How do I find the other website that has a connection?

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When I ran a connection test, it came back none but one on another website. Wiki is waiting for this link. How do I find out which website to check out?
in Genealogy Help by Mary Hildenbrand G2G4 (4.6k points)
retagged by Ellen Smith
Which connection and website are you referring to?

Under Find on top of page of WikiTree profile there is a Connection button. I put my profile and another person. The results:

Sorry, no connection was found between Mary and Abigail May out to 10 steps. There is one, it's just not on WikiTree yet. Please help grow the family connections of Mary and Abigail May until they meet.

That message from Connection Finder is misleading. It should not display when neither of the people being compared are connection targets (the people displayed at the bottom of our profiles). Connection Finder doesn't know anything about your genealogy -- it only knows how to look for family connections in WikiTree.

For technical reasons, Connection Finder checks only 10 steps for pairs of people who aren't targets. This means that many connections can't be found. Many people are connected on WikiTree, but the connection is more than 10 steps -- and never will be closer.
Thank you Ellen Smith.
The Wikitree Team revised the wording.  :-)

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I think you have misread the note. It just says that there are connections between all people but no one has entered them on Wikitree tet.
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (449k points)
Mary didn't misread the note. She quoted it accurately. The most straightforward interpretation of the words is that there is a connection within 10 steps that hasn't been added to WikiTree yet.
Hi Ellen, I would agree, is this something you could flag up to get the wording changed? I've never really thought about it because I know the relationships I have that are 10 steps or less already. To be honest 10 steps is tiny and can be remembered by some. I've never really used it for this reason, anyone I would want to try and connect I KNOW is more than 10 steps away!

However I can see how this is confusing to new members, so we should try to clarify it?
I should have said  misunderstood . It doesn’t refer to a website somewhere else.
Thank you Lizzie Griffiths.
Thanks Doug McCallum. The response could have been clearer.
Lizzie: I requested a change in wording shortly after I posted here.
Thank you Ellen Smith for requesting a change in wording. I appreciate it.
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Hi Mary, clearly Wikitree don't have the relevant data captured. Wiki can only show you what is in their database. Further research has to be done via other reseach databases.
by Shaun Doust G2G6 Pilot (345k points)
Thanks Shaun Doust.

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