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When I click the SAVE CHANGES button on the edit page, nothing happens.  I tried several times - even tried starting over and pasting my change in, then clicking the SAVE button.  I also tried on a different profile - same thing - nothing happens and the change is not saved.

I had been working steadily, and saved successfully several times immediately before this just started happening now.

I just discovered another glitch.  I have not received email when answers or comments are posted on this question!
in WikiTree Tech by Gaile Connolly G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
retagged by Ellen Smith
Just here to say the same thing is happening to me.
D, I'm curious - what browser are you using?

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I wonder if its related to the rash of "Invalid Edit Token" posts we've been getting lately? Maybe something is actually wrong on the server backend. Otherwise, maybe the editing session was too long and and expired, (and the usual clearing browser caching, blah, blah blah :) )
by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (540k points)

No, Dennis, it wasn't a long edit.  I just added a child for Mary Jane (Lumpkins) Oliver and am therefore changing the line listing that child in her profile from:

* Vernon Oliver, born about 1896


* [[Oliver-8579|Vernon Young Oliver]], born February 5, 1896 in Carlisle, Arkansas, United States, died June 17, 1975

I also saved the new text in my buffer, refreshed the edit page, and pasted it in, then tried to SAVE.  That whole operation took about 1 second.

right, I know you know the usual drill... so with the rash of similar posts, it must be actually something wrong on the server then.
I agree that it has to be a server software problem.  They must be making a change now, though, because I had been working steadily for about an hour and saved successfully several times.  My thought is that they made some change that is giving Edge a case of indigestion ... a lot of things work funny on Edge and need special attention to detect the browser in use and use a workaround if it's Edge.  By the way, that's the reason I use Edge as my default browser - so I know immediately when something isn't working right in it while I'm developing software.
Dennis, I just looked at the questions about the Invalid Edit Token problem.  I think I understand those.

You know how, with a multi-user database, if 2 people have the same record open and 1 makes a change and saves it, then if the other one makes a different change and saves it, they will overwrite the first change?  WikiTree managed to eliminate that problem by tracking the time stamp on the record when you opened it.  If you try to save and the time stamp on the record is later than when you opened it, they give you the message about edit conflict instead of writing your change.

I don't believe they have a user friendly error trap for merges, which results in possible edit token error messages when multiple people simultaneously have the same merge page open.  Of course, since I have not seen the WikiTree software, I'm just speculating here.
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It just happened to me also. FYI Gaile I was using the Google Chrome browser at the time. I might try either Edge or Firefox when I have the time later. I have used up my time this morning for WikiTree and now have to start another activity that get's me moving and doing some physical work.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)

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