grandparents and such. We have how to pages to help with that. The link to those will come with a welcome message when you volunteer. We can start with that a go from there.
by Misty Musco G2G6 Mach 2 (26.4k points)
selected by Steve McCabe
Hi mate ( not offensive)  I am polite and thanks but when I'm typing to someone I don't even know the name I think that's OK and it's actually respectful where we live, I don't disrespect anyone unless they do me!  The end and thanks mate I'm Kevin 46 born and bred ion Ayr Scotland I'm 43 My fathers a Galloway man or was from a place near Minigaff Kirkcudbrightshire and my mothers Ayrshire I have a tree of around 900or so and it covers 1000 yrs from Hastings my sources are kept in a secure account and there's some in that my he'd I think,  I have allot of big names I came S Ross as wasn't even doing my maternal and thought I'd have a look my mother was only 2 get away from Blair's and Hunters of Clackmanaman the trees far from complete as found I have duplicates through smart matches I have Lots Kilmarnock, Cunningham's, Montgomery's, Sempils, Blair and many more,  how do I get started and sorry to go on a bit, cheers

Kevin --

Welcome to WikiTree! 

Since we work together as a community here, we have to have "rules to live by," and we accomplish that by asking all new members to sign the Honor Code. So, even when there's a communication snafu (as we had above), we ask that members continue to be polite and courteous to one another. 

Based on your response here, it sounds like you've got a good start on your family and maybe a little help from a Mentor would get you headed in the right direction. I can take care of getting you connected with someone.

In the meantime, take a look around the site and visit our New Member Tutorials, and like the Honor Code says, it's best to assume that another member's intentions are good even if they don't sound that way at first read. ;-)

Someone will be in touch with you very soon about getting started with your family branches!


You're nearly there, Kevin - I see you've got your GEDCOM uploaded and chosen a couple of research tags. Just find that "Volunteer" button on your WikiTree home page at https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Special:Home

After that we can merge your two profiles back into one and you can have a good look at our Honor Code at https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Special:Honor_Code

It will be cool to see which of your ancestors are already here!


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