? 3,500,000 in 13 months ? Blink, Folks, Blink.

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morning Folks - I have been waiting all week for this number to show ! - I did think it would be last week, but the "holidays" must have called you outside.

Our shared tree includes these Profiles from around the world : and edited by

14,010,240 profiles : 421,080 genealogists. (asked May 8th)

14,523,439 profiles : 435,532 genealogists.  (July 2nd : 11:00 GMT)

15,000,003 profiles : 449,694 genealogists. (Aug 25th : 09:28 GMT)

15,503,825 profiles (3,207,401 - DNA) : 463,978 (Oct 26th : 14:25 GMT)

16,001,445 profiles (3,458,294 - DNA) : 479,256 (Dec 23rd : 23:57 GMT )

16,501,040 profiles (3,736,702 - DNA) : 499,155 (Feb 10th : 10:04 GMT )

17,000,997 profiles (4,029,039 - DNA) :517,874 (April 1st : 09:55 GMT)

17,503,041 profiles (4,012,809 - DNA) : 539,687 (May 31st :03:38 GMT : 11:38 am Perth time

? the DNA has reduced, but 22,000 new members have arrived - so well done again folks - - - cheers - john.a

in The Tree House by John Andrewartha G2G6 Pilot (118k points)

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One reason why the DNA have reduced may be that some people removed their DNA from GEDmatch in the wake of the GSK-case. I also know that some genealogists changed their privacy settings on GEDmatch because of that. That may have an influence too.
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
More likely to be where the DNA results have been removed from living profiles who are not members due to new policies following the introduction of GDPR legislation.
I’m curious... what is the GSK-case, and how does it affect the online DNA genealogy community?
GSK = Golden State Killer.  He was a serial killer from like 30 or 40 years ago.  Cold case detectives found a DNA match on a genealogy site (probably gedMatch) to track him down.  It was not a close relative they matched, but close enough.  People are afraid of being linked to crimes.


I lost 2 DNA tested relatives because they are not members (sister and daughter).
Hey, guys...our GSK killer didn't dispatch ONE person, he raped and killed many folk throughout our area over a long period of time. I'm happy to have my DNA on file- if one of my relatives were a suspect, I'd be appreciative to have the person "discovered." Just sayin'...
Judy Russell has a really interesting blog piece this week in which she addresses the legal and justice implications of the idea that the outcome of the GSK case outweighs the privacy concerns associated with how the law enforcement investigation was done in the case:

A thoughtful piece and worth contemplating, Ray.  But satisfying to see the suspect stand trial after all these years. nonetheless.

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