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When I signed onto this site, I told Chris Whitten that I intended to do my best to transfer members of the Arbuthnot and Arbuthnott families onto it. Since when I have been easily diverted by other intriguing  matters, as a result of which my watchlist has expanded well beyond my original intent. I have therefore been reducing it now stands at about 5,833 with further additions and deletions yet to come.

At that time Wikipedia was asking what the size of the [whatever] clan or family  was, which raises the question, who does one include in order to answer it? Girls who marry out? Men who marry in? Divorced or separated people. Dead people? People who adopt or abandon the name?

And what is to be done with people who inevitably go over the 5,000 watchlist  “maximum” which the site is built for? (That does not presently affect me because I am also an Arborist). Finally, what will and should happen to my rather specialist collection of profiles  when I shuffle off my mortal coil (i am pefectly certain I will not “pass” anywhere).
in The Tree House by William Arbuthnot of Kittybrewster G2G6 Pilot (186k points)
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What officially constitutes "family" varies in different cultures around the world.  Basically, in both patrilineal, women marry out of their families of birth while in matrilineal societies, it's the men who marry out.  In bilineal societies, both men and women not only retain their families of birth, but also marry into the families of their spouses.  Many, but not all, societies have been patrilineal.

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I know my own watchlist has been over 5,000 profiles for some time, and I don't want them all.  People related to me have added profiles to my watchlist that I, at that time, didn't know were relatives.  Since then the relationship finders has shown me that they are.

Others I put on myself with the good belief that I was related to them and when the proper relationships are put in wikitree, I still expect them to be relatives though a bit more distant.  I'd like to get rid of a number of pre-1500 profiles listed on my watchlist as I am not pre-1500 certified.  Wikitree has suggested that I don't do that.  Somebody else can manage those profiles, can't they?

Many questions about limits and procedures remain.
by David Hughey G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
Where does wikitree suggest not to orphan pre-1500 profiles?
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Well now that is the question there - and it comes down to where you draw that line different answers will be coming I am sure - now when I started long ago I stuck to my direct line folks - then through the message boards we used to use I met cousins and helped them get their tree and looked to how we connected - that is when you begin putting in all the sisters and brothers of your ancestors and then you follow some down a generation or two - or you find one is, or is married to someone who did something that was notable and you fill in how that hooks up and here you have all these people! (how did I get all these people!) and hell you do not even have all your known lines documented properly yet or fully sourced as intended and you are off down this or that rabbit hole and then you get overwhelmed and have pending merges and emails you can not decipher and you can not find that source you bookmarked!

Both my parents came from families with ten children - so I guess I always knew it could be a big project in the back of my mind - I have made a lot of progress and am excited to learn and do more - but I see that it can never be all done neat and tidy like one would want - and that is family - family get-togethers are the same way - never quite as planned
by Navarro Mariott G2G6 Pilot (172k points)

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