Anthony Bourdain has died

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Anthony Bourdain has died of an apparent suicide. (How sad..what a brilliant man. It seemed his troubles were not, indeed, behind him.)

I have begun his profile and will need help with his history. His father was born in NYC and his his paternal grandparents were French. I know he will need lots of French attention! :-)

His mother is still living.

Looks like someone started looking a few years back:

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I was looking at recent deaths and found that David Douglas Ducan died yesterday at 102. Another interesting person to profile (but can we be sure he doesn't have a profile yet?)

That is a good question. I guess the place I'd start is looking for his parents to see if they are profiled and then see if there is a profile attached.
Yes. That is the best approach.

I started a profile for Anthony Bourdain's grandfather. It looks like he was born in 1904 or 1905, possibly in Bordeaux. He died quite young, in 1932. His wife could be harder to identify.
Thanks, Isabelle. Yes, all I've seen so far is her first name, Gabrielle. (A name I love so much!)
So, if that is the same person, Anthony Bourdain's gg grandfather died at Verdun in WWI. (found in another article from the same era.)

Some more info:

Anthony’s paternal grandmother was Gabrielle Riousse (the daughter of Alfred Riousse and Ernestine Lorel). Gabrielle was born in France.

* Source:  Follers.  “Anthony Bourdain RIP,” ‘’Celebrity Ethnicity’’ ( : accessed 8 June 2018), 18 March 2017.


Anthony’s maternal grandfather was Milton Sacksman (the son of William Sacksman and Sarah Adler). Milton was born in Ostroh, Rivnens’ka oblast, Ukraine, to a Jewish family.

Anthony’s maternal grandmother was Martha Weinrib/Weinreb (the daughter of Morris Weinrib/Weinreb and Yetta Schuss). Martha was born in New York, to Jewish parents from Austria.

* Source:  Follers.  “Anthony Bourdain RIP,” ‘’Celebrity Ethnicity’’ ( : accessed 8 June 2018), 18 March 2017.

Lucy, I will get around to creating Anthony's mother's profile later, unless you want to do it. Since she's living, she will go unlisted, so I am trying to decide whether or not I want to manage another unlisted. I have a ton.I could make notables project manager, then unlist, but I want to consult the project first.
Okely dokely.

Love the "okely dokely."
Gabrielle Riousse a une soeur, Mrs James Gorr, qui est arrivée à New York avant elle - elle est indiquée comme "point de chute" à ses deux arrivées aux US en 1915 et 1924.

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 Martha Weinreb married Milton Sacksman on 24 June 1928 in New York, New York. 

* Index to New York City Marriages, 1866-1937. Indices prepared by the Italian Genealogical Group and the German Genealogy Group, and used with permission of the New York City Department of Records/Municipal Archives; database, New York, New York, Extracted Marriage Index, 1866-1937, Operations, Inc., 2014 ( :accessed 8 June 2018); citing certificate no. 16313.

by Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz G2G6 Pilot (840k points)
Thank you, Lucy!
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Parents Amelian (Emilien  ou Aurélien?) BOURDAIN et Mathilde BELLIARD

Ils se seraient mariés à Arcachon.

Le lien avec l'Amérique du Sud ferait penser à une famille originaire de La Teste-de-Buch.
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Alfred Louis RIOUSSE et Ernestine LOREL ont habité Paris et leur fille y serait née mais parents mariés dans l'Orne.
by D Q G2G6 Mach 7 (79.1k points)
Gabrielle RIOUSSE, professeur. Son père habite 16 rue Jeanne d'Arc à La Garenne-Colombes (Haut-de-Seine) en 1924
Jolie trouvaille. J'ai un peu de mal à retrouver cette dame vu que sa date de naissance estimée se balade entre 1890 et 1903. Un peu large comme marge d'erreur, pour l'époque.
Merci !!!
Mariage à La Lande-de-Baugé (Orne), le 27 novembre 1880

Vue 58 sur 115 - acte 3

Date : 11 04 1850
Nom époux : LOREL
Prénoms époux : Alfred Jean
Nom époux : vit à St Ouen sur Maire VF DE Louise LECOMTE
Prénoms père : Jean Michel
Notes époux : dcd Mortrée 10 05 1840
Nom mère époux : MEVREL
Prénoms mère époux : Barbe Charlotte
Note mère épouse : dcd Mortrée 12 01 1841
Profession : journalier
Lieu d'origine : Mortrée
Date de naissance : 02 07 1816
Nom épouse : DUCLOS
Prénoms épouse : Claire Marguerite Anne
Nom épouse : domestique
Prénoms père épouse : Jean François
Note père épouse : dcd à Sevrai 10 03 1842
Nom mère épouse : POUCHARD
Prénoms mère épouse : Marie Madeleine
Lieu d'origine épouse : Sevrai
Date de naissance21 : 18 07 1819
Il y a le mariage d'un Aurélien BOURDAIN et d'une Marie BELLIARD sur la table décennale de La Teste

Vue 35/80

6 octobre 1891
D'après l'acte de baptême d'Aurélien BOURDAIN, les grands-parents sont Jean BOURDAIN et Bellania (?) BOURDAIN

Logiquement, ce sont
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Parents probables de Marie (dite Mathilde ?) BELLIARD

Martin BELLIARD et Marguerite GOUILLEAU
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Don't be so quick to believe it was a suicide. Things just don't add up. And for those that dismiss it because it is Alex Jones, are you aware that almost every crazy "conspiracy theory" he has come out with is now public knowledge? Listen before you dismiss.

by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (411k points)
Steven "public knowledge" does not mean it's truth, and it's not our job as genealogists to sort out conspiracy theories, is it?
Nonetheless, I will edit his bio (which I have not fleshed out yet; haven't had time) and remove the word "suicide." The fact remains that he has died and he was found in his hotel room with the belt of his robe around his neck.
I never said it won't end up still being a suicide. And there is nothing wrong with a conspiracy theory. It means there is a theory that a conspiracy happened. It isn't a dirty word, it doesn't mean the person is crazy, and a bunch of them have been true. So as genealogists it IS our job to gather the facts. Otherwise we might as well just copy everything in Ancestry into WikiTree.

Currently it is "alleged suicide". And the whole part about "public knowledge" is it is now known to be true. so yes, true makes it true.

This isn't a slam on you, it is just a clarification. :)
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This is such a tragedy, he will be missed.
by Dean Anderson G2G6 Pilot (790k points)

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