How to make corrections when I can not get in touch with profile manager [closed]

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I am working on this profile: My problem with it is that the Elizabeth Griffin that is my 4th G grandmother married Ambrose Christopher Sr. and she died in about 1798 in Rutherford County, NC.

The Elizabeth Griffin who married Jarrett Wright and died in KY in 1844 is totally different person and her parents are not Ralph and Susanna Griffin.

I have wasted countless hours trying to discover who the 2nd Elizabeth's parents were, but there are just so many Elizabeth Griffin's in that timeframe, it is almost impossible to figure out the truth. The closest I can come is a Richard Griffin and Anna Clark in Laruns County, SC. 

There is no record of the marriage of Ambrose and Elizabeth. Where people get that they were married in 1773 is beyond me. Just a ques as far as I can tell.

My proof of my Elizabeth's death in 1798 comes from the Autobiography of her son Rev Dr. Ralph Griffin Christopher. Here is the first paragraph of the document:

I was born according to the Family register, as well as now recollected October 10th, 1787, in the state of Virginia, Halifax County, near Boyd's Ferry, on the Dan River. My father's name was Ambrose and my mother's name was Elizabeth. My mother was a Griffin, daughter of Ralph and Susan Griffin. My grandmother was a very pious woman, prayed much, and I have often thought that many of the blessings of the Lord upon me have been in answer to her prayers. My parents were both poor, but respectable and industrious and by their care and labor were in a very pretty way to become wealthy, but by reverse of fortune my father lost most of his property, and became I believe discouraged and took to drink and never regained his property. When I was about the age of ten or twelve, by father moved from Virginia to North Carolina, Rutherford County. Here we lost our mother, a loss too great to ever be repaired.

My Elizabeth had a brother Louis Griffin and I recently found a auDNA match to one of his descendents. We are 6C1X. Going that far back at Gedcom '1 to 1' requires going down to 3cM to find any shared segments. I have run her auDNA against all my Y-DNA matches and auDNA matches and mapped  the matching segments into a DNA Painter profile. There are many overlaps which confirm the relationship between Griffin and Christopher descendants.

I do not want to just change someone else's profile, I am just asking how I can get this corrected. BTW this mistake is also on and

Thank you

David M Christopeher

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If you cannot get a response from the manager there is a Non Responsive Manager process, just check the help pages for the link
by Katrina Whitaker G2G6 Mach 3 (38.6k points)
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First, your desire to make contact with the profile manager is admirable, as that profile needs discussion (no documented references, child born to spouse-1 after married to spouse-2, etc.).

The PM has been active lately but nothing in the past week or so. You don't mention how long ago you attempted to make contact, so I'd suggest you give him the benefit of the doubt. Give him a week or two - summer is a busy time for everyone.

The profile is Open, so another option is to add a section to the profile labeled "Disputed Origin" or similar, and clearly describe your information and sources, and how it conflicts with the existing information.
by Bruce Veazie G2G6 Mach 5 (59.6k points)

I was working on what Lyna suggested when I say your reply. Since this is an open profile, I am unsure if there is a need to get on the trusted list. Is that necessary for open profiles?  It has been over a week since I sent him an email via the Contact and I was about to post a request for him to contact me on Elizabeth's profile page. 

You hit the nail on the head when you wonder how she can be having a Griffin child and then a Christopher child 2 years later. Also, my Elizabeth has more Christopher children. After Ralph Griffin C b. 1787  came David C (my 3rd GGF) b. abt 1790 and Ambrose C Jr. b. 1794. 

I also while figuring out how to do the Unresponsive PM process a duplicate of my Elizabeth Griffin and the PM of that profile is my 4th cousin Anita Warren. I am thinking about asking her to let me adopt that profile and then fill in the blanks that are missing and get it right and Sourced and then just refuse any Merge request. Christopher-5955 is correct if you take out the husband, Ambrose, and the Christopher Children and unlink her parents. She is well documented except for the Christopher connection and who her parents really are.

I will do what you suggest and post on her profile asking the PM to contact me and also add the "Disputed Origin" to the profile.

Thank you

David M Christopher

Remember - one of the foundations of wikitree is ONE profile per person, so refusing any merge request? No. That's not the approach, David. Collaboration and resolution of differences is what wikitree is about.

You haven't even made contact with the PM yet! Give the recommended processes time to work.
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You write, "I do not want to just change someone else's profile," but here on WikiTree, these profiles belong to ALL of us.  That is the "Wiki" part of it.  It is OK to make changes on profiles that do not belong to you. 

You have already tried to contact him.  I would give it another week or so and if he doesn't resurface, I would go ahead and make the changes and leave a note on the profile.  

I would not go with the Non Responsive Manager process unless the person is really blocking things that you need to do, and if they have been inactive for like a year. Just my opinion.

by Crispin Reedy G2G6 Mach 4 (44.0k points)
I received an email from Griffin-4955's PM and he gave me permission to make whatever changes I need to make. Since Griffin-4955 is a real person, I removed Ambrose Sr as her husband, Removed the parents and the Christopher children.

I will now edit Griffin-8468 and she will be the Elizabeth who married Ambrose Christopher Sr and I will add her parents and children.

Thanks to all for help and advice.

David M Christopher

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