Parents & Grandparents for Laurence Tremblay married 1845 to Julia Wright in Detroit

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Looking for Laurence (Laurent or Lawrence) Trombley's parents & grandparents.  He was married to Julia Wright 14 Oct 1845 in Detroit.

Julia then married Clement Loranger after Lawrence's death.

Their son Joseph Lawrence was born in  30 Oct 1851 in Marine City, St. Claire, Michigan.

Joseph's wife was Margaret Madeline Dubay, born 10 Apr 1859 in Mt. Clemens, Grosse Pointe, Michigan) .

I can not make the connection to Laurence Trombley (Tremblay) parents or for that matter Laurence's grandparents.

Any help would be so much appreciated.
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Janice, where did you get your info on Laurence & Julie?  I have Laurentius Tremble (church record so written in Latin) age 23 yrs, s/o Jacobi & Ludovicas Casolet, m. 14 Oct 1845 Ste. Anne Church, Detroit to Julia Ledroite, age 14 yrs., d/o Remigii & Juliae Gamet.
by James LaLone G2G6 Mach 6 (62.9k points)
It looks like your info is my info also.  Joseph Lawrence's parents are listed on his death certificate. Their marriage certifcate listed Julia & Lawrence under the French variations of their names.  I am thinking that the Remi Ledroite that was a witness to the marriage was Julia's father. Julia's death certificate indicated she died 4 December 1913 in Almer Township, Tuscola County, MI. But as far as Lawrence's parents, they are still a mystery although I did find he supposedly was the son of Jacobi Jacques Trombley & Louise Casolet.  He was the father of Rosalie Geno. The info lists the name as Trombley but I do believe it is Tremblay. I can't find anything beyond that.  I have been searching for years trying to connect him to Pierre Tremblay who brought the name to Canada from France.
Have you found any of the family in the census records? When, where?  It appears Jacob aka Jacques/James & wife were from (& remained in Canada), any clue as to where? any more info could be helpful, such as children of Laurence & Julia.  I have a very large database of TREMBLAYs but none married to  a Casolet/Causlet/Causley.  Facebook has a Tremblay group, I will post a query there.
Ok, went to the library today and looked at the Loiselle & Drouin marriage indexes (which cover Quebec area mainly), my eyesight is bad and the fiche were not real clear but did not find a CASOLET / CAUSLET / CAUSLEY / CAZELET to fit the profile. Sorry.

Hello!    Yes the Trombley family is elusive but I keep hoping something will show up.  In some of my information I see that Lawrence's parents are Jacobi Jacques Trombley or could be Tremblay (1800-1831) married to Marie Louise Nolin (1800). Lawrence's middle name possibly is Richard. Another tangent to start research on. Thank you for looking up the info.  I take it you speak & read French.  I have 2 books right now that I wish I could sit down & read as being a Trombley I am sure they would be very interesting. " La Tremblaye millenaire" Tome 1 by Paul Mederle & "Les Tremblay D'Amerique" by Jean Guy Tremblay.  I think that one is about Pierre who was the Tremblay that brought the name to North America - Canada.    Interesting is the fact of the Tremblay involvement in the Knights of the Templar & the massacre in the Crusades.  Lots of good stories.  Also I love the name coming from the trembling of the Aspen tree. The dates are good but the stories are better.    So with those thoughts I will keep on researching & maybe one day will get that connection to Pierre & the rest is history all the way back to 1100.   Again thank you for your info.             Janice

Nope don't speak or read French. Names I can read and these were indexes.  Perhaps the reason we can't find them is that they did not marry in the Catholic church, or what you have is the "dit" names and they were married under their regular names.

Did not know about "Les Tremblay D'Amerique" by Jean Guy Tremblay, will have to try and get a copy, thanks.  There is no documentation that the TREMBLAY involved in the crusades is in any way related to our Pierre.

If you ever find out more info, let me know. I collect all male Tremblay lines, see although it is a little out-of-date, have made a number of corrections and tons of additions (over 44,000 names).

I wonder which Pierre you are referring to.  I have Pierre Tremblay, born about 1626 in France, died 1687 in Quebec, Canada.  I have Bernard de Tremelay born in France & died 1153 in the crusades in Ascalon near Jerusalem Palestine. He was the 4th grand master of the Knights Templar & there are connections to Pierre. All extremely interesting. I have been working lately on my grandfather George L. Trombley's wife's family so I have to get my head back to the de Tremely, du Tremblay, Tremblay & Trombley info.  A little mind boggling but I have each descendant in an album with their info - spouse, children & any stories I can find about them. I will keep working on it.  Janice
The Pierre Tremblay, born about 1626 in France, died 1687, no relationship has been proven to Bernard.
I will have to go back & look at my info.  Talk to you soon.  Jan

I didn't realize but I think you are a professional genealogist from what I have seen.  I am an amateur & just do this for fun.  Thank you for your input & I will keep digging.  I know there are gaps before family can be attached to Bernard but I am supposing he still is related.  When you get back into the 1100's it is difficult to find the info.  But his info is so interesting to read & there is a lot of it.  I think that from Gilles, Gervais on down I have the info.  I just am working at where my family comes in.  Still when showing my grandkids the information they are enthralled.  So I hope that my research will go on with my family & I wish you much success in your continuing search.  Just a little info on my mother's family Hulme.  My great uncle was the "Great Zeno" with Barnum & Bailey Circus.  Now the grandkids love to hear about that too! So genealogy can be fun along with the history.


No, not a professional, just have been doing it for more than 40 years.
I think you authored a book "Genealogy of the Tremblay family" Jan 1985.  Is it still available?  Would like to purchase a copy.  I too have been doing this for about that many years. Janice

No, I have not written a book on the Tremblay family. I did a series of articles on them that was published in Michigan's Habitant Heritage. However, I did post a link above on what I have (not current) that is more up-to-date then the article.

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