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CHANGE TO BEST ANSWER PROCESS:  After much discussion we have come to the conclusion that all answers in the Weekend Chat are of equal importance and weight.  So we are going to discontinue the Best Answer portion as it adds points and then takes them away from posters and is causing some hurt feelings.  So in the interest of everyone is equal and valued we will delete any best answers given which will deduct those points because it has been pointed out that to give everyone best answer is also not a viable option. 


Weekend Chat is for everyone. It's a place to catch up on what people are up to and to share what you've been doing.  New members can say hello, introduce themselves, ask questions, and meet each other.  Our seasoned members can share progress or successes from their projects, give tips and advice, or chime in on hot topics.

Post as many answers and comments as you wish. It doesn't hurt anyone to post a lot, and many will enjoy their multitude of reading options.

Weekend Chat 30 June - 2 July 2017

Enjoy yourself and spread goodwill :)

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in The Tree House by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
closed by Robynne Lozier
Thank you so much Robynne for hosting chat with such short notice this weekend. We appreciate you!!!  Thank you Chris for helping out as well. What a team!!
No worries Dorothy. I don't have anything else to do, other than creating new profiles.

Well the graphics are all up - so I'm glad that works!!
Seems to be too early for being the weekend. It has gotten so hot here! It doesn't seem that long ago there was snow. I have been out mowing several times already, stuff is really growing. Should go out again and do more yard work.
=D Glad I could help!
Thanks again and again.  I have caught up and posted the Tips and a Puzzle Quiz.   Thanks again for rescuing me!

De Nada Laura

Yes Thanks for hosting the WikiTree Weekend chat Robynne. Dorothy  is correct What a team. Also we do appreciate you very much. Sue your are correct about it seeming to be too early for being the weekend. It has gotten so hot here! It doesn't seem that long ago there was snow. I have been out mowing several times already, stuff is really growing. Should go out again and do more yard work. Especially with the week of rain that  Tennessee has had since Alberto.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
I am happy to be back in the weekend chat and back at Wikitree after a bit of a hiatus!
Crispin welcome back!  Sometimes life manages to get in the way of WikiTree and what we want to do!  Glad you can join us again!

Thank you, Robynne for hosting the Weekend Chat on such short notice. Would you please edit out the old part about the best answer as we no longer do best answers as all answers are equal in the chat.

See this chat for the parts to edit out. Thank you, David

Done David.

Will keep in the stuff about No Longer doing the best answer because some people still might not know about it.

Thank you, Robynne! Have fun! If you need anything just let me know.


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Ninja Robynne to the rescue! Just copy/paste what I had for the weekend chat last week. You should be fine. =D
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (588k points)
Copy and Paste graphics? OK I'll give it a try. Thanks Chris.
Well what do you know? It worked!!  Yippee!!
And here we go.
Pros such Pros!
Professional what? =P
You do know this is my FIRST time doing this right?? LOL

I'm just so thankful that there are so many people here at Wikitree who are willing to help!!
Robynne, you did GREAT!
Thanks Laura.
Ditto what everyone said on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
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Today is.....



Each year on the first Friday in June, people participate in National Doughnut or Donut Day.  This day celebrates the doughnut and honors the Salvation Army Lassies, or Donut Dollies, the women that served doughnuts to soldiers during WWI.

In 1917, the original “Salvation Army Doughnut” was first served by the ladies of the Salvation Army.  It was during WWI that the Salvation Army Lassies went to the front lines of Europe.  Home cooked foods, provided by these brave volunteers, were a morale boost to the troops.

The doughnuts were often cooked in oil inside the metal helmets of American soldiers.  American infantrymen were then commonly called “doughboys.”  A more standard spelling is donut.

How to celebrate: 

Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, LaMar’s Donuts, Duck Donuts, and many other shops and convenience stores are giving away free doughnuts on June 1 to celebrate National Donut Day 2018—or National Doughnut Day 2018, if you prefer the original spelling of “doughnut.”


Even Papa John’s is jumping on the National Donut Day free donut bandwagon, giving away orders of its brand new doughnut holes for free on Friday. Walmarthas free doughnuts for all customers too.


Here are all the places with free doughnuts on National Donut Day 2018, along with the details on how to get free doughnuts. http://time.com/money/5295680/national-donut-day-2018-free-doughnuts/

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
Doughnuts are one of the foods I am not supposed to eat anymore, but I love them.
Ha, that explains the long line at KK this morning, for which I had no time to wait.  Suffering donut denial.  :(
There's like five Dunkies in this town. NH and Mass definitely runs on Dunkin'.
We have doughnuts at every radio club meeting so I am going to be in trouble with those meetings.
Welcome to the chat Dorothy.

Can't say I am a fan of donuts..

Waaaay too much sugar for me.
Did you know the spice Mace gives donuts their distinctive taste?  Mace is the outer hull of nutmeg.  A little more intense and earthy than nutmeg.

I have not had breakfast and have lunch in the oven since I am starving.

Waiting for my granddaughter to wake up from a late nap.

I have some muffins in the house but no donuts.  My favorites are the cinnamon rolls, bear claws, chocolate custard ones and the little pastries with cherry, custard, and lemon filling.
I like honey dipped myself.

*cues narration music.*

Every summer when I was growing up we'd have donuts at the marina where the family boat was docked. The owner would get up early and get 'em from Dunkin' Donuts. It was like that every Sunday morning. We'd get up, go up the dock, have donuts and get ready for whatever we had planned be it fishing in the mouth of the Merrimack or going across the river to Newburyport.  Good times, though.

Years later there was a boat called "Runnin' on Dunkin'" and the guy who owned it owned a few Dunkins. Nice boat, too.
Read the Garfield comic strip today.  He must have read about the day today.
This needs to go on my list! My favorite are plain old fashioned...which were called fried cakes by my older aunts.

I suffered Dunkin Donuts withdrawal after moving from New York to Virginia, but we have many stores here now. However, just like bread, the taste differs, probably due to the water.
I agree with everyone chat here especially what Dorothy answered. I was to busy to go we in Lenoir City has Dunking Donuts, and Walmart where I could I gotten free donughts but didn't have time to do it.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
This is one thing I definitely miss not being back in the states and having access a Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme.
it is real hard to find buttermilk donuts here in the midwest - out in San Francisco they had them in a nice bar - no filling, plain or sugar glaze - you could get them warm with butter on them - yum
Dale, I did this years ago and it paid off:  I looked at doughnuts and told myself they were actually cow pies. I saw a steal and said silently that it was a piece of wood that I had to give away. I looked at gravy and said it was mud and gritty too.

So let your mind dwell not at all on the things you like but think of them as some kind of sculpture, wood waste, plaster of paris. None of these taste good or have an odor to savor. You'll avoid the temptations of the brain and past experiences quite easily, or I did. It's become a life-habit.

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I will jump in while I can. Thank you for hosting Robynne. I am feeling better but got some bad news health wise this week. Don't worry too much because it is not hard to control but will mean some serious lifestyle changes but thankfully no additional medications if I make the other changes. The bad news about this is I will no longer be able to sit all day and work on my computer. Speaking of computers this last week we bought a new laptop to replace the one that was over 5 years old and took the old one and set it up for the youngest granddaughter. Then last night the third oldest granddaughter bought herself a laptop and spent several hours over with us so that I could help her get it set up. I did manage to add some sources to some profiles and fix most of the suggestions on that list, one is unconnected and another is for a profile I do not manage, and even had time to add a couple of profiles. I am still trying to reduce my watchlist but every profile on my watchlist has been edited within the last year and even if I stopped doing anything on them I could still say that until sometime in September. Tomorrow I have a short meeting at the E M A about my work in Amateur Radio.

Well back to work on some profiles while I still can.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
I do hope your medical news is not too scary. I also have medical issues that have to be managed but are not life threatening as well.
Thank you Robynne, The scary part is the hospital totally missed the problem but thankfully my doctor found it after re running the blood tests, I had 3 done at the hospital and he ran his own. I lost 8 pounds since my last doctors visit but he says I need to lose a lot more in the next 3 months.
Praying for your health Dale!
Still chugging along with a 7 year old desktop and 8 year old laptop. Windows 7 is hanging in there until Microsoft cancels support. And since 8 starts with that insane touchscreen interface I run classicshell with a win 7 interface for my kid's computer.

As far as missed health issues, my g/f went over 2 years feeling miserable and tired with no apparent reason. When she switched doctors they called her to come in immediately. It seems he had no B-12 for 2 years and now has massive nerve damage. They then told her for 9 years she had pernicious anemia. Now 1 simple blood test shows she doesn't. So after 11 years maybe they will look for why she has no B-12?

I hope your condition has better progress.
I have a windows 7 desktop as well, Steve.

I am not looking forward to being forced to upgrade to windows 10. I know its good, but its also so different. I find it hard to find what I need when I have to get around my sons computer. He upgraded to win 10 when it was free!!
Robynne and Steven, I have 2 windows 7 desktop computers that run just fine. 1 I use for both genealogy, mostly for my offline work, and my Ham Radio, digital modes and logging, and the other was given to me because it "no longer worked". A simple monitor replacement and cleaning the viruses from the hard drive fixed it but I have no real use for it. My main go to machine is a Windows 10 netbook, originally Windows 8, with a 1 T external hard drive. The one replaced was also a Windows 10 machine, also originally Windows 8, but she wanted to bet a new one and give the old one to the youngest granddaughter who is always trying to help us out. I also have two android smartphones and an android tablet, but I find them too hard to use on WikiTree.

As for my health, I do have some nerve damage due to a different problem, my B12 is fine. They want me to lose weight, cut down on the caffeine, cut back on salt, and cut back on my sugar intake. Also reduce my intake of bread and pasta but to increase my intake of calcium rich foods and spent less time sitting around, for both weight loss and joint problems. As I said, a total lifestyle change.
Wow you sure have a lot going on. Hope you are doing okay. It’s hard to do genealogy or take advantage of that new extra license and play radio without sitting. Of course the doctor probably doesn’t want you climbing any antenna towers either!

Maybe you should keep that chocolate lab puppy and take her on walks...
Ditto to what everyone said on this chat. I have windows 10 on my machine because I could download if for free.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Actually Kay it isn't that hard to do things on the radio without sitting and I don't have or plan to have any towers to climb. As for the dog, she is not the dog for me, way too big and demanding.
Dale and et al of us :  Losing weight is almost always a good idea. I've come to love salads that I don't make, for instance. the truth is, it's the process of making salads that I avoid. So much for poor health practices.

I've just found a roast beef in a box at Trader Joes. It was a perfect buy: no fat, sliced clean, storable in fridge until completed. For one or two people, it's an economy-wise measure. For health also good, except for vegetarians who get protein in other ways, perhaps.

Roberta, I agree with you but when they want major reductions in salt, sugar, caffeine, pasta, bread, and limit my intake of red meat as well as become more active, well it's gonna take some time to adjust to this. Right now I feel like, well use your imagination.

my desktop is also win 7 - hope it never becomes obsolete, hate 10 on this laptop - cryptic bs, anyhow Stephen I am sorry to hear that - docs can be so messed up!

vibes to the gf
Dale, the things you must change are really virtues. I was a couch potato and an incurable reader until my 30s, and then I tried for being more "all-around" as a lifestyle.

Life became more interesting. I did more things out in the world with others, I loved so much of what I found. I'm going to have to do that again now.

It's simply cycles, and we need to learn continually and be open to more and more. You'll love some of the changes, I'm pretty sure.
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Hi Mate!

Yes, I'm addressing you, and you, and you over there.  Got a problem with that?

Thanks for hosting, Robynne!

It's never dull at the G2G, where I've been exercising my gene-chops this week.


by Living Tardy G2G6 Pilot (733k points)
Just don't call me late for dinner, lunch, a donut, whatever lol!!!!!!!!
Welcome to the weekend chat, Herb. And thanks.
Sigh. We gotta work on that trash talk. *shakes head*
Hi Herb, what are you up to?  I miss the weekly origami!  You are so good at that!

Hi Laura, I just haven't had that urge to fold lately.  I'm sure it will return.  It's a curse, being so good at so many things. 

Herb, are you related to my husband?  He is also good at so many things!

I have not started putting his tree into WikiTree yet.  Bozzay Pedrotti  Horvath Toth Ringkamp Dierker Novak and others I need to go look up...
Herb sorry to hear your folding has folded...enjoy them...
Herbert I agree and ditto to what Laura and Kay said in this chat.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
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I got my family chat in 4 hours, but otherwise I will here, there and everywhere this weekend!!

We need a roster of people who might be willing to host once every 2 or 3 months or so. Then we wont have this mad scramble.

Oh and I also have Ranger duty this weekend as well but those shifts will be tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday. Just giving you guys some advance warning.
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
I'll get the Doctor to work on that time vortex issue. If there's a crack in the skin of the universe he'll fix it. It's more likely due to stress. You have a lot going on. So don't worry 'bout it.
Like Chris says, Laura, I was happy to help and try something new!!

Does this make me the Doctors companion?
Do I get to pick which Doctor?   I was not enchanted by the last one...  

I like Tom Baker, David Tennant, and Matt Smith  the best.  

I have not seen the new female one really...  is she on in the US yet?
Yes, Robynne. You are my companion. Haha.

Pick any Doctor you want. The first female Doctor isn't debuting until October. We got time. Wish it was sooner but it's okay.

As for me I like Tom Baker and Matt Smith the best.
I like Tom Baker too. So I choose him!!

I actually also like Chris Eccleston but he only did one season.

Just finished my family chat so I am now free for the next 22 hours until my ranger duty starts
Yeah. Eccelston was awesome. There has never been a bad actor to play the Doctor.
Robynne can you send me an email?  I think you have mine.  I thought I had yours but can't find it...  

Yeah Eccleston is ok but not one of my top 3...
Sent you a PM with my email addy....
Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. Have you come up with a name like your where trying to do last weekend.?

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Got it.  Am typing a response you should get it soon.
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This week has been fun genealogy wise. I helped fill in my cousin Nancy's tree AND I decided to get my dad his Father's Day present a little early: https://www.amazon.com/Italians-Haverhill-MA-Images-America/dp/0738508551/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1527614644&sr=8-1&keywords=Italians+in+haverhill&dpID=51UJSNVn0xL&preST=_SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

If you are studying Italian genealogy that is a good place to start. Fun fact. New York and Philly weren't the only go to destinations for Italian immigrants and their families. They made names for themselves in Boston (North End), Woburn, Haverhill and all points in between. That book series is awesome and it even has pics of my great grandparents and a few others in it. I've seen the book before. My grandmother had a copy and it was given to a friend. So, now we have it. It's sitting on my desk in its Amazon wrapper....beckoning me to open it....to....set it free from its tan prison.....

Gotta be strong. Gotta resist the urge. It's a good book, too and the author's other books about Haverhill, Mass are great. So, with that said my tip is to check out these books. They count as genealogy books. Why? Because I said so!! They're chocked full of info and pictures. Don't take my word for it. Check it out!

On another note my admixtures changed on AncestryDNA. Still 46% Italian and the rest a mix of British and such. The rest are trace regions now. So tip #2. Don't freak out if your admixture changes. I saw how many people of Italian ancestry took AncestryDNA. I um....Don't think it's gonna change any time soon. Not with almost half a million people. I should go around Haverhill and get that count to a cool million. >=)

Third tip. When you are labeling a family picture and sending it to cousins make sure you get all the names right. Just saying...Sigh.

Have a great chat!!
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (588k points)
Welcome to the weekend chat, Chris, and thanks for your help.

Dont forget to buy a copy of that book for yourself too.

You cannot always expect to be able to pop over to your dads place just to thumb through his book looking for some small details...
That's what scanners are for. =) I can use a scanner to scan what I need. No biggie.
Um copyright?

I'm pretty sure that most publishers have a note on the copyright page thats says that noone else can make a copy of their books without permission..

Just saying...
Chris, here in St Louis, MO we have a large Italian population.  And the great restaurants including a 5 star one that come from that heritage!

If you need any research on Italians who came here let me know.
True. However, it is fair use if pics of ones ancestors are in the book. (There are.) Thanks for keepin' me honest. (Or at least trying. Haha). I am not going to display text or anything. The pics would be fine.

 Laura, I might take ya up on that. =D
You know where to find me most of the time!
Yep. =D
I can relate to the finding of Italian ancestors where you don't expect them - my mother had Italian ancestors who were living in Rhode Island. I had visited Rhode Island to learn about her other ancestors from Rhode Island, and then I saw part of her father's line there. So I went and looked it up at the archives since my hotel was around the corner. Well whaddaya know, they lived in Rhode Island. I'm sad I didn't get the time to visit Federal Hill - next time!
Hey, G!

I've also found Italian cousins where I don't expect them, too. One of them was a member of this site a few years ago. She hasn't really done much on here since. But, I have talked to her on Ancestry. She's nice. I also found two cousins in Italy who were very helpful. A lot of cousins on my Italian side seem to be on Ancestry. Which is fine. =D

I get what you are saying. I first saw the book when my grandmother had it and I saw the great-grands in there and a few other people.

Congrats on finding all that information! Keep up the good work!
I don't have the money to be on ancestry. And if I was I'd drag a much over here as I could instead of keeping it hidden. :)
I have a basic account there. The only thing I ever paid for was three DNA tests. =D So it's no biggie. And yea I would totally do the same thing, Steve. At least there's FamilySearch. Problem is for the towns I want to check out I would have to be at a FamilyCenter library.
Thanks for all the information on this chat here.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
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Hypothetical question

So if I get 2 top matches showing descent from a certain Irish family at FT DNA, and then on My heritage, I get those same two matches showing up in 3rd and 4th place on my matches list AND the very TOP match at My Heritage also showing descent from this same Irish family, the chances are pretty high that I also descend from this Irish family as well, right?

The top matches from FT DNA are second cousins twice removed or 3rd cousins.

The very top match at MY heritage says Great Uncle, and 1st cousin once removed to 2nd cousin.

I have been creating profiles for the members of this Irish family - the BDM records are good and there is some pretty good documentation in the local newspapers. I have narrowed down the one person who might be my unknown grandfather. He was in the right place at the right time, and was of the right age. He seems to have actually never married, and he died in the 1990s. My maternal grandmother died in 2013.

The only reason I can think of for why he and my grandmother did not get married is because he was Catholic and she was Protestant. And in the 1930s. it was just NOT DONE to have a mixed marriage like that!!

We are now waiting for my mothers DNA results to be done. Hopefully it will show a 1st cousin match to my top match at my heritage

It is agony having to wait for 6 to 8 weeks for these DNA results to come back.

Anyway, I am just asking if you guys agree with my logic and thinking or am I way off track?
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Sounds good to me!  You have a paper trail and DNA supporting each other that is good...  The degrees of relationship from the companies is a guide not hard and fast so don't let any differences there throw you.  The fact is you have matches at both so that is pretty strong in and of itself.  Although you do need to see if there is overlap on specific chromosomes.  Then you have a real match.  Needs to be at least 7cm.
Does Chromosome 16 count? Matches 1, 2 and 3 from MyH all match me on Chromosome 16. Match 3 was also my top match at FT DNA.

I have no idea who match 2 is, because she has no tree and no surnames on MyH. But since she is matching me and the others on the same chromosome, plus matching match 1 elsewhere, then she too must be descended from this same Irish family!!

Match 3 only shares 3 segments with me. 1 large and 2 smaller. The chromosome 16 segment match is her biggest segment and that is 80 cM.

Matches 1 and 2 at myH also have matches on several other  chromosomes - 10, 19 and 21.
You have more than you need as long as the segments overlap.  That means the segments have numbers that dovetail..  

Robynne I think you sent me something a few weeks ago and for the life of me I can't find it because I looked a few minutes ago...  

So yes lets say you have 4 people who all have segments on Chromosome 16

You  your SNP range is 5,000 to 14,693

A  has                             20,954 to 50,892   this is not a match no overlap

B has                              2,000 to 60,521   B matches you and A  and C

C has                              5,734 to 13,852  C matches you and B

So that means you have what is called Triangulation with you B and C but not with A.  

A may be a distant relative because there is an overlap with B but it could also come from another part of their trees.
Wow.  Ya'll are really rocking it with the DNA!  I need to learn about all of that... on my todo list, haha.
I agree with Crispin here.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
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First of all,. a HUGE thank you to Robynne, Chris, and Dorothy.  

As many of you may know, I have been on a weird two week treadmill to close a company.  I honestly thought today was Thursday!   I need a new life!  Oh, yeah, I am getting one, since we closed the company!   I have more to do on that but not on the breakneck timetable we had.  So I really really really goofed this week!!!!  

You are SUPER STARS!  


 I am bad.  I have no tips ready or a puzzle.  So give me a little time and I will do something!    

It is so good to know there are people here who truly have your back! Thank again for picking up the pieces and hosting the chat!  And don't forget to put a sticker on your profile!  I will send you the URL.  


by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (713k points)
HI Laura, glad you could make it!!

Do you have a puzzle for this week?

Coz the advertising at the top says you do!  LOL

OOPS my bad. I didnt read her post closely. Sorry!!!
OOh a sticker?? cool!!!  i love stickers!!
Stickers are good. Cash prizes are- *gets a glare from Robynne*

Stickers are fantastic!!
*Glares at Chris.*

This is a VOLUNTARY organisation Chris.

NO BRIBES allowed!!  LOL
Yeah. *ahem* No bribes allowed. Right. *Calls Michael Maranda* They're onto us!!!


Jk jk. =P lol
And don't you forget it !!!  LOL
LOL! Yes ma'am!
Ditto to what everyone said on this chat too.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
The sticker looks nice on your profile.  You, Chris and Mindy Silva all have our guest host stickers.  They really look nice.  Bea, one of our fearless leaders,  had a hand in getting them designed. I like to think of them as badges of team work and communication and fun!
Thanks Laura!!

Have sent you an email - forgot to change the title so its still called contact email - sorry!! It has 2 attachments.
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Hello Wikitree,

Not quite time for "Where in the world is Steve" but I will give you a tiny taste of a project that I'm working on. Not far from where I live is the Historic Quakertown Passenger and Freight Station you can find out more about this historic train station in a freespace in the works here

So this past week I been still busy catching up on some emails along with other details. I also been working at Transcribing the Union Cemetery in Quakertown that's a huge project and is going to take a significant amount of time. My plan for next week is the Quaker Meeting House in Quakertown. Will find out if I get that far. We been having tantalizing reports of rain and has been hazy and very uncomfortable humidity last couple days. Although today has been the worse it just about takes the breathe out of you. Oh and before I forget Happy National Donut Day. So make sure you eat one. I enjoyed 2 with my coffee this morning I most likely will regret the extra calories. But you only live once.

I'm still waiting on my DNA Test to arrive in the mail. Snail Mail is operating at snail like speeds. I reckon you can't complain when it was free

Till Later Cousins.

by Steve McCabe G2G6 Pilot (363k points)
edited by Steve McCabe
Welcome to the weekend chat Steve.
I have enough trouble remembering where "Steven" is without trying to find "Steve". LOL

Erm Don't ask because sometimes I need a GPS myself. I have yet to sleep walk outside. I might have a death date to my profile if that happened. You might have thought I lived by the auto-bahn

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
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Hi everyone! I'm still floating around East Texas, still don't have electricity at our new home! But we're taking a monthlong trip to Georgia then South Carolina for military duty. It had better be done when we return! Hope to visit some cemeteries, but hard with two little boys and an infant! Let me know if you are around Sumter and bored ;)
by Elaine Martzen G2G6 Mach 8 (88.0k points)
Welcome to the weekend chat.

NO electricity? What is the world coming to these days when the power companies are too slow to hook up a new house to the power grid?

That's gonna ruin their reputation for sure!! LOL
It's ok, it's rural and they have to add a telephone pole to extend to our little slice of previously-uninhabited forest :) But now it's been a while, they need to hurry! Been living at my parents and in-laws. We do have some neighbors out there, they are all so kind & love the kids!
Green rectangles tend to make them move faster. I'm not sure why as you can't eat them, wear them, and there are cheaper things to burn. :D
Haha!! Took me a sec to figure that one out :)
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
+16 votes

1.  Make sure when you adopt a profile to run suggestions.  I had almost 200 of them with the profiles I adopted.   But it is a good thing because I am working to clean them up and the tree will be healthier for it.

2.  So, we now have a GDPR compliant tree.  Somethings have changed.  Much remains the same.  I took a look at the Find / Surnames and the unlisted people are there.  You see them listed as Unlisted with the surname.  It shows the Project Manager.  So, while you will need to drill through the large names and send an email to each of the PMs to see if it is someone who is in the 100 year range, we still can see that they exist.  Unless they were children under the age of 13.  Those were removed.  Which, is probably the right thing to do.  They can add themselves back in if they want to when they are old enough.  

3.  Merges have been a hot topic for a variety of reasons.  I used the new merge layout and I liked it a lot.  I adopted two profiles that turned out to be the same people (same parents, same siblings, same birth date).  So I merged them.  It was really easy to see what I wanted to move over and what I did not need in the profile and clean it up like having two biography sections and two source sections.  Remember to merge the higher numbered profile into the lower numbered one.
by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (713k points)
Thanks for all the great , awesome and marvelous tips and puzzles you create and put here Laura.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
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Yep, this is a quick one... Kind of a quiz... but good things to know!

1.  If you want to search all the people attached to a surname, what path do you follow in WikiTree menu prompts?

2.  If you want to know what things need to be fixed on your profiles what do you run?    There are two places to do this.  What are they?

3.  If you want to run some reports or different views of your tree where do you go to do that?

4.  If you want to adopt profiles with your surnames where do you go to do that?

5.  If you are adopted and either want to volunteer to be an Adoption Angel or want help from the Adoption Angels where do you go?

6.  If you need to find a project how do you do that?

7.  If you want to be able to work on pre-1500 profiles what do you need to qualify?  Where do you go to accomplish this?

8.  If you are new to WikiTree and want to know how to use it where do you go for a Tutorial?

I will be posting the puzzle and the answers in dropbox before Saturday  

The link will be: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rqo8mt2eobujwgd/AAAzB3IGNHqNKXBfdE985NBZa?dl=0   

by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (713k points)
Thanks for all the great , awesome and marvelous tips and puzzles you create and put here Laura.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
I have posted a docx and pdf of the puzzle quiz along with answers to the dropbox folder listed on the puzzle.  Answers are in the answer folder.
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I just spent a good couple of hours removing brush so I could see out of my front windows and into the road and driveway.  The brush is actually a plant called Japanese knotweed by the horticulturists, bamboo by many common gardeners, and words only fit for pornographic magazines (I imagine) by me.  It grows 6 to 12 inches a day in hot weather and spreads by underground roots, seeds, lawnmower cuttings, and I swear, by my glares.  It was sold as an ornamental plant in the depression and my past mother-in-law cursed this place with it.  My husband kept it under control with the lawn mower but having a tree removed gave it
sun and no competition and it has spread terribly through the hydrangeas.   With a bad knee and back I have to use a folding chair to weed so it took me a long time.  I cut them with my brush clippers, move my chair and repeat every three feet.   I have even learned how to rake leaves that way.  I hope to have the knee fixed this summer and that should help the back problems.
I am waiting on someone to come and look at our old bulk milk tank.  He
wants to store used cooking oil in it.  How times have changed for our old way of life.  I hate to see the things go but don't need them any more and
never will see a dairy here again.  They should be moved on if usable.  As I often said when we retired  "I miss the milkcheck but not the milking"
by Beulah Cramer G2G6 Pilot (401k points)
Welcome to the weekend chat, Beulah.
My goodness - that sounds like a lot of hard work.  Good luck getting rid of that stuff!
That sounds like a lot of work!

Sounds like the old milk tank is getting repurposed for cooking oil fuel.
Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat.. My mother had both of her knees replaced in the last 10 to 15 years.
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
I saw huge forests of bamboo in the South Pacific.  They were much taller than a 6 foot man.  So I kind of understand what you are dealing with.  Be careful!
These are not a true bamboo according to the Cooperative Extension master gardener but very much resemble it.  They are soft but they are
eight to ten feet tall, grown in about two weeks.  I don't know how tall they
can get if left alone.  I like to see who, if anyone, comes into my driveway
so it always is the trigger point to grab the snippers and go to work.  Last
year I neglected to keep them under control as well as usual so they are extra thick this year.  Never again!
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10 days ago it was going below the freezing point at night. Now it is spiking over 90 during the day and only getting down to the high 50's at night. I just got done installing the air conditioner.

Now I bet tomorrow will go back down to the 60's during the day and upper 40's at night. Crazy how the weather is. Darn that global warming/cooling/warming/change.

If anyone here happens to forget, that sheet I maintain that has unsourced, all the suggestions, as well as the current Data Doctor challenge on different tabs ALSO has an info tab with tips, tricks, commonly used stickers and catalogs. Feel free to stop by and add your own favorite tips and often used links or info.


Currently there are 57. Lets see if we can hit 200. Just try to avoid duplicates.

by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (350k points)
Hi Steven. Welcome to the Weekend Chat
Ditto to what Robynne said and Steven.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
I have a tip too. There is the wikitree+ mistakes category "No dates, dates on relatives". Even if you are NOT pre-1500-certified, you are able to edit those profiles with no date when there is a pre-1500 relative. You CAN put the dot in the Death Date section at the "about/uncertain but not-living". In the past few days that way I edited literally thousands of those profiles. I don't do research on dates for them, I only mark them as "not-living". I always think I bring them back to "wikitree-life" as they are put away from the unlisted list.
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The grades for my first two classes as a Graduate student came in. I am currently rocking a 4.0 GPA and I start another class this Monday. Woo!

I was freaking out over the idea that I might have to host a Jupyter Notebook on my computer. The idea rubs me the wrong way, to have to open up my computer's ports and the like. But guess what? I don't have to. Microsoft Azure actually has a free Jupyter Notebooks server you can use without downloading anything. Heck yes.

Pretty sure I'm going to have to make myself a website at this point and get a domain name to go with it. Everyone I've met from my field has their own website with their own top-level domain. I know how to make a website and how to do the CSS for it, but... not really excited about it coming to this. As it is, I'm going to have to take a picture for LinkedIn, which I'm not thrilled about either.

My biological father's DNA test results came in for 23andMe. This made me happy, because so many people growing up (even my siblings) told me he wasn't my father, but my mom said he was before she died, and gave me his surname. Guess what, he is. Take that, naysayers! Unfortunately it doesn't open up anything new on his side of the family in terms of genealogy.

Speaking of, I still can't find more information on my father's paternal grandmother's parents, Vincenzo Cafaro and Caterina Mangieri. Where they were born, when they married, when they died... nothing solid. Heck, I can't even find if my father's paternal grandmother had siblings! She was supposedly born in Montesano (her marriage says she is, but I haven't found a birth record), but if her parents were from Montesano or if they moved there from somewhere else, only to move somewhere else... I have no clue. My father's ancestors are already showing they don't mind leaving home to go far away, even within Italy.

Hope everyone had a great week!

by G. Borrero G2G6 Pilot (109k points)
Welcome to the Weekend Chat.
Congratulations on the super duper college grade point average.  When do you think you will finish and what are you majoring in?
Ditto to what Robynne said here.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Thanks for the welcome, Robynne and Linda.

Beulah - Data Science. Looking at Fall of 2019 being my last semester.

A 4.0 Grade Point Average is fabulous!  

So you Graduate next year!    Yeah!  

Agrees with Laura, that is awesome  G. Bartomeo !!

Thanks! Hopefully potential employers think so too!
What I hear the most from people I know who are still hiring people (I used to do that but I am retired now) they look for people who make eye contact, present a neat and professional appearance, are not overly nervous (learn to breathe to keep calm... breathe in to a count of at least 3), great grades are a piece to it.  But being able to work with others is a huge plus.  So if you have volunteered with any charities and worked on teams get some recommendations from them.   And a really big one is dependability.  That you will show up on time.
Laura, the last place I worked at would keep even a below average worker if they showed up on time and every day. But the man they hired to replace me was fired even before I left because he was never on time, even from lunch and breaks.
They even tried to talk me out of retiring.
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Well I am glad to be back in the Chat after an extended break from Wikitree!  I went to my family reunion over the Memorial Day weekend and got newly inspired.  I have a lot of new scanned photographs to upload and work through.  I think that needs to be my next project - systematically working through all of my material I have already collected, and uploading and organizing it on my laptop!  It is going to be hot here in Texas this weekend so it will be a good weekend to stay inside in the cool!
by Crispin Reedy G2G6 Mach 4 (42.5k points)
Hi Crispin. Welcome back to the Weekend chat.

Yeah, It probably is a good weekend to stay in doors and scan and organise old photos. But we genealogists LOVE doing thast, don't we?

I also agree here on this chat what Robynne said.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Hope you get a lot done!
Thanks Robynne, Linda, Laura.  I have gotten a LOT done already - the first batch of photos is completely uploaded - now I have two more to go!
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I did it!!! I am now an astronaut!!

Just went over 1,000, 080, phew, what a journey!!! 

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Thanks Dale, belated congratulations to you as well' #4 man on the ship!!

Congratulations, Dorothy on becoming an astronaut!


Wow!  That is stellar but then, 

so are YOU!

Thank you again David. I admire how you manage to do WikiTree plus keep up with your house, yard, and family outings!! A well rounded individual I must say!! Thank you for all you do and for supporting these Weekend Chats!!

Laura, you are one busy lady!!  Between family, your own businesses, and "grandma duties", how do you do it (????) and still be here on our chat every weekend, in addition to your other WikiTree projects (????). You are definitely missed when you have time issues or health issues or just plain life issues!!! I love your personally and concern for others. What would we do without Laura, right David, and our other Weekend chat volunteers, like  CharlotteRobynne and Chris !!!!

Thanks Dorothy,  this past week I dropped some balls but I should be more with it again soon!   I really enjoy the people here.  Great folks!  And I am so very proud of you and what you have accomplished! Wow!
To borrow a phrase from Linda B  "I agree with what everyone said here".
I am such a clutz on the computer that my admiration for what shows up
in this column is huge.
Wow congratulations!
Adding my "congratulations" and "thank yous" too as it was Dorothy who got me to join WikiTree even though I thought I would not have much time to do much research.  I have been trying to keep up, with getting my over 100 badges each month etc. But Dorothy is 20+ times more active then me and a whizz at these challenges and stuff.
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Hello all, I've just had a very enjoyable and productive few hours. I started with one of the Norfolk unconnected profiles, added her parents, did a search for the name on WikiTree and found all her siblings already had profiles. So a bunch of connections immediately made. Looking at the search results further I saw the name appearing in Hobart. Turns out a brother and the son of another brother went there in the mid-19C and their Aussie families had profiles. Better yet they were already connected to the big tree. So that's a whole bunch of profiles now connected, just need to add the finishing touches. What a good way to start the weekend. Bring on the next profile!
by Living Hampson G2G6 Pilot (105k points)
Good for you Chris.

Welcome to the Weekend chat.
Ditto to what Robynne said here on this chat. Also what Chris said too.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.

Way to connect those puzzle pieces!  

Nice.  It is always fun when you hook into the big tree!
+13 votes
l am here a little early for once. I went with my mother Sunday to see my dad at the rehab in Sweetwater, Tennessee. My brother and sister-in-law and my sister and brother  and sister-in-law and my nephew the dog Ollie came down also to see my dad. We were all down there except my brother-in-law and my nephew the dog Ollie came to our house while rest of use visited my dad. He still has that cifid the very contigious stuff of diahara. Before he was transferred to the rehab two weeks ago when he developed pneumonia at the hospital so he had to take antibotics again which started it back again and this time the doctor at the rehab had taking a sample of his poop and this time it came back positive instead of negative as it was when he was in the hospital and before he went to the hospital because he had taken antibotics to clear it up. So they came back negative. But he is getting stronger. He is now able to set up on the bed on the side of the bed and fed himself. A lot of times he doesn't want to do his excersise because he is lazy and he is hurting. One day he threw a pillow and mom said dad we don't throw pillows. He doesn't want to go to dialysis but we told him if he doesn't he will be dead in a weeks time and he thinks now since he has vascular dementia that mom made him to go to dialysis and we told him that he himself made the decision not us. So he does go. He getting where  he can get out of the wheelchair and get on the side of the bed and fix himself in the bed and get out of the bed and get in the wheelchair. But the ambulance takes him in his bed to dialysis and get him in the chair and goes back and gets him and puts him back in bed and takes him to rehab three times a week. Because he not strong enough to get himself out of the chair and into the car then out of the car and into a wheelchair or push his walker into the dialysis and the same when to go back to the rehab.

We are leaving the fecal transplant as the very last hope if we need to do it because my dad will need to be off all of his medicine for 3 days before doing the transplant and that could be very dangerous for my dad because of his kidney disease and his vascular dementia and blood pressure. Also his age at 85 which he will be if he lives to July 11 then he will be 86.

My sister came down today and took me out to lunch and then she went down to the rehab to see my dad. Tomorrow is my brother-in-law and he will be 57. Last Sunday my dad took a long walk looking for my mother because we were going down there later than she did when he was in the hospital and he thought she was lost so he was trying to find her and the physical therapist told us that. His vascular dementia is getting worse every day.

Tomorrow I will add pictures of the different pets we have had and the ones that my sister and brother-in-law and brother and sister-in-law has now. Also different pets that my sister and brother-in-law has had also.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
by Living Barnett G2G6 Pilot (470k points)
You and your whole family are on my prayer list.  Hang in there!
Best wishes to you and your family.
Thanks your prayers is welcome and keep praying all the time for us. This is kind of hard to watch your love ones even you dad going done hill and having problems especially every day watching too.

Here are the pictures I promised:


This pictures above except the last one are dead the pets names are Jack and Ranger Kenner. The last one is alive and the one I have been talking about and his name is Ollie Kenner.

This next one is cat that adopted my brother and sister-in-law and her name is Jeri Sue Barnett


Now the next ones are dead and the adopted us. First ones will be cats first one name will be Missy Barnett who died at age of 20 and then next one will be Brandy Barnett and died at the age of 22 and next one will be called Big Boy and the next one is Goldie. Then next pictures will be the two dogs one is a collie that ended up with 3 legs the front leg missing and then next one will be a part chow and other type of dog in her. The collie name is Tippy and died at age of 12 and the mixture of chow was 5 when killed and its name was Princess and she was that a Princess to us.






Cats and Dogs living together....   that was my house.... had 6 Alaskan Malamutes and 1 Maine Coon Cat who thought he was a Malamute.  Of course the Mals thought they were our children along with our two sons.  Our sons learned to walk by pulling up on the Mals and walking with them.  They often took naps on the Mals.  The Wookies of Star Wars were patterned after Geore Lucas' Mal.  The "woodle"  our sons used to tell us what they were saying...  vivid imaginations or because they grew up with them, did they actually learn their language?  Who knows....but it was a lively household when my sons were young.

Nice photos Linda! Looks like a lovely family including the pets, and a lot of love showing!! 

Cat pics, always a delight! :)
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Eowyn has just put up a new Question of the Week.

Has anyone in your family won a major award?

(Nobel, Oscar, BAFTA, Pulitzer etc)

by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Does a Lifetime Achievement Award for a National Trade Organization count?  If so, yes.  My aunt.  She was also inducted into their Hall of Fame.
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
I would think that ANY Hall of Fame counts!!

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