New rules for the living, but how can I link myself to my member cousin

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I am living, as is my cousin who is a member. Although I do not know how active a member they may or may not be.

My father is living, as is his sibling (my cousin's parent).

Their parents are deceased though.

The new rules about living people being unlisted means that I have no way of knowing if my father's sibling already has a profile or not, and thus I can't connect my paternal grandparents to their other grandchild, and therefore connect me to my cousin.

What can I do? Anything? or is this an impossible situation to avoid now?
in Policy and Style by Kathy Thompson G2G5 (5.0k points)
retagged by Ellen Smith

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At this time Kathy, I believe the only resolution to your problem is to contact that cousin.

If you know how they are listed on their Profile, do a search to find them.  They can't be unlisted as I believe by being a member you agree to being listed, though you do have Privacy Controls over how much information is revealed. If their Privacy Level permits it, you can look at their Contributions to see how long ago they last did anything on WikiTree.  And you can Private Message them as well.

If Active, ask to be on their Trusted List and this will permit you to see the Unlisteds they  have added.  Also, you can reciprocate by putting them on your Trusted List

Another, but more tedious way, is to click on your father's last name in his Profile.  All Unlisteds will show up in the Name List with their Profile Manager's name.  You can scroll through the list to see if your cousin's name appears as a Manager.  If a common LNAB, tedious may be an understatement.

There may be other work arounds and would like to know if there are myself.
by LJ Russell G2G6 Pilot (195k points)
I don't know how to work out if they are an active member or not - they've apparently only made 6 contributions since their profile was created in 2011 and only 4 of those contributions are visible in their contributions list.

I've sent them messages in the past but have never heard back from them.

Their profile only has one badge, which is "Family Member active" badge, no others. I have no idea who the person who invited them would have been.
Good, you found them Kathy and the simplest way to tell if they are active is how long ago the last Contribution was made.  If it is more than a couple of years ago, then I would deem them as not Active.

With how the GDPR is affecting WikiTree, I am just not sure of the proper way to handle this.

This normally falls under Unresponsive Profile Managers.  Please see this Help Page

Click on 2.3 Private Profiles and follow the procedure there.

If any problem with that procedure, I would email with a complete explanation of your problem.  Include both your and your cousin's Profile IDs and the Profile ID(s) of the family names involved (if known) to facilitate them in their research.

Hope this helps.

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