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His son Thomas Owsley was a Gateway Ancestor through the Poyntz side, the Owsley family prob. not a wealthy family. (Burke's says Thomas d. in Jamaica but he's buried very close to my house! Small world...)

The profile has this uncited statement I would like some help researching: "John Owsley was the son and heir of John Owsley of Trull, Somerset, and his wife Edith (Edwards) Owsley, daughter of William Edwards, of Winsham, Somerset. 

His Alumni Oxonienses profile says he had different parents: ""Ousley, John (Owsle) s. William, of Claypoole, co. Lincoln, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 20 Oct., 1626, aged 18, " Note, they didn't really have a standardized spelling at this point, which is prob. why there are some errors in the ancestry. Pleb = commoner.

As the spouse of Dorothea Poyntz he's in Royal Ancestry v.4 pp. 294-5 which is not online. He's also in Plantagenet Ancestry, p. 656.  which is not visible to me. If someone could check and cite his parents w/ a note that would be appreciated. I also re-started the merge w/ -103.

His da. Edith m. her 1st cousin Rev William Owsley  & they had a son Rev John, both rectors of Glooston. So Rev. William Owsley's father, who according to the Alumni Oxon. was named Jeffrey, and this Rev. John were brothers. 

I doubt he was an heir of much of anything in Trull, Somerset or Claypool, co. Lincoln since Edith's descendants only had property in Leicestershire, and it was enough for Esq status, Burke's is unclear how they acquired their wealth, I assume through marriage.

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Hang on.  The immigrant's father Rev John was born in Somerset in 1630.  The John in the Oxford Alumni was already at Oxford by then.
The John who became rector of Claypole seems to have had a son John who went to Cambridge, but he was only 16 in 1661.

And of course someone asked this question already @ gen.medieval -> :!topic/soc.genealogy.medieval/W1QfMa_LWms

I value the family's research but I don't quite understand the error in Alumni Oxonienses. The compilers transcribed something that said "John Ousley, son of William of Claypoole, co. Lincoln".  I think what they are saying is Rev. John Owsley, eventual Rector of Glooston didn't attend Oxford (maybe Cambridge?).


Foster might have been wrong to think the rector of Claypole and the rector of Glooston were the same person.  These career details aren't in the Oxford records, they were all added by Foster from his own ginormous collections.

CCED doesn't think they're the same.  Rector of Glooston

Apparently he got the living 2 years before he was licensed to preach.  Chaotic times.  No record of him having a degree.


Reading between the lines Thomas, Lord Brudenell was out of prison in 1660 and owned the advowson of Glooston  so I don't quite see how Charles II had the right to present Rev John in the first place. BHO has a nice article on Glooston but doesn't really give a clue on what happened to put 4 successive Owsleys in the living.

I think Fosters made a mistake like you mentioned. In any case I don't think the Owsley family did a lot of critical thinking, they just found what they needed and moved on.

His appointment in that db says the patrons were John, Earl of Carlisle and Thomas, Lord Brudnell. Was he or his wife related to them somehow? Unusual such a nice living went to a random nobody with no degree. I would assume if the Bishop of Oxford performed the ordination he was at Oxford when this happened. This also screws up the timeline carefully fabricated by team Owsley.

MCA v.3 p. 288 has his parents, which I assume is the same in the other two works. 

That clergy db has a John Owsleye or John Owslay at Claypole 1660/1662, so prob. a mixup.

The Maclean book cited by Richardson calls the immigrant's father John Owsley of Whittlebury, Northants, Clerk in 1651, apparently from the primary source.

CCED knows nothing about any Owsleys being vicar of Stogursey.

I think this is something to do with the church during the protectorate having a Presbyterian polity, this would explain why was ordained after the Restoration I guess. But a lot of weird things happening here...

The Will of his supposed father says his brother William was the heir, and was under the age of 21 in 30 Nov 1650. A son John Owsley is mentioned repeatedly, and there's a witness John Owsley which implies his son was a witness, which means he was over the age of 21 in 1650 and had some other relationship with Edith Edwards than 'son'. It makes a lot more sense he has different parents than these two (hence the question).

I'm wondering if "my friend Richard Skinner" was any relation to Robert Skinner the bishop of Oxford.
He was ordained by Bishop Skinner, another weird connection but if he was selected as his vicar in Green's Norton I suppose that makes sense. But Bakers doesn't mention him in the section on Whittlesbury & I tried digging through other History and Antiquities volumes, no luck finding him there.

Another oddity I just noticed - his alumni entry says he was vicar of South Stoke, Somerset, 1652. This is also not supported by the clergy database but there is a big gap during the Protectorate. The story was he appeared to be ejected from that parish...curious...

Another tidbit - his son-in-law William Owsley is listed as the son of William Owsley of Trull (which would imply this William Owsley is his nephew) but does not mention he was the rector of Glooston,  These mixups certainly make identifying his parents difficult!


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