When were maintenance categories approved for use on stickers? [closed]

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This is the WikiTree Help page for Stickers


The purpose of a Profile Sticker is to highlight an important fact about a person or honor an important achievement.

Profile Stickers support and decorate the biography. They are not intended to serve a unique functional purpose.


Profile Stickers can do categorization, so that any profile with the sticker will be placed in a certain category or categories, but this is not necessary.

My Question,

When were maintenance categories approved for use on stickers? Clearly they are not approved by the above wording. If they are approved, could the wording on the Help page be revised to reflect it please. 

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I'm not sure what you're talking about. Could you show an example?  

There are research note boxes which employ maintenance categories:


Perhaps the wording in the help page could be improved. 

Something like:

Profile Stickers may include a category, so that any profile with the sticker will be placed in a certain category or categories. This is optional. 

Stickers were created last year, so this "change" has been around since the implementation of stickers as a separate recognition from Project Boxes. 

I have searched around and can find nothing in help that specifically addresses maintenance categories on stickers, but they are used in Research Note Boxes. (See:https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Templates#Stickers for distinctions)

Natalie, the problem lies with the purpose of Sticker because maintenance categories do not highlight an important fact nor honor an important achievement. Maintenance categories are intended to serve an unique functional purpose.
Our comments "crossed in the mail."
I've seen them used and would like to use them as well. I just don't want to go and be told a year or two down the line that I screwed up.

You've seen research note boxes used with maintenance categories, as you have shown the list, above.  You may use them freely if they already exist. 

If you click on your above link for Needs Birth Record, you will be taken to [[Category: Needs Birth Record]]. Notice that there are both subcategories and profiles attached. Click on the subcategory for German Roots Project Needs Birth Record. Notice in that category there is an explanation for using the template: {{German Roots|Needs=Birth Record}}

By adding the qualifier "|Needs Birth Record" to the German Roots template, it places the profile into the subcategory "German Roots Project Needs Birth Record" automatically. 

STICKERS, I believe, are not currently doing this and, I do not believe they should do so. Simply add the category manually. As you explained, stickers are to highlight a fact or an achievement. 

If you are working on a non-project related profile, you may add maintenance categories freely. There are many:



Are you now saying that Stickers cannot be used with maintenance categories?

If so why?
If you would like to propose a specific sticker, please follow this:

Where can I get a straight answer if not in G2G?

Your original question, "When were maintenance categories approved for use on stickers?"

My answer: They are not specifically approved for such a purpose. Using a category is approved.  

If you are asking a different question now or wish to propose a specific use of maintenance categories on stickers, then please do so using the guideline, above. You may check the current list of stickers here, so as not to duplicate:


those categories are added by project boxes, not stickers
Thank you, Natelie, I thought as much. That is why I came to G2G

1 Answer

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Where are you seeing the stickers you are talking about? And what do they say?
by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
I'm not sure how to address this. You are answering my question with a question. Would it make any difference to a proper reply by you if I proceeded to answer your question?

Yes, it would make a difference.  It is difficult to answer a question properly if you're not sure what the questioner is talking about.

See Natalie's comment above: "I'm not sure what you're talking about. Could you show an example?"

There are so many stickers and boxes and categories - and if we knew which one you are talking about, we would be able to say "oh, that sticker; that actually means such-and-such".  Decisions on maintenance categories are taken on a case-by-case basis - so we need to know which sticker to answer your question of 'when?'

I placed a comment above on Natalie's comment. I trust it clarifies your question.

Thank you.  Yes, those are definitely maintenance categories.  Where have you seen any one of them attached to a sticker? They could be attached to a research box.


Stickers and Research Note Boxes have different purposes, but they are both enclosed within braces, so they are both types of templates.

But the terminology probably isn't what you're getting at.

It's a shortcut way to add maintenance categories to profiles in order to look at them later or at a more convenient time. Project members may work in the maintenance categories as a task.

Thank you  I clarified your previous question. Would it make any difference to a proper reply by you if I proceeded to answer your current question? Would I keep the intentions of the honour code in place by being courteous to everyone if I answered your question?

Natalie, sorry your reply showed late.
Could you word that into a proper reply for me to link to please.
Could you clarify whether it has been approved?
Could you please confirm that this would be clarified on the Help page please?
Thank you for your patience.  I will back out of this discussion now, so as to leave others to provide you with a 'proper' reply.  Sorry I couldn't help.

Don't worry about it Ros.  I'm just over careful.

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