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I'm trying to add the rest of the children for Styavniczky-1 and Rőczey-1 from my GEDCOMpare report (so that I don't introduce new errors while retyping the dates and  places). Problem is, Styavniczky-1 started off as Selmeczy-7 because I lost track of the generations while entering him. (There are 5 Styavniczky/Selmeczy Sándors on my offline tree.) Selmeczy-7 no longer exists; putting that ID in results in a redirect to Styavniczky-1. However, when I use the Add button from my GEDCOMpare report to add one of the couple's children (there are four more), the screen that comes up wants to add a child of Selmeczy-7, who has no spouse or other children, because he doesn't actually exist. I discovered this problem when adding Selmeczy-9: he ended up with no mother, but if I went to his father, there she was. It took a while and several moments of panic and utter confusion, but I think I have him sorted out. I don't want to repeat all that with his siblings. What can I do?
WikiTree profile: Sándor Selmeczy
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Sounds like a puzzler.  Do me a favor, if you have another child to add from your GEDCOMpare please attempt to do so.

When the Add Page appears please check for these on that page.

Does it appear at the top-  Edit Family of Sándor (Styavniczky) Selmeczy

Then below that does it have-  I. Add Child of Sándor (Styavniczky) Selmeczy

Scroll to the bottom of the page and does a check box show up with this after it:  Borbála Terézia Rőczey(Rőczey-1) Uncheck this if Borbála is not the other parent.   And is there a check in the box?

Also, do the two children already added to Styavniczky-1 appear with their check boxes to remove if wanted to do so? You don't in this case so there should be no checks in their boxes.

If you don't see this, just close that page and nothing will be added to the system and report what you see.  If this appears, you should be OK to add the next child.

Since you merged Styavniczky-1 and Selmeczy-7, even if it says it wants to add to Selmeczy-7, Styavniczky-1 should appear as the target Profile.  The system knows any reference to Selmeczy-7 should redirect automatically to Styavniczky-1.



by LJ Russell G2G6 Pilot (222k points)

I just clicked "add" on their one daughter. The page header is:

Edit Family of Sándor Selmeczy

The line below that is:
This form will add or change a family relationship for Sándor Selmeczy. To view or edit his other family members, click to Sándor's edit page.
(In case the links don't come through in a comment, they're both to Selmeczy-7.)
There is no spousal/maternal checkbox at the bottom of the page, nor any mention of Rőczey Borbála anywhere on the Add page. There is likewise no mention of siblings anywhere.
OK, you got me on this one.  About an hour after I replied, I remembered the Add Page on GEDCOMpare is slightly different than the manual Add Child Page.  But not much.

I don't have a GEDCOMpare file loaded right now that I can use to compare.  Unless someone else has an idea, I'm afraid you'll have to add these names through the manual Add Child on Sandor's Profile.  Then copy and past the data from your original file.

I think merging the two files for Sándor after loading the GEDCOMpare file might have the system just a little bit off.  You see, when you load a file a file into GEDCOMpare, it takes a sort of picture of the data it accessed and associated to your names.  GEDCOMpare still thinks Selmeczy-7 is there.  I looked over my notes and see that someone else had the almost the same Problem with Merged Profiles while in the middle of the GEDCOMpare work.  Fortunately they had a small file with about 60 names.  They reloaded the file like it was the first time and then GEDCOMpare associated to the newer Profile and problem fixed.  I noticed Miklos Selmeczy is number 440 in your GEDCOM file, so your file is a bit larger and you would have to review all of the suggested matches again.

I'm sorry I couldn't be of better help.
Neither Selmeczy-7 nor Styavniczky-1 existed when the GEDCOMpare report was generated. (Selmeczys 2 through 6 came from the same file, too.) And yeah, my offline tree has over 1200 people; they're not all going on WT, but it would be hard for me to refer back to the offline file if the online report had different numbering.

Do you think it would help to "refresh suggested matches"? (That is, would that refresh the report's picture of WikiTree?) I kinda dread the prospect, but maybe it'd find an actual connection this time....

I was going to suggest that, but seeing at least part of the size of your file, I was apprehensive to have you do that as all Suggested Matches that have not been cleared by Adding to or Editing a Profile on WikiTree will come back.  So if you had a Joe Smith that had 5 suggested matches and you rejected them but had not Added Joe to WikiTree yet, those Suggested Matches will reappear after refreshing.  So, if you had a bunch, then that could be a bit time consuming and would be your choice.

However, if you would manually add the children to Sandor you want through his Profile manually.  And just add their Name and Birth Date only exactly as it appears in your gedcom file and make sure their are attached to Sandor and Borbála. .  Then hit refresh and they will now appear as a Suggested Match and you can just Edit them through GEDCOMpare to import the data to their Profile.  Saving the typing and or copy and pasting.  But I felt it was the long way around your problem and I was loathe to suggest it.  I was trying to think of an easier way, but this way should end your problem.  A tad troublesome, but it should work.  And you brought up the refresh idea.  LOL

I ended up needing to re-do the suggested matches anyway -- something I did while trying to detach Selmeczy-7 from the person in the report reset the report so that I had no Add buttons. (Several of the suggestions were to unlisted profiles, which would be a totally impossible situation if I actually wanted to enter living people on WT. Luckily the point is moot, because I have no intention of entering the vital statistics of living people on a public website.)

It appears that what happened was that the old (merged-away or changed-away) profile got attached to the report as the match for that person, and nothing short of refreshing the matches could get that attachment to go away. Thus the GEDCOMpare function kept adding children to the zombie instead of the actual father.

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