June, July, August Magna Carta Challenges - repeat February, March, & May!

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Magna Carta Project Challenge

2018 June, July, August Challenges: Repeat February, March, and May challenges (in whatever order you wish).

What and When? To meet the Challenges, you must answer this G2G post three times (one answer for each month) & then edit that answer to post your progress on that Challenge - see the previous G2G post for details on meeting the Challenge. For tracking purposes ([here]),

but you can repeat them in any order.You can even post all three of your answers now if you'd like. So long as you finish all three challenges by the end of August (meaning your answers are updated as completed no later than midnight August 31st, your time), you'll get three Challenge Met! stickers.

Who can play? Magna Carta Project Challenges are open to project members and affiliates. See our join post if you'd like to become a member & see [this page] for information about being an affiliate. Either way (member or affiliate), you are encouraged to join the project's "Profile Alerts Google Group", which is tied to the project account, WikiTree-36.

What's the reward? Improving Magna Carta profiles and three Challenge Met! stickers.

WikiTree profile: Magna Carta Project WikiTree
in The Tree House by Liz Shifflett G2G6 Pilot (640k points)
I just want to participate and I have time right now to earn a badge!

I know I have lines that supposedly connect but I did some inspection a while back and there are unsourced profiles.

Is that it or do I only go by what's in the Richardson book?

Looking to join the June challenge.

:) Thank you!

Hi! The Magna Carta challenges are open to members & affiliates. If you'll post {{Magna Carta Project Affiliate}} to your profile and an answer to this question, then you'll have joined the Challenge! For details of what's needed, see the posts for the challenges we're repeating - February, March, and May

For more info about getting started in the project, see [Magna Carta Project 101].

Richardson is the project's "go-to" source, but for PGM Gateways, Anderson would do too. The project's [checklist] touches on sources & there's also a [pre-1500 resource page].


Hi Liz,

Thanks for writing back so quickly. According to WikiTree, I connect to all of the signers (doubtful), there are unsourced profiles in each line.

I already began looking at [[Kempe-32|Judith Agnes (Kempe) Birdsall]], father [[Kempe-33|William Kempe]] and so on up the line. I have been doing just that, checking my line and sourcing profiles. If correct, these ancestors would connect to six signers in my tree.

[[Schooley-176|Samuel Schooley]], a Quaker needs sources to connect to his father [[Schooley-188|Robert Schooley]], and work further back here as well. If correct, these ancestors connect to five signers.

[[Young-894|Jane (Young) Hatch]] needs better sourcing, her mother [[Corbet-269|Susanne Corbet]] needs sourcing. This line connects to two signers according to WikiTree.

Finally, [[Bayley-33|Hester (Bayley) King]] needs sourcing to connect to [[Strode-59|Thomasine Strode]], her father, [[Strode-7|William Strode]] and further back appear unsourced or with links that are no longer valid.

I believe that these four family lines lead to all of the signers (if correct).

So, now I choose one and ask about them in a separate question? I may keep asking clarifying questions because I've been here for several years but have participated in few challenges so I want to get it right.

:) Thanks,


Hi again - I didn't realize you'd posted this. I replied to the private message copy you sent to me. Short answer - none of the profiles you mention qualify for the Challenge, as Judith is not a Richardson-documented Gateway Ancestor (so developing a trail for her wouldn't qualify either, and William & Thomas are her ancestors).

Also, to participate in the Challenge, you'll need to post an answer (not a comment) to this question (not post a separate G2G question). However, if you wanted help with Judith & her family, posting a separate G2G question would be appropriate, since they're not within the main scope of the Magna Carta Project (if Judith is documented by Anderson as PGM, she would qualify for the sub-project, "Questionable Gateway Ancestors" - see [this page] for more information).

Cheers, Liz

P.S. Don't forget that for you to qualify to participate in the Challenge, you'll need to either join the project as a participating member or as an Affiliate.


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I am in for Team Tennessee Volunteers as their captain. Liz you know that I will be doing John Lightfoot-92 for this challenge for June.[[Lightfoot-92|John Lightfoot, II]]
by Living Barnett G2G6 Pilot (505k points)
edited by Living Barnett
Linda - this is a project challenge open to project affiliates and members. It's not a team challenge.
Well that just proves that Tennessee really is the Volunteer State !  Even volunteering for Magna Carta Challenges.  Seriously, the Magna Carta Project would be happy to have a few more Tennessee born Magna Carta members join in this challenge,  All you have to do is join us in the Magna Carta Project (open to all interested Wikitree members regardless of where you live *with Pre-1700 certification)
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Hook me up for the June = February challenge !  

David D


by David Douglass G2G6 Pilot (128k points)
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I'm in, just really busy (non-WikiTree project needing lots of attention, as well as oodles of WikiTree stuff to do).

Anyway, here's my "answer" for the June Challenge, repeating February's "Develop a profiles for a Gateway Ancestor". Said Gateway TBD.

Cheers, Liz
by Liz Shifflett G2G6 Pilot (640k points)

Found one! [[Dorothy (Beresford) Brodnax]].

edit - Finished review/update of her profile. I think the spirit of the challenge to "develop" a profile was not met by the work needed, so I'll look for another Gateway.

Found another one - this one definitely qualifies: [John Bevan]

Well, I'm done developing the profile for John Bevan. I was thinking that I'd develop his trail for the next challenge, but I'm not convinced he actually has one, even though one is shown for him in Magna Carta Ancestry.

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June-Develop a Gateways Profile [[Calthorpe-140|Col. Christopher Calthorpe]] Done
by Misty Musco G2G6 Mach 2 (28.7k points)
edited by Misty Musco
+2 votes
I'm in for june.  Just finished the Eltonhead-6 to Quincy-226 trail, needs review.  Started it since 1 june, I think.
by Robin Anderson G2G6 Mach 4 (43.7k points)
Just did Hardell-1.  Added Wikipedia reference.
+2 votes
July done. Trail waiting on Review and Approval from Gateway Ancestor Col. Christopher Calthorpe and Richard (Clare) de Clare.
by Misty Musco G2G6 Mach 2 (28.7k points)
edited by Misty Musco
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For the July/March Challenge - Develop a Trail - I'll be working on the trail for [[Dorothy (Beresford) Brodnax]].

by Liz Shifflett G2G6 Pilot (640k points)
Finished! Her trail is ready for review :D
+3 votes
And here's my posted answer for the August/May Challenge. Haven't started looking yet for project profiles with maintenance categories I can clear, but thought I'd get set up for them here anyway.
by Liz Shifflett G2G6 Pilot (640k points)
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I'll do Aug challenge now - Roger de Clifford, Clifford-243, will check RA sources.
by Robin Anderson G2G6 Mach 4 (43.7k points)
Think it's finished...  Checked and cleared up all RA refs.
Just did Hardell-1.  Added Wikipedia reference.
Hi Robin! Good to see you :D

"Needs Source Check" is intended to be to Richardson, but additional references are good too.
Decided to take on the trail from Elizabeth Covert to Richard de Clare, which includes several 'needs' profiles.
Hi Liz,  I have limited time until September, but can spend a couple of hours here and there. :-)
Cleared "needs" for Bramshott-1.
Cleared "needs" for Bramshott-3
Cleared "needs" for Bramshott-4
Cleared "needs" for Lisle-182.
Removed and then reinstated 'needs' for Bohun-152.  Do not have time right now to finish this, but will come back to it at least in September (unless someone else wants to look at it).
Don't worry about the Visitation.  It'll be wrong.  I only posted it because it was there, and I came across it while I was looking for something else.
Thanks, RJ.  will look at it more when I get time in Sept.
Robin! I totally missed that you met this Summer challenge! Congratulations!! I'll get you a sticker for it next week (I'm SO behind on non-WikiTree stuff cuz of the Source-a-Thon).

Cheers, Liz

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