Royal Familiy - Does my royal ancestory make me anything.?

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Hello! So ive been doing my family tree for a couple months now and I found out I have royal ancestory. So my 28th great grandmother is Queen Adeliza ( Brabant ) who married William auginby (my 28th great grandfather)  who had a Son that was also named well, William . But I dont know if this makes me any sort of royalty ( doubting it does but hey ya never know  ) but i would like to know from the pros. If you have questions about anything ive written here please let me know


- Cheryl
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Hi Cheryl and welcome to G2G!

I hope this does not sound too harsh, but extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.  You describe a 30-generation chain of descendancy.  That's a lot of links.  If any single one of them is incorrect or unproven (or unprovable), goodbye chain.  Solid genealogy demands unflinching skepticism.  Good luck with your research!

Cheryl, do you know how many 28th great grandparents you have? It's impressive.....1,073,741,824.(This is based on the numbers, but you can read this, which explains further:

Even if you just go back to 10th great grandparents, you have 4096 of those. I like to focus up to about 4th or 5th great-grandparents, since we share more DNA. :-)

I just ran the connection finder and he is also my 28th g-grandfather through Hannah Partridge Bissel. Maybe we're distant cousins! 

Welcome to WikiTree!

I completely understand what your saying ! No harsh feelings :)
Good point, Natalie!  That's about ten times the entire population of Europe at the time (  In fact, it would be another 700 years before the entire planet held a billion people (  To extrapolate RJ's point in his answer below, everyone alive in 1100 could be the ancestor of everyone alive today.   Of course, it doesn't really work that way and you have to expect a goodly amount of pedigree collapse over 30 generations.

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Welcome to the world of family research.  I'll bet you find ancestors here is the U.S. you're more impressed with.    They might not have a title or much money but many were brave, adventurous, hard working pioneers with a strong sense of family and country.   Your heart will break when you see how many children they buried.
by Peggy McReynolds G2G6 Pilot (473k points)
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I’ve got to agree with you, Peggy. Long ago, I was one of those desperately searching for a royal connexion. And now it’s like you said: “I’ll bet you find ancestors here in the U.S, you’re more impressed with.” I wholeheartedly concur. These, “brave, adventurous, hard working pioneers with a strong  sense of family and country” are my people. You were right.

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No, it does not make you anything. Do you have a fully sourced tree showing your connection to Adeliza?
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (678k points)
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Also, if I understand your post correctly, you are saying that you are descended from Henry I and Adeliza. I don't think they had any children together, although they both had offspring from other marriages.
I do have a sourced tree on my ancestry profile that shows how Im linked to Queen Adeliza would you like the link to see it .?
No thanks Cheryl. No need to provide a link to your tree on Ancestry, but you should check whether you are related to both Adeliza and Henry. As I mentioned above I don't think they had any children together.

I see you have made a good start to building your branches on Wikitree. Have fun extending your work here and remember to add sources as you go along. Let us know here on G2G if you need any help as you go along.
Okay , thank you !
If your tree on Ancestry goes that far back then you will need to be careful not to create any duplicate profiles on Wikitree as you develop your own branches. Most of the aristocracy and royalty already have profiles and it gets very messy if they get duplicated and have to be merged.
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Hi Cheryl, another thing along with all the true information Lynda provided on duplicate profiles being created on wikitree. Is that,you may run into someone who is very adamant about keeping a fictous connection that  is either made up or random,or maybe disproven,and the profile manager may refuse too disconnect the profiles when evidence is presented too them. In that case just tell them in the comment t section on the profile please disconnect and give your detailed explanation why. And leave at that. Thank you for reading and have a great day. XD
by Living Smith G2G6 Mach 6 (61.3k points)
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Welcome Cheryl. I too am most interested in finding 'gateway' ancestors connected to royalty just because of my love of history, and taking things  back as far as I can possibly go.  As the other poster said, it does require extraordinary evidence, and going back that  many generations can lead to incomplete or lost records making it  that much more difficult to prove.  The joy in finding that connection is really the journey along the way and the interesting people you would otherwise never hear of, and just being able to confirm the path from your generation to the royal ancestors. Also, be very careful believing in online trees even here on WikiTree they are not always accurate.  They can provide hints for further research though.
by James Stratman G2G6 Pilot (104k points)
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As Natalie says, we all have zillions of ancestors at that distance.  Putting it another way, everybody alive in England at that time is an ancestor of all modern English and Anglo-American people, if they have any living descendants at all (many don't).

So in principle you can look at Henry I or anybody else from that time and assume that they're your ancestor.

But if you go round claiming to be descended from Henry I, people will assume you're talking about a traceable line, not just a statistical calculation.

Having a traceable line is just lucky.  It's down to accidental survival of records.  Doesn't stop people bragging about it.

Many people do have traceable lines.  But a much bigger number think they do.

Usually in America, the brick wall is the immigrant, ifyou can get that far, because there's no clue where the immigrant came from.  Generally there were many people of the same name in England.  (They thought they couldn't go wrong with Aquila Chase, how many of those could there be, but they found the wrong one.)

In the 19th century it was very common for people to find the richest English person of the same name and claim that he was the immigrant.  They would concoct stories about how the runaway son of an earl stowed away on the Mayflower and became a Connecticut carpenter.  Or whatever.

Some of those people were deluded.  Others thought it was just harmless family entertainment.

Often they didn't realize that the English person they were laying claim to had fake ancestry already.  In England it had been common since the 16th century for families to come from nowhere, make a lot of money, and then have a fake pedigree done, showing their descent from a brave Norman knight who impressed the Conqueror.  And for a fee they could have these claims enrolled in official records (which were only ever records of what people claimed).

In America, many family stories were republished in pretentious books with titles like Warren County Families.  The compilers of those books just used what they were given without questioning or researching or checking anything.

Then came the LDS and the internet and now genealogy is awash with junk.  You're bound to come across some, because some has been written about the Lyon family.
by Living Horace G2G6 Pilot (639k points)
Alright I think I get what your saying here :) thanks for the help mate , I’m still trying to put my family together and theirs interesting things I find here and there.
"Then came along the LDS... and now genealogy is awash with mess"?!

I'm not Mormon but I thank God the Mormons microfilmed all those church and other records back into the 1500s in some cases so I could trace my lowly working class German line back that far.
Jillaine, I read LDS in RJs post thinking about the family tree element, which is a complete disaster whenever I've tried to use it, I don't think he was referring to the great free sources they provide :-)

Great answer RJ, after years of ancestry work my mind still boggles that everyone of English/European descent is a gx? Grandchild of EVERYONE alive then!

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