Who the heck is Chippy Waldo?

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My earliest traceable ancestor is John Golden (abt. 1750.) He married Permilla "Milly" Carder. Milly's father, Uriah, wrote a will which named several people as witnesses, as benefactors, and one particular individual as executor (and "my friend"): CHIPPY WALDO

There ARE Waldoes in Harrison County, West Virginia. None of them appear to be "Chip" or "Chippy", although I certainly suspect that it's a nickname. He sounds like somebody that Uriah loved to get in trouble with. I mean...the name "Chippy Waldo" screams 'trouble-maker.' =D

This guy's not even directly related to me. He's just the friend of my 7th Great-Grandfather. But he sounds like someone I'd like to know.

Any help would be appreciated!

WikiTree profile: Uriah Carder
in Genealogy Help by Patrick Golden G2G Crew (610 points)

Patrick, I have not a clue, but I hope someone can help you find Waldo.

Sorry I can't answer that.  It makes me wonder if the will is a joke.

HOWEVER, I would like to point out that there was no West Virginia until 1863.  Historians call it Lincoln's first reconstructed state.

Julie, the Will is legit.  It was recorded in Virginia, and there's an image of it here:  https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:9392-H1V4-X?i=19&cc=1909099

West Virginia now has the pre-statehood records from its counties.

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Patrick, what a fantastic Waldo puzzle! I love all things Waldo, and can tell you lots of Waldo stories...planning to talk you ear off right now about my ancestors:

I cracked it, but it took all day. I'm going to lay this out, and see if you can crack it, too. I had two red-hot working theories: the "Chip off ye olde block" theory and the "Holistic Chippewa Doctor John" theory. Everyone having anything to do with this was living near Bridgeport, Harrison, (W) Virginia.


I looked up "Chip" and it is said to be a nickname for a Junior, as in a "Chip off the old block." It can also be a nickname for Charles or Richard or Christopher, but there are no known Waldo of those names in the area. 


John Waldo, Sr.  was born 1728 in Windham, CT., and moved to West Virginia where he had lots of descendants in vicinity of Harrison County, luckily most too recently born to qualify as a "Chippy.". He did have a son John Jr.  (a chip off the old block) and also a son "Phipps," an unusual name that sounds a bit like "Chippy" which is a very unusual name for a Will. Only the younger John Waldo (Jr.)  is in the right time and place.His brother Phipps died too early, but there was a second Phipps Waldo,  he is John Jr.'s son!


The first Phipps died in the Revolutionary War and John Waldo Sr. died too early. Our lives are just dull compared to these early Waldos.




John J. Waldo, Jr. survived his service as a minuteman in the Rev. War and named his first child after his fallen brother Phipps Waldo. 



This second Phipps is the correct age and correctly located to be a possibility for "Chippy" Waldo.



In the following Ancestry "message board" the younger Phipps is listed as an Appraiser in the will of Lawson Riley in September of 1820, so this shows he was a person trusted with assisting in the final resolution of at least one person's estate. However,  also listed here is Rev. John J Waldo (Jr.), a Baptist Reverend,  who officiated in the marriages of a number of Carders and Goldens of that time and place. Meaning he was assisting in the evolution of your family, Patrick (once inside the link you can use "control F" to search for on "Waldo"):



In addition to being a respectable Reverend, John Waldo Jr. was a holistic healer who was said to have learned his craft when captured by Indians as a young man. It is unclear who captured him, but living in New York had put him close to the Chippewa territory which then stretch very far across the Northern shores of the Great lakes, a vast territory called Turtle Island by some. John Waldo Jr. actually practiced medicine on real people as well as religion. If he indeed learned Chippewa medicine,  then "Chippy" could  refer to such a life altering time as both prisoner and student. If the story about him being captured is false and he practiced Indian Medicine while going by the swanky name of Chippy to lend credibility to a charlatan perversity, that would qualify him a real screaming troublemaker. But I have to say this branch of Waldos tended to be pretty straightlaced.

best bio of John J Jr: https://www.geni.com/people/John-Waldo-Jr/6000000001044574266


These are my greatgggggguncle John Waldo Sr.  and my cousins, but despite familial piety I was ready to give it up..... Then I notice Family Search has the West Virginia Will books online. So one last sleepy round leads me full circle to Uriah Carder's Will which was written in a very formal style and beautiful curvaceous script. I walked all day in a huge circle, but let me show you the solution which if you have read this far, you should see it if you go back to study the actual Will with my narrative in mind. I hope you have one of those free Family Search accounts like I have. For some reason I can't get my screenshot of the Will loaded here. Hope you can pull up the source and look close: 


p.s. Some of these Waldos have Wiki-profiles, but I will give your grggrandfather's true friend one soon. Old friends are Golden. 

p.s.s. need another hint? Contemplate orthography and calligraphy. Put the words "Phipps" and "Chippy" next to each other and trace the outlines. Then blur your eyes.

by R Adams G2G6 Mach 2 (24.3k points)
selected by Pip Sheppard
Well done, R Adams!
I definitely did consider "Phipps" after I went back and re-read the will. But I think you're right...the ages didn't quite jive. I also read a story about the elder Phipps that said he had a premonition of his death on the day that he died. At least I think it was on his Wiki Tree profile here. True or not...I don't know. I like the Chippewa theory! Also...I'm very interested in the idea that he was a local officiant for local families, including Goldens and Carders. Fantastic story! Thank you so much!
Fantastic job!
No, I am not flipping out!!!!


I'm "Phipping" out...as only a true Waldophile can do...


So, the original Uncle Phipps Waldo now has an improved profile listing his 9 discoverable namesakes:



Uriah Carder's Waldo friend, Phipps/Chippy now has a proper profile ( https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Waldo-528 ) and there is something weird I unearthed about him. Perhaps he was a trouble maker after all?


Could this be a marry or pay up scheme?:


Great job again, R Adams.  The doc you posted looks like a pretty standard marriage bond of the time.  Still, 'marry or pay up' describes it quite well!
Thank you. I had never heard of a Marriage Bond, but I see now it was normal for that time and place. So, it's a guarantee  that "If you even try to cheat the state's rules of who can lawfully marry,  the state will make you pay a whole lot of money."

Very interesting way for the state to protect the legal institution of marriage.
It's more like, "Give us a pile of money and we'll let you marry her.  If you make good on your promise, we'll give it back."
You say our lives are boring compared to these Waldos... we should chat sometime. I have a Wonderful Waldo Grandmother and 25 cousins who make soap operas occasionally look like documentaries.

I think one of my Great Uncles was called Chippy, come to think of it.... ;0)
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Probably won't help but my grandad was a Chippy. Actually a shipwright.
by C. Mackinnon G2G6 Pilot (292k points)
That bit of word history is good to know.

I kept picturing someone coming home covered in wood chips and was looking for a local sawyer named Waldo, but a shipwright being called a "Chippy" is a very cool bit of history.

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