Warre / Ware family Brick wall / Puzzle

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I really could use some help please. going  from Rueben

Reuben Ware-259 okay  Nicholas Ware-365 okay  Nicholas Ware-366 okay Nicholas  Ware-195  wife  jenny garrett okay.

( Ware =195 parents) Peter III Ware-547 wife Mary Hicks okay

 Peter Ware-1258 Catherine Eaton wife. (Peter III -547 parents)???

Peter Ware I -1259 is he  ware -1258 father????

 I have John Ware -2862 Wife Mary Owen as Ware -547 parents. Where did Peter Ware -1259 come from ??   was  this  Peter added twice Then I have Christopher Ware  wife Russell as John ware -2862 father. .

A John Ware  wife  Whittington  as Christopher parents,

   It goes like this Reuben, Nicholas III, Nicholas II, Nicholas I, Peter III wife hicks, Peter II  wife Catherin Eaton  ( Which I have) . Then a Peter I ( Not sure of )

Then John  ware - 2862  wife Mary  Owen ( I  have  Peter II  is his son not Peter I)

 Then John Ware - 2871  ware 2862

 But  I found  Christopher Ware  wife Russell   is John Ware wife  Owen is  parents.  

 John Ware  of Kent England  wife  Daughter of Whittington is  Christopher  parents.  When I do research here on wikitree   it has the same but not the same. Once I get this area of family correct I can connect the puzzle. Is there  one to many Johns  and Peter`s ?? What order do they go.  In searching I found that Delware was named after Thomas West  de la warre  first governor of Virginia , I have all the  pieces but these Peter and John Ware`s  is holding  the connect up. I have  information from  Eaton and Ware  RELATED GENEALOGY                        Dover, England 1500-2017  

 I know that names are handed down .  I have the same information  as others here on wikitree, It is just these profile that are troubling.    

How many john`s  after christopher I have One ?? How many Peter`s   > After Peter mary Hicks then Peter  Catherine Eaton. Is there a Peter after Peter / Catherine??
  In between Christopher  and Peter / Catherine  is the puzzle>

 I know this is alot  But , as soon as I get those in line . It will all be connected.

Thanks Mary

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You'll probably have an easier time if you just ignore DeGidio's Ware Family History. It's not very good.
I Have Eaton BIG Y DNA Matches and i also have a Warren y67 and BIG Y Match. What i am getting at maybe the Ware Surname Dirived from the Warren, Warrene Surname.

My Scott Line Descends from the Scott's of Scott's Hall in Kent, England

The Eaton Family is from Kent England Also.

There are 2 Ware Y DNA Testers attached to Ware Male Profiles Here on Wikitree if there Y DNA STR's could be compared to the STR'S of the Warren's you may Find the answer to get over your Brick Wall.

If STR's of Both Surnames Match or are Simular with only a Few Mutations Some SNP Testing may be Required for Confirmation

I have no clue on how to read DNA info sorry but thanks for replying


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Give me one name,where born Date,if you have,his mother father,who

married.I will help one name at a time.
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Thank You,

 I am good to Peter Ware III (not sure if he is III.) anyways, Wife Mary Hicks.

 I think this should be his parents Peter II  age 25 and Catherine Eaton  born around 1597 she was 16 d/o Nicholas Eaton and  Katherine Master/Masterson. which is Peter   WARE-1258.  this I can confirm with  Transcript Eaton Lineage- genealogy    and other info.  I have  Peter and Catherine married Jan 8 1613  in Kent England.   Peter IV sells land to Nathaniel Bacon   which Peter said belonged to his father Peter Ware (wife Mary Hicks).  This  Nathaniel Bacon was cousin to  Nathaniel Bacon of Bacon`s Rebellion.

 Children of Peter and Catherine   

Peter III  England  1614? 1657-59? in Virginia. He was a attorney for Robert Lewis.VA

 John Ware 1619 England.  and another son..

The Ware`s profile  when I follow each line  ends with Peter  Ware 1259 as Peter `s father..  But I have John Ware/Mary Owen as peter/Catherine as his father not Peter.  Am I missing that Peter??

Thanks Mary
On the dates usually given, you need 3 Peters before Nicholas.  John is too early to be the father of the Peter who marries Catherine Eaton.

On the other hand, this site has a different line altogether


Different parents for the immigrant.  No Catherine Eaton.

But this version is said to be outdated.

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