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I have found a person who is making a large number of unmerged matches which are not in any appearance related. I went to their page and it appears to be 50 different unmerged matches of people are born in different years and different states.

My understanding of an unmerged match is one where they are the same person but are not ready to be matched. As I am going through my managed profiles it is getting difficult to sort through the multiple 10+ people on each page which are not related to each other yet are matched.

Can someone help or tell me how to handle this? I cannot and do not want to go behind them removing all the unmerged matches for a multitude of reasons.
in WikiTree Help by Amanda McCreery G2G1 (1.9k points)
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Amanda, I added the rangers tag to your post.  If you think the situation requires prompt attention, you can e-mail WikiRangers --at-- and tell them about the situation.  Give them the ID number of the person.

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Is it possible that these are a result of MatchBot proposed merges?  When it latches onto a name, it proposes absurd matches, that may only have a couple letters of the alphabet in common.  It is a good idea to keep the rejected matches in place until MatchBot has moved beyond that name, or it could propose them again.  

Not sure what is going on, without link to profiles mentioned but MatchBot is what first comes to mind
by Patricia Roche G2G6 Pilot (831k points)
selected by Jerry Dolman
I am pretty sure it is a person doing it, not a bot. I have removed all I found on my managed profiles but there were others in the past I know were merged when they were not the same person because of the location or age as well as parents and children were not the same. In no way do they represent the same person besides in name.
MatchBot was put on Pause over one month ago and has not been restarted yet, so it is not guilty. And MatchBot proposes merges, not matches.
Yes, Matchbot proposes the merge, but then a human has to take action. Just thought the person doing the matches, may be triggered by Matchbot, rather than seeking the odd matches on their own.  Matchbot did escape a few days ago, which brought it to mind as the instigator, having seen the long lists of rejects that a targeted profile can acquire.
Yes, they could be Matchbot proposed merges turned into unmerged matches, but then monitors would get emails. Or they could have seen MatchBot-proposed merges and then proposed their own in the same family group (and in this case monitors aren't notified).

I hope MatchBot did not really escape, because I did not notice any activity from it recently. A few days ago I decided to reject all proposed merges involving unlisted profiles vs. profiles with a date of death, but those  had been proposed long ago.
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As Patricia mentioned part of the problem could be Matchbot but it also could be that the person doing this is unsure about how Matching a d Merging works. You are correct about the unmerged matches but setting them to that is better than merging them if they are not the same person.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
I know that it is a real person making the matches themselves because I have reached out before to ask why everyone with the same name was being merged or matched regardless of location or age. I was able to remove them from the profiles I manage, but I know some of the others have been merged together when they weren't the same person.
See for your options in this kind of situation.
I looked there for an answer and that's why I came here to see if anyone had a solution or could help.
The situation you describe might call for a Mentor Intervention Request, as described on the Problems With Members page.

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