Why am I not finding DNA connections?

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Greetings, I am Conklin-2112,
I know, through ancestry.com DNA results and genealogical records, that I am, without question, descended from the following:
Conklin-1423     7th great grandfather
Conklin-7        6th great grandfather
Conklin-1697     5th great grandfather
Conklin-1776     4th great grandfather
Conklin-1821     3rd great grandfather
Conklin-1832     2th great grandfather

When I try to connect, Wiki Tree finds no results. I know at a minimum, Conklin-1832 is connected because my father, grandfather, great grandfather, and Conklin-1832 are buried in the same cemetery within 100 feet of each other, I grew up in the same house, and there were no adoptions or children by previous marriages. Ancestry.com links me to living cousins also tied to the Conklin's I have listed. and I still get no connection. Am I doing something wrong? Are my DNA tests not loaded correctly?

Also, for Conklin-1776, ancestry.com links me to a number of cousins, some still living, for Conklin-1776.
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Best Regards,
Chris Conklin-2112
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DNA on Wikitree propagates along the lines of the tree. Since you have not added any of your ancestors yet it has no lines to follow. Start by adding your parents and work on from there.
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (682k points)
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Success! Built my tree and now finding lots of connections. Traced my lineage back 15 generations. Thank you!
Make sure you know what you're doing.  That is, that you actually have a person on another line that matches with DNA. True you may have a long series of names, but you can't say that you have proven via DNA  unless you can show the DNA matches.  Look in the DNA section under the help files for why you need to triangulate if you're dealing with more than a 3rd cousin.
The list above is well documented (ref the book, "The Conklin Family, Nicholas Conklin of Cochecton, New York, and His Descendants" and I have DNA connections through ancestry.com to a host of cousins in this lineage. I am also descended, in almost all cases, from the first or second sons. Interestingly, the Conklin family line I descend from, for many generations, was centered in a relatively small area. Additionally, my 6th Great Grandfather purchased land for a cemetery, Conklin Hill Cemetery, I am confident both genetically and genealogical in my lineage. I do appreciate the comments and understand the genetic pit falls that can be encountered.

The issue I had with wikitree was I did not fully understand the process. I think I have resolved now.
Pleased to hear that you are making good progress Christopher. Keep your eyes open for existing profiles as you go along so that you do not risk creating any duplicates. Have fun.
Ellen, Thanks for the best answer star.

Will do. Interestingly, I really only had to add my mom & dad and my grandparents and the rest of my lineage was already there and auto connected/populated. Not sure if I am allowed to say but it was far easier than the tree I built in a different tool managed by a popular DNA testing company.

Thanks again for the great assistance!
That is the great positive side of having a collaborative tree Christopher. Well done for recognising that and not setting up duplicates. Many new Wikitreers find it difficult to accept that they share their ancestors with others. You have clearly grasped the collaboration concept very quickly.

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